Weed Factory Idle Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Weed Factory Idle is a weed factory simulator game for Android and iOS by Spider Solitaire. Check out our Weed Factory guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Weed Factory IdleWeed Factory Idle Game By Spider Solitaire: –

In Weed Factory Idle game, you will take the role of an owner of a weed factory – and, the target is to grow the weed business by harvesting a ton of weed over time – and, supply to the market for gold coins(Idle Money). If you have just started playing the Weed Factory Idle game, then you are on the right page. In this post, we have shared a complete Weed Factory Idle guide with Weed Factory Idle tips, cheats & strategies. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Weed Factory Idle Guide: –

The Basics

Let’s get familiar with the game’s concept. There are three things to take care of – the leaf plant floors, elevator, and transporters. On your screen, you can see the floors where you plant the weed plant – it grows over time and you can harvest it by swiping left/right over it horizontally.

On each floor, there is a wooden box where the harvested plants are stored. The worker at the elevator takes the plants from these wooden boxes and supply it to the transporters. As the delivery guys supply the stock to the transporter, you get paid with idle money.

At the top-center of the screen, you can check the amount of dollars/gold coins that you have at the time. You can use this profit for hiring managers, building & upgrading floors, elevator, and transporters.

Level Up Guide

As you keep selling the stuff to the transporters, you will gain EXP along with the Idle Money. In the upper-right corner, there is a level progress bar that displays the current level of progress. Keep supplying and you will eventually level up. Hit the level up button and collect the reward.

Also, leveling up unlocks new floors – and, new floors mean more production. And, more production means more money.

Coins & Green Cash

The coin is the basic in-game currency in Weed Factory Idle, while the green cash is a premium currency. For coins, you produce and sell the plants to transporters. And, for green cash, you will need to spend real money. Green Cash can be used in the shop for time skip and other boosters.


At the beginning of the game, you have the weed factory in a new joint location. As you level up in the game, new locations get unlocked. You can move to these locations and start the same business for more profit.

So this would be all in this Weed Factory Idle guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Weed Factory Idle tips, cheats & strategies.

Weed Factory Idle Tips & Tricks: –

  • Upgrade the elevator, floors, and transporter
  • Level Up to unlock new floors
  • Hire the managers to automate the work
  • Swipe to harvest fast
  • Activate the x2 Boost
  • Tap the golden leaf for a special reward
  • Keep an eye on Ad boosters

Upgrade The Elevators, Floors, and Transporters

No need to stock the profit – invest in the upgrades so that you can earn more. But make sure that you keep a balance in all the upgrades. For example – if you are producing more plants – but the elevator level is too low and unable to pick up all the stocks in one round. To increase load, speed, capacity, you need to make all these upgrades.

  • Floors – Level Up floors to reduce plant’s growth time, increase the value, max out the number of plants
  • Elevator – Level Up the elevator to increase capacity, loading speed, and lift speed
  • Transporters – Level Up the transporters to increase capacity, loading speed, driving speed

Level Up To Unlock New Floors

Pay attention to the level bar in the upper-right corner. Tap the level up button once it turns red. You can watch the video ad to double the reward or tap the grey color collect button if you don’t want to watch the video ad.

Hire The Managers ASAPWeed Factory Idle

At the beginning of the game, you manually tap to harvest, lift the stock, deliver the supply. Once you reach the level 5 floor/elevator/transporter, you will be able to hire the managers. And, they do all these things themselves – you don’t need to tap.

Swipe To Harvest Fast

Managers at floors use drones to harvest the plants. And, they are slow. So it would be better to swipe left/right horizontally to harvest the crops quickly.

Activate The x2 Boost

At the bottom-center of the screen, tap the x2 Boost button -> watch the video ad for a temporary profit booster.

Tap The Golden Leaf

Weed Factory IdleNow and then, a golden leaf appears on the screen. Tap that leaf for a special reward.

Keep An Eye On Ad Boosters

in the upper-right corner, you often get the Ad Offers – like a police sign, potion, bulb, etc. Tap it for a temporary boost in Idle Profits.

So these are the top Weed Factory Idle tips & tricks for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below.

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