Pocket Love Codes Wiki: Cheats & Secret Passwords(May 2022)

Are you looking for working “Pocket Love Codes”? Read on for Pocket Love secret password/codes/cheats!

Pocket Love Codes, Cheats & Secret Passwords

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Pocket Love Codes Wiki: Cheats & Secret Passwords(May 2022)

We provide the fastest coverage on Pocket Love codes(cheats, secret passwords). As of writing this, the devs have released +1 number of secret passwords or codes that players can redeem for Dogllars, coins, furniture items, and more. Here’s the list of available/issued secret passwords or cheats or Pocket Love codes(Also, see – Pocket Love Walkthrough Guide Wiki): –

Latest Codes & Secret Passwords For Pocket Love

Active Pocket Love Codes:

  • PocketMoney : Redeem this secret password code cheat for X1 Dogllar Pile furniture item(Added on April 1st, 2022)

Tap the sofa/couch/furniture icon in the lower-right corner to open the inventory -> there you will find Dogllar Pile furniture item. You can see it in the below picture(dogllars pile)

Pocket Love Codes & Cheats:

The only Pocket Love cheat or secret that we have discovered is “getting coins by cleaning the trash and dust” around the home. Every now and then, you will see trash items or dust around the house(look around the cycle stand, vending machine). If you want free coins, keep an eye around the house and clean the dust and trash whenever it appears. Here is the screenshot displaying trash items around the cycle stand and dust outside the house: –Pocket Love Cheats

Expired Codes:

Pocket Love secret password codes or cheats do not last for a long time; they are limited to a certain number of users or time. Below is the list of secret password code cheats that are no longer working anymore. If you find a code in the above list not working, please let us know in the comment section below. 

(Also, see – Pocket Love Walkthrough Guide Wiki)

Pocket Love FAQ

The following FAQ covers how to redeem Secret Password Code Cheats in Pocket Love and how to get more of these. 

How To Redeem Pocket Love Codes(Secret Password)?

To redeem the Pocket Love Codes(Secret Password), tap the menu button in the top-left corner. It’s the three horizontal lines. When you tap this button, a list of options will appear; tap the gear/cogwheel/setting icon. You will see the setting page. On this menu page, there is a “secret locker” or safe(lower-right corner). Tap that secret locker or safe. Now you will be asked to type a password. Enter the secret password and tap submit to receive the rewards. Above is the list of secret password code cheats for Pocket Love. 

Pocket Love Codes Cheats Secret Password

(Also, see – Pocket Love Walkthrough Guide Wiki)

How To Get More Pocket Love Codes(Secret Password)?

Pocket Love Codes(Secret Password) are not hidden in the game, so you can’t discover them yourself. These secret password code cheats are released by Hyperbeard, the publisher of the Pocket Love game. If you want to keep track of new codes, we recommend following Hyperbeard on Facebook and Twitter. Alternatively, you can bookmark this page as we will be covering all the codes/secret passwords/cheats for you. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Pocket Love codes(secret passwords) and cheats Wiki. If you know more secret password codes or cheats, please do share them in the comment section below. 

(Also, see – Pocket Love Walkthrough Guide Wiki)

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Pocket Love is currently in early Beta and we plan to bring new features like the ability to add rooms to your home (more to decorate!) and even being able to visit your neighbors and unlock special moments.

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