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Forge Ahead is a brand new Idle game for Android and iOS by Lion Studios where you forge the swords and make money by selling it to the customersForge Ahead Game

Lion Studios, a well-known publisher behind unqiue and creative mobile games, has just expanded its app portfolio with another brand new game called Forge Ahead. In this game, you break the rocks with a hammer to mine the valuable ores like a diamond, Adamantium, gold, etc. to forge or create a sword. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Forge Ahead game guide covers all the basic concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Forge Ahead game tips, cheats & tricks that you may like. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Forge Ahead Game Guide, Tips, Cheats : –

Your goal in the Forge Ahead game is to become the best blacksmith in the town. Now and then, people from the town visit your armory shop to buy swords. They could demand a common sword/uncommon-sword, a rare quality sword or an ultra-rare sword. The quality of the sword depends on the ingredients or metals or ores that you used while forging. You can check out all the ores here.

Tap the forge button and on the next screen, you will break the rocks to mine the ores or metals. You get random metals/ores from these rocks. After that, the blacksmith/you smelt/heat the metals and then pour it into the sword-shaped mold. And, at last, you hit the sword with a hammer to straighten its hot parts.

Once it gets successful, you will see the outcome on your screen – the rarity of the sword and the materials/metals it contains. After that, you can store it in the armory/shop. Swords stored in the armory generates gold/income for you. Update – now you can also shine the swords with the machine after hammering it. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Forge Ahead cheats, tips & tricks: –

Use The Time Lapse Cheat

Well, we don’t recommend using this cheat if you don’t want to ruin the gaming experience. Those who don’t care: – the swords that are stored in the armory shop generate income over time. At the top-center of the game screen, you can check the earnings per second. Even if you close the game, you will make money – thanks to the Idle system.

Now coming to the point – fill all the sword slots in the armory so that you can max out the benefit of using this cheat. Go to the mobile settings and switch to manual – forward the time to the next day or week to earn a big sum of money in no time. Again, don’t use this Forge Ahead cheat if you don’t want to ruin the gaming experience.Forge Ahead Game

Complete The Missions In Forge Ahead

Now and then, mercenaries or other people from the town visit your armory shop and give you orders/missions. In most of the missions, they will mention a sword – for example; for the first time, James the Tax Collector visits your shop and ask for at least a common quality sword. Go to the last tab/cash-counter(there are five tabs at the top of the screen) -> tap the sword with at least a common quality -> sell.

Some people ask for a sword that contains specific ores, while some mention the quality; common, uncommon, rare, and so on. So make sure to read the mission details -> tap the customer -> read the details -> accept or refuse. If you refuse, he will come again with another mission. A timer starts above the cash-counter tab that shows the time left for another mission. Tap it to skip and get instant order.Forge Ahead Game

Forge Best Swords With Quality Ores

As mentioned above, the quality of a sword depends on the ores or metals used in forging. With high-quality ores like gold, diamond, Adamantium, you can forge ultra-rare, rare, uncommon swords. Here’s the list of ores in Forge Ahead: –

  1. Steel – Color – Black
  2. Gold – Color – Yellow
  3. Copper – Color – Orange
  4. Iron – Color – Silver Grey
  5. Diamond – Color – Blue(Faded)
  6. Tin – Color – Silver White
  7. Mithril – Color – Blue
  8. Adamantium – Color – Green(Light)
  9. Silver – Color – White

Ultra-Rare, Rare swords generate more gold coins than the Common, Uncommon Swords. For more information, read this ⇒Forge Ahead Game Ores, Metals guide

Forge Ahead Game

Try Different Blades And Hilts

The Blades and Hilts might not affect the earnings or rarity of the sword – but for missions, you may want to design the sword with a specific blade or hilt. By default, we all start with Peasant Hilt/Blade style Mold. But there are other blades and hilts also that you can try: –

Blades: –

  1. Hero Blade
  2. Great Blade
  3. King Blade
  4. Shaped Blade

Hilts: –

  1. Hero Hilt
  2. Fancy Hilt
  3. Squire Hilt
  4. Knight Hilt

Go to the third tab at the top of the screen and the bottom-center, there would be two options; blade and hilt. Tap the ⇑ button to choose the blade or hilt. You can buy these new blades or hilts in exchnage for gold coins.

Make The Upgrades

There are more than five upgrades where you can invest the coins in Forge Ahead game to become the best blacksmith. Go to the cash counter tab at the top-menu -> here you have two upgrades; Sword Value and Sword Capacity. If you want to expand the armory and keep more swords on the slots, spend on the capacity upgrade. To earn more from the forged swords, invest in the sword value upgrade.

Head to the hammer tab; there you have another two upgrades; hammer speed and power. Improve your hammer with these upgrades; break the rocks and straighten the sword’s parts quickly.

Crucible Capacity – This will increase the number of ores that you can use to forge a sword. Max level is 4. This will help you forge rare swords in the Forge Ahead game.

Mining – Go to the first tab; increase the mining speed and power to mine quickly.

Shining Speed – increases the shining speed.

Scrap The Sword For Gold Coins

The game lets you scrap the forge swords for gold coins. Go to the cash counter or armory shop tab -> tap the sword that you want to scrap -> tap the scrap button to scrap it for gold coins. Use the gold coins for making upgrades.

Grab The Booster

On the left side of the screen, there would be a booster offer that you can activate by watching the video Ad; for example – 2x Hammer Power, Mining Speed. Activate these boosters to forge quickly.

Claim The Double Earnings

After being offline for hours, when you open the game again, you can claim the offline earnings – double the amount of reward by watching the video Ad.

Check Out The Ledger

There was a new update to the Forge Ahead game recently which has improved the ledger menu with additional information. Now you can check all the discovered materials and their details like color, value, and rarity in the materials tab. All you need to do is tap the book icon, which is one the top-left corner of the game screen -> it has two tabs; ledger and materials. Go to the materials tab for these details.

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So this would be all in this post on Forge Ahead game guide, tips, cheats & tricks for beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below!

This post was last updated on January 29, 2020.

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