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Last updated on November 14th, 2018 at 03:12 am

Age Of Z is a brand new MMORTS for mobile by Camel Games. Check out our Age Of Z guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

The creators of Titan Throne game has just released another MMORTS for mobile and it is named as Age Of Z. The game’s mechanics are quite similar to the previously released game Titan Throne. But Age Of Z comes with Zombie-Apocalypse theme where you will fight against the deadly zombies, build the facilities for soldiers, and try to dominate in the Zombie Apocalypse world. You are surrounded by zombies, enemies, and alliances. You will have to increase the power of your city to save refugees, resources, the base from the enemy & alliance attacks. If you are having a problem understanding the game’s mechanics, then we are here to help you. In today’s post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a beginner: Age Of Z guide and Age Of Z tips, cheats & stratgey to dominate.

Get Started – The Basics – Age Of Z – How To Play Guide And Basics

Before we dive into the main guide, tips, cheats & strategy part, let’s learn the basics first. In Age Of Z game, the player starts by building essential facilities in the city. These facilities are production resources, camps, garage, alliance buildings, and more. Your job is to increase the power of your city. And the best way to increase it is by upgrading the main hall, facilities, and recruiting the troops, vehicle. Especially, recruiting the troops is one of the main sources of power.

Now, the question is why to increase power? Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple: When you start the Age Of Z game, by default, your city has an active shield. As you increase the main hall level or player level, that shield will get removed. Since it’s an MMORTS game, anyone can attack your city anytime.

But why an enemy will attack your base? The answer to this question is also pretty simple: To loot the resources. Resources such as food, steel, mineral, oil, and more are the treasure of the city. With these resources, you train the troops, upgrade the facilities, research, and help allies in the alliance(by transferring or donating).

Another reason to increase the city power in Age Of Z game is you will be able to attack high-level zombies on the world map. By defeating the zombies, you earn precious rewards. One thing we forget is you can also attack the enemy base. But make sure to set a good defense in the city.

The reason is when you attack the enemy, that enemy will get a mail in his/her inbox section where he/she can check your base location. Similarly, you also get the location(X and Y). For example – An enemy’s march is going to gather the resources and you attacked it. If its power is high, then chances are he/she will take revenge. Because, usually, players send a small number of units to gather the resources. So you have to attack the enemy wisely. So that’s the Age Of Z basics.

How To Play Age Of Z?

Age Of ZFrom the above basics, you learn the game’s mechanics. In this part, we will learn about the menus, screen tabs, and much more. Here’s the main screen guide: –

At the top-left corner, you can check the city power, commander level(player level). At the top, you can check the action points(Action/Mobility points are required to attack zombies on the world map. These points regenerate over time), prosperity points(read the guide below to learn more), and gold. Just below the top bar, there is another bar where you can see the number of resources.

The main part is base: tap any building -> details -> to get more info. Read the building guide below for more info. At the bottom menu, there five tabs and one button(world map, bottom-left corner) -> tap it to go to world map. Quest tab -> Here you can check the quests. Bag -> Here you can check the items such as resources crate, skill books, teleport items, gold crate, buff items, and everything you get as a reward. Mail -> Here you get the attack reports, news, updates, event details, alliance status, and more data. Alliance -> From this menu, you can join the alliance. Read the alliance guide below. My Info -> Here you can check the EXP required to increase the player/commander level, rankings info, commander skills, stats, and on that screen -> tap the account button to bind the account.

How To Play – Your Job?

  1. Manage the city
  2. Recruit the troops often
  3. Upgrade the buildings
  4. Upgrade the main hall
  5. Research in academy
  6. Go to the world map and attack zombies
  7. Go to the world map and gather resources
  8. Complete the quests
  9. Participate in the events
  10. Increase the city power
  11. Participate in alliance activities
  12. If you are an alliance owner, expand it by building alliance flags
  13. Help allies by donating
  14. Upgrade alliance technology

So this is the basic Age Of Z guide for the beginners. Now, let’s head to the main Age Of Z guide and after it, read our top Age Of Z tips, cheats & strategy to master the game.

Age Of Z Guide

  • Buildings Guide

There are a number of buildings in the Age Of Z game. But the main facilities are: –

  1. Main Hall – Without upgrading it, you can not progress
  2. Camp – Recruit the troops
  3. Factory – Recruit vehicles
  4. Farm – Obtain food
  5. Refinery – Get Oil
  6. Steel Mill – Get steel
  7. Mineral Mine – Get minerals
  8. Garage – Upgrade it to send more troops in the march
  9. Command Center – Recruit and upgrade officers
  10. Event Center – Claim daily rewards here
  11. Depot – Protects the resources
  12. Racon Center – If an enemy is approaching you, you get the details from this facility
  13. House – Provides living facility to refugees
  14. Academy – Research technologies or activate buffs
  15. Embassy – Alliance center
  16. Dispatch Center – Unlocks rally feature(attack with alliance members)
  17. Hospital – Provides first aid to the wounded units
  18. Training Grounds – Upgrade it to train more units at a time
  19. City Wall – Upgrade it to increase the defense
  • Officers Guide

You can appoint up to six officers in the city. There are three types of officers in Age Of Z game; governors, strategists, and warfare. Officers with governor role can boost the city activities; construction speed, research speed, and more. Officers with the stratgey role can boost fleet size, training speed, and more. Warfare type officers can increase the attack, defense, HP of troops.

How to get officers? Tap the command center at your base -> choose to recruit -> there are two ways – normal and elite. You can recruit for free through normal order. And for elite, you need elite recruit order/ticket. You could get it by defeating the enemies, from events, and quests. Keep in mind that you may not get an officer, instead of an officer, you could get an item(speed-ups, fragments).

Tap the command center -> officer -> tap the + button to appoint. To remove, tap the officer -> remove.

How to level up officers? You need an item named officer XP. How to get? From quests, by defeating the zombies. How to use? Go to command center -> officer -> manage -> tap the officer -> head to level up tab -> tap the + icon next to  officer XP item -> confirm.  By increasing the officer level, you can unlock officer skills.

On the same screen, head to the star up tab -> star up(you need officer fragments). How to obtain? You can obtain it through officer recruitment process or raid on city runes. Go to the world map -> City Ruins -> rally attack.

How to learn skills -> Unlock skills by increasing the officer level(as you increase, the mastery level of that officer will also increase). Go to the skill tab -> tap the learn button(you must unlock the skill first) -> use fragments.

  • Prosperity And Refugee

Age Of ZRefugees can increase the gathering speed, upgrading speed. How to obtain or acquire? You can rescue refugee by exploring. On the world map -> search and tap the City Ruins -> choose to explore -> rescue refugee -> explore – send the units. You could get resources and refugee. Keep in mind that it will also cost you mobility points(Action points, required to attack zombies on the world map).

Increase the refugee population to increase the prosperity level. As the prosperity level increases, your city will gain gathering and upgrading buffs.

  • World Map Guide

Age Of ZOn the main screen of the game, at the bottom-left corner, tap the world map icon. This will send you to the world map where you can find zombies, other players’ base, city ruins, and much more.

Tap the radar(green color icon) and choose(what you are looking for) -> zombies, mills, mines, farms, and more. Choose the level -> go. Tap that facility or zombie -> gather or attack. Just above the radar icon, there is a skull icon -> tap it -> there you can access commander skills -> tap the commander skill – use.

If you want to search by location, then tap the x/y-axis option at the bottom. Input the data and go.

  • Commander Or Leader Skills

Go to the My Info tab -> commander skills -> there you can unlock commander skills using skill points(skill points can be obtained by increasing the commander level). You can use commander XP item(obtain from quests, zombies) to increase quickly. There are two types of skills – war and development. War skills can increase the units’ performance. Development skills can increase city performance(building speed, production speed, and more).

  • Alliance Guide

There are a number of benefits a player get upon joining an alliance. For example; you will be able to donate resources, help allies. In return, you get alliance honor points. You can use these points in the alliance shop to obtain precious items; VIP points, teleport, shield, speed-ups, and more.

You can expand the alliance territory and get more juicy rewards by building flags on the map. Tap on an appropriate area on the world map(next to alliance territory) -> alliance flag -> confirm. But where is your alliance? Location?Age Of Z

Go to the world map -> at the bottom-left side, tap the map icon -> on the next screen, you can find your alliance by searching orange or alliance hall symbol. Tap it and you will be redirected there. Tap the alliance member base -> assist -> ask for help.

  • How To Change Name?

For the first time, you get the change name item for free. Tap the bag option -> other -> change name -> use. If you have not, then go to the bag tab -> shop -> there you can get this item in exchange for 200 gold.

  • How To Link Your Account?

You must bind your account to save the game progress. Go to my info tab -> account -> bind account with Facebook or Google service.

So this is the Age Of Z guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out our top Age Of Z tips, cheats & strategies.

Age Of Z Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

1.) Increase VIP Level Using Gold

For the beginners, it’s a difficult task to choose where to spend the premium in-game item gold. We would recommend you to use it in increasing the VIP level. VIP level grants premium boosts to the player. On the main screen, at the top-left corner, tap the VIP icon -> increase VIP points -> use gold or VIP points item to increase. On the other hand, spending gold on buying speed-ups, items would not be good. How to obtain gold? Complete the quests, defeat the zombies, complete alliance quests, from events, as a reward.

2.) Do Your Main Job Often

Your main job or daily tasks(you should do daily) are: –

  1. Recruit the units time to time
  2. Defeat at least 10 zombies daily
  3. Focus on the quests
  4. Help alliance members
  5. Complete alliance quests
  6. Donate in alliance
  7. Claim normal recruitment tickets at the command center
  8. Set the buildings on upgrade
  9. Start the research in the academy
  10. Send your troops to gather the resources

In short, investing 30 minutes a day in the total/day can easily push your progress.

3.) Activate The Bonus Buffs In Academy

You should not ignore the academy researches as this is the only way to activate buffs. There are four types of researches; resources, development, city defense, military. Resources – Improves the production speed. Development – Increase construction speed, mobility points recovery speed, and more. City Defense – Improves the defense. Military – Related to attacks/war.

4.) Protect The Resources By Keeping Them In Safe

Depot in your city protects the resources from the enemy. Resources in this depot cannot be looted by others even they get successful in attacks. So if you want to protect more resources at a time, then make sure to upgrade the depot.

5.) Appoint The Officers In Command Center

Officers can also increase the city power. Additionally, they provide special buffs to the city. Since there are lots of officers in Age Of Z game, make sure to appoint them on the basis of their skills. Read the officers guide above for more info. Go to the officer’s profile page -> skills -> tap the skill to get details.

6.) Participate In The Events

Just behind the main hall, there is a facility near the dock. Tap it to head to the event screen. Pay attention to these events and you can earn bonus rewards and precious items such as gold, VIP points, fragment chest, speed-ups, and more. These events last for a certain amount of time. At the end of the event, you get the reward.

So these are our top Age Of Z tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

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