Pocket Kingdom TD Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Pocket Kingdom TD is a brand new tower-defense mobile game by Eyougame. Read on for Pocket Kingdom TD guide, cheats, strategy tips & tricks

EYOUGAME(USS), well-known for Astral Fable, recently released published a new mobile game called Pocket Kingdom TD. It’s based on the standard tower-defense genre where you deploy the units on the tower spots and stop them before they kill the main hero. Although, there are lots of things that you would not find in a classic TD game. For example – PvP Arena battles, Harem System, Hero Building, and many more RPG elements. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Pocket Kingdom TD guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Pocket Kingdom TD cheats, tips & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

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First things first – at the beginning of the game, you will have access to the campaign mode featuring lots of stages that you can play in three difficulties; main, elite, and devil. From these campaign stages, you get coins(basic in-game currency), player EXP(to level up), hero EXP(to level up heroes), and other rewards such as hero shards, scrolls, advance books, and much more. To play the campaign mode, you need stamina. It recovers gradually – you can use Sycee(premium currency) or stamina orb(earn from daily bonus quests) to replenish it immediately. In the battles, you will deploy the heroes to fight enemies – the goal is to stop them from killing the main hero or break the defense. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Pocket Kingdom TD tips, cheats & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

The Guide To Battles In Pocket Kingdom TD

Pocket Kingdom TD Guide Tips CheatsIn the PvE battles, the first thing you need to do is assign the heroes on the tower spots. It will cost resources to assign the hero. At the top-left corner of the battle screen, you can check the resources that you have. By default, you get a little number of resources at the beginning of the battle so that you can build up the defense for the main hero. You tap the tower spot and choose the hero that you want to deploy.

It’s better to deploy the heroes on the spots along the path where enemy spawns. 

Once you are done with the deployment, you can commence the battle by tapping the fight button in the bottom-right corner. As soon as the battle commences, enemies will start coming and try to reach the main hero. In the top-left corner of the battle screen, you can check the hero’s health. When it drops to NIL, you will get the defeat.  You can upgrade the assigned heroes to increase their power and stop them from going near the hero. (Tap the assigned hero -> tap the green color upgrade button – it costs resources to upgrade the heroes). 

Learn How To Get Heroes In Pocket Kingdom TD

Pocket Kingdom TD Guide Tips CheatsThere are a dozen of heroes featured in the Pocket Kingdom TD Game. On the main screen of the game, tap the tavern button in the footer menu list -> there you will see three summon options; Pri. Recruit, Adv. Recruit, and Top Recruit. There you can spend Sycee or scrolls to recruit heroes. Other than that, the game gives you free recruits regularly. 

  • Pr. Recruit – gives you green or blue or, purple heroes
  • Adv. Recruit – gives you purple or red heroes
  • Top Recruit – gives you red or gold heroes

Gold, Red, and Purple heroes are the best and top-tier ones in the Pocket Kingdom TD. While the green color heroes are weak. If you get the replicate heroes, the game will convert it into the shards that you can use to star-up. 

Get Familiar With The Heroes

There are lots of types of heroes in Pocket Kingdom TD; to use them according to their strength, you must get familiar with all of them. On the main screen of the game, tap the hero button and it will take you to the hero collection screen. Tap on a hero and at the bottom of its portrait, on the left side of the level info, tap the icon to check its type and get to know the strength in which that hero excels. For example – DEF type heroes are the tank units that can move around to draw the attention of minions and stop the attacks. AoE type heroes are good at inflicting damage to a wide area. Assist type heroes are good in supporting allies with their skills such as healing and buffing. 

Build The Best Array/Line-Up

You can use only those heroes that you add in the array. On the main screen, tap the array button in the bottom-left corner -> there you can remove or add the heroes of your choice. We recommend building the best-balanced line-up or formation in Pocket Kingdom TD, which would be the combination of attackers, tanks, and supporters. Attackers; AoE types, Tanks – heroes with high HP stats/DEF-type, and Supporters – assist type heroes. Read the guide above to know how to check the hero’s type. 

Get Powerful In Pocket Kingdom TD

  • Equip gears to heroes
  • Have better grade heroes; red, gold, purple
  • Level them up 
  • Star-up using shards and coins
  • Advance them further using the advance materials that you can grind in the campaign
  • Awaken them
  • Activate bond; bond activates when you have all the heroes of the same group
  • Cultivate super divine beast

Go to the hero collection screen -> tap hero -> upgrade; level up, star-up, advance, awaken, bond, etc. 

Purge & Grind In Campaign

The stages that you complete with 3-stars in the campaign mode can be purged to get the rewards immediately. Go to the campaign screen -> select the chapter stage that you have completed with 3-stars -> tap the purge button. 

Interact With Beauties In Harem

The Harem function in this game unlocks at level 15. Tap the Harem option on your main screen -> there you will see the female characters in the game to whom you can interact and increase intimacy or fondness. To unlock more beauties, you will need to collect the corresponding hero. For example – Yoland for Yue Yao, Lulu for Ma Yunlu. You get the heroes from the tavern. 

Tap the beauty/female character -> interact to increase fondness and get bonuses. 

Get Free Sycee In Pocket Kingdom TD

Pocket Kingdom TD Guide Tips CheatsSycee is the premium currency in this game that you can use to replenish stamina or recruit heroes from the tavern. The best way to earn Sycee for free is by completing the daily bonuses. On the main screen, on the top menu list, tap daily bonus option -> there you will see the quests -> complete them and earn points; at certain points – 25, 50, 75, and 100, you will get the chests containing Sycee. 

Other than that, these daily bonuses quests gran you a ton of EXP to level up fast. 

Progression Guide And Tips For Pocket Kingdom TD Players

  • Focus on the campaign mode stages; play in main, elite and devil difficulties
  • Play arena mode and fight other players
  • Focus on the main quests; tap the quest button on the left side
  • Recruit heroes
  • Complete the daily bonuses for free stuff
  • Keep an eye on the events

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So this would be all in this post on Pocket Kingdom TD guide and tips for beginners. If you have more tips or tricks or cheat codes to share, comment below. 

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