Power Rangers: All Stars Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Power Rangers: All StarsPower Rangers: All Stars is a brand new RPG for mobile by Nexon Company. Check out our Power Rangers: All Stars guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Nexon soft launched this game in February 2018 and at that time, its name was Power Rangers RPG. Now, it’s finally out for all the players worldwide as Power Rangers: All Stars. In the game, the player assembles a team of rangers and fight against enemies in missions, Dimensional Rift, Alliance Raid, Orb missions, Dimensional Arena, Dimensional Exploration, and many more modes. Power Rangers: All Stars game features 51 rangers. All these rangers belong to specific series. Collecting the 5 Rangers from each series lets you summon the Megazord. If you are looking for a guide or some tips, cheats & strategies to master the game, our Power Rangers: All Stars guide and Power Rangers: All Stars tips, cheats & strategy will help you.

Get Started – The Basics – Things To Know In Power Rangers: All Stars

The game’s mechanics are pretty simple. The player can control up to one ranger in the battle. Rest 4 rangers attack the enemies, use skills automatically. You can switch to any ranger anytime by tapping its icon. That’s it! You start from the guided missions and obtain your first Megazord. Megazord helps you in Orb Missions and you will be able to collect the orbs(equip this item to your ranger to improve its attributes).

You will unlock almost all the features in Power Rangers: All Stars by reaching the level 17. One of the best ways to level up is to complete the daily challenges or repeat the missions(hard mode). Or you can use clear tickets. However, you can repeat a stage only 3 times a day. As you progress through the game, you will face the epic bosses in that battle who can crush the whole team in two or three hits. Here comes the upgrading part.

You will have to increase the power of rangers to slay down these epic bosses in the battle. You can increase the ranger’s power by leveling up, enhancing, equipping the orbs, upgrading the equipment, enhancing the skills, activating the combo attribute. Let’s learn step-by-step in detail: –


To unlock or summon a ranger, the player needs to gather all its pieces. Once you have enough ranger pieces, you will be able to summon it using the gold. These ranger pieces can be obtained from the missions, dimensional game modes, achievement reward, alliance shop, rift shop, valor shop, special shop. In the rangers menu, you can check the list of rangers. At the bottom of the ranger’s icon, you can check how many ranger pieces are required to unlock or summon. Tap on any locked ranger -> at the bottom right corner, tap the find button to know the exact location of ranger pieces.

If it’s not showing, then you may find its pieces in the special shop in exchange for crystals. There are only 1-3% chances of obtaining a specific ranger. If you tap the banner(special shop -> summon -> tap on any theme or event -> probability notice), you can check the drop rate of rangers.


You will be able to summon or unlock a Megazord by completing the rangers requirement. As mentioned above, you need 5 rangers from specific series to get a Megazord. You get your first Megazord; High Octane Megazord after completing the guided missions. Head to the Megazord menu -> tap on a locked Megazord -> Pay attention to the required ranger’s list -> tap on any ranger -> find.

There are some players who have crossed level 40 and still, they have only one Megazord. So don’t expect too much. Keep playing the game, you will definitely obtain all the Megazords.

All The Ways To Increase The Power Of Rangers In Power Rangers: All Stars

  1. Level Up Rangers
  2. Enhance
  3. Enhance Skills
  4. Upgrade gears
  5. Equip high-tier orbs
  6. Activate Combo attributes

Level Up Rangers – To level up a ranger, you need Ranger XP Gem. This item can be obtained from the mission mode, research. Go to the ranger menu -> tap any ranger -> XP Refinery -> tap the + button to select the quantity -> start refining. You can also upgrade the refinery level using crystals. On the same screen, tap the + button next to the Refinery level. Upgrade it to gain more XP per ranger XP Gem. Leveling up increases these stats:

  1. Attack
  2. Defense
  3. Health
  4. Accuracy
  5. Superstrike Rate
  6. Dodge
  7. Armor Penetration
  8. Resistance

Enhancing the rangers – To enhance a ranger, you need ranger pieces. Enhancing also increases the above-mentioned stats. Once you have enough pieces, head to the ranger’s profile page and hit the enhance button.

Enhancing the skills – You can unlock ranger’s skills by increasing the star-level. And enhance these skills using skill enhancement material; obtain from alliance shop, alliance raid, hard missions.

How to increase the star level of a ranger – Enhance it using ranger pieces. After enhancing a certain number of times(We did not count, Sorry!, Approx. – 5 Times), you will be able to evolve it and then that ranger will gain one more star.

Upgrade Gears – Upgrading the gear is very important as it directly connected with the ranger’s stats; attack, defense, movement speed, and more. Go to the ranger’s profile page -> tap on any gear -> enhance. You can obtain equipment enhancement material from the missions(complete stage multiple times). Tap the equipment -> find -> clear that stage multiple times.

Orbs In Power Rangers: All Stars – The player gets this item from the orb missions with the help of Megazord. Depending on the orb’s buff, the ranger will get the boost in stats. For example; increase in defense, health stats. Play orb mission mode and obtain orbs. You will get high tier orbs as you progress.

Power Rangers: All StarsGo to the ranger’s profile page -> manage orbs -> select the orb -> equip. You can also craft the orbs. On the main screen of the game, tap the orb factory option. Add three orbs(same tier) -> craft. You will lose these three orbs and get a new orb. By crafting, one can obtain a special orb(high-tier orb).

Activate Combos – In the ranger’s profile screen, head to the combo attribute tab. There you can check the ranger’s combo attribute effect. The combo buff activates automatically when you have enough number of rangers. For example; Red Passion combo attribute increases the maximum health by 2% when you own 3 or more red rangers.


  • Missions – Earn XP Gem, gear material, coins
  • Orb Missions – Earn orbs
  • Dimensional Arena – Earn valor points/coins
  • Dimensional Rift – Earn Rift points, auto-clear tickets
  • Alliance Raid – Earn in-game items(i.e. skill enhancement material)
  • Daily Missions – Earn Evolution material to grade up gear/equipment items
  • Dimensional Exploration – Earn gold, ranger pieces, tickets, crystals, and more

In the daily mission mode, you can select the rangers on the basis of the element only.


From this feature, you can earn gold, XP gem, auto clear tickets, stamina, crystal, material, and much more. Go to the research screen -> tap the + button and select any ranger. You can unlock more slots using gold and start multiple kinds of research at a time. Unlock more laboratories by clearing the stages in mission mode to unlock more rewards.


If you want to earn friendship points or get an extra ranger in the team, then make sure to add friends. Go to the friends menu -> recommended friends -> enter a new -> enter the friend name -> send request. Changing the name -> On the main screen of the game, at the top, tap the player level or name(default) -> change nickname.

Seven Elements Of Rangers: –

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Green
  4. Blue
  5. Pink
  6. White
  7. Black

Rangers’ Series:

  1. Mystic Force
  2. Mighty Morphine
  3. Wild Force
  4. Operation Overdrive
  5. S.P.D.
  6. Megaforce
  7. Super Megaforce
  8. Dino Charge
  9. RPM
  10. Samurai

Collect five rangers from each series to summon a specific Megazord character.

So that’s all for as Power Rangers: All Stars guide. Let’s read our top Power Rangers: All Stars tips, cheats & strategies.

Power Rangers: All Stars Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Spin Daily In Dimensional Exploration Mode

Power Rangers: All StarsHead to the dimensional exploration mode -> tap the gift icon -> spin -> you could get the crystals, gold, and many more items.

2.) Repeat The Stages(Auto-Clear) For Enhancement Material

Upgrading the gear is one of the main ways to increase the attribute of a ranger. Since you can not upgrade or enhance it without enhancement material, you will have to repeat the stages. Repeat the stages daily manually or use auto-clear tickets.

3.) More Rangers Mean More Consumption Of Gold

Enhancing gear, skills, ranger, leveling up ranger consumes gold. As you progress through the game, you will unlock more rangers and to upgrade all these rangers, you will need a huge amount of gold. Since you have limited gold, you should spend wisely. Always give priority to 2*, 3* or higher rank rangers.

4.) Deal 25% More Damage To The Enemies

Power Rangers: All StarsBy taking advantage of the elemental system, you can deal +25% damage to the enemies in the battle. Here’s how: –

  1. Red – Strong against yellow, weak against pink
  2. Yellow – Strong against green, weak against red
  3. Green – Strong against blue, weak against yellow
  4. Blue – Strong against pink, weak against green
  5. Pink – String against red, weak against blue

By picking the best/strong rangers in the team, you can increase the chances of winning a battle. For example; the enemy’s element is blue, then make sure to add green ranger in the team. Before you start the battle, you can check the element of enemies at their icons.

Use it when you are stuck on a stage.

5.) Join An Alliance and Participate In The Activities

After 24 hours of joining an alliance, you will be able to access all the alliance features such as boosts, challenges, trade, raid, and more. Participate in all the activities, check-in daily, and get free benefits; trade, boost, and more. Raid mode is not easy though.

6.) Research Is Very Important

Unlock all the slots as soon as possible by spending the gold. Research stamina or auto-clear tickets.

7.) Play For The Rank In The Dimensional Arena

Dimensional Arena ranking rewards are really awesome; ranger shards/pieces, crystals. Improve your rank by getting victories in the battle and get the top-rank rewards. The game will promote you to next league as you gain more league points. In Power Rangers: All Stars, at higher-league, you get rich rewards.

8.) Use Friend’s Ranger As A Helper

On the mission preparation screen(where you select the team characters) -> tap the friend option. If your friend has a high-level ranger, then select it. Keep in mind that you can not select the duplicate ranger. For example; You have already added the Red Ranger in the team. Then you can not select the Red Ranger as a helper.

9.) Dodge The Boss’s Skills By Moving To Safe Zone

If the boss is about to unleash its super powerful skill and you are in its attack range(red zone), then move to safe zone asap.

So that’s all for now as Power Rangers: All Stars tips, cheats & strategy guide.

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