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This is a beginner-friendly Iron Saga guide that covers all the basic concept of the game, along with some useful tips, tricks & cheats

Gameduchy has just released the Iron Saga English version on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The game is packed with over 80 Pilots, 100+ Mechas and lots of game modes; PvE and PvP. For starters, make sure to check our reroll guide if you don’t know what Pilots to pick at the beginning of the game. Now let’s head to the main content – Iron Saga guide and Iron Saga tip, tricks & cheats.Iron Saga

Iron Saga Guide: –

You will start the journey by playing the story mode where you complete the chapters, each chapter has lots of stages to complete. You can play each stage in three difficulties; easy, normal, and hard. Higher the difficulty, the higher will be the reward; gold, pilot EXP, Primal Energy Core, Mechas, and much more. In your team line-up, you can add Pilots and assign one mecha to each pilot. Also, you can equip the pets – grant special effects that may help you in the battle. All the pets have unqiue skills. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the tips & tricks: –

Learn About The Mechas

Mechas use the weapons(melee or ranged) such as a missile, sword to inflict damage to the enemies in the battle. The attack attribute of each weapon could be different: – normal, freeze, fire, EM, Light, and Explore. Let’s learn about these attributes: –

  • Normal – Normal attack by Mecha
  • Freeze – Debuffs; slows down or freezes the enemies
  • Fire – Burns the enemy
  • EM – Electronic Magnetism attack that can paralyze the enemy
  • Light – Light attacks; shots
  • Explode – AoE

Go to the Hangar tab in the Iron Saga game -> Mecha -> select the Mecha -> below the Chassis feature description, you can check the weapons used by Mecha and their attribute. Next to the weapon, pay attention to the attribute symbols – the number of attribute symbols determines the quality of the weapon. For example – 4 Fire Symbol Attributes next to Secondary Armament means the weapon is of quality 4.

In Iron Saga, a Mecha could be one of the six-ranks/grades – SSS, SS, S, A, B, and C. The higher the Mecha’s rank, the more resources you will need to upgrade it. For example – you will need more resources like Alloy, Clones to upgrade SSS rank Mecha as compared to the A-Rank Mecha. Since the resources and clones are hard to get, you will not be able to upgrade them fast – that’s why A-Rank Mechas are also considered good. So if you have just started playing the game, we would recommend using the A-Rank Mechas. In the end, the choice is yours!

Mechas of A/B/C rank do not need clones to get upgraded. So it’s easy to upgrade them. You can get the Mechas from the store – spend diamonds to recruit them from the Mecha banner or play the campaign mode stages or other game modes to grind their shards.

Learn About Pilots In Iron Saga

Pilots have active skills that you can unleash by tapping their portraits when they have full SP. They gain SP as the battle progresses. In Iron Saga, Pilots have one active skill and three passive skills – active skill is unlocked by default, while the passive skills unlock at certain pilot levels. Go to the Hangar menu in the game -> Pilot -> tap on the Pilot’s portrait to check his/her profile. There you will see the character’s stats; level, affection points, attributes, etc.  When the affection points increase 100 points, you can advance the pilot to gain attributes or skill points.

You can get pilots through recruitment in Cafe or from the store mode.

Upgrade The Pilots And Mechas

You can level up the Pilots with XP capsules or training module or if you clear the stages by including them in the team, they will gain EXP. To level up using the items, go to the pilot profile -> skill -> there you use the XP Capsules or other items to level him/her up. Also, from there you can upgrade his active and passive skills. For upgrading skills, you need skill points. All these upgrades increase the pilot’s performance in combat. Tap the test button to learn more.

Go to the Mecha menu -> Mecha Profile -> upgrade -> choose the upgrade plan (to unlock a new weapon, enhance armor or HP, turn on Chassis feature or for new action) -> you will need gold and Primal Energy Core to finish the process. You can obtain these resources by playing the game; story quests, combat simulation, challenge, modification quests, etc.

Develop – Here you can modify Vassago into different forms; for example – Vassago to Vassago Sword Version, Vassago Sword Version to Cannon Version, and so on. Tap the modify button once you complete the mentioned chapter and spend gold or superalloy. Newer version changes the attribute or weapons.

Mecha Develop – Here you can research to develop the Mecha using the formula. The formula refreshes every day. So be quick.

Repeat The Past Stages To Grind Rewards

Low on resources like Primary Energy, gold or want to grind the Shards? Well, the game lets you repeat the past cleared stages a certain number a day. Also, you can grant EXP to the Pilots to level them up by repeating the past stages.Iron Saga

Equip The Parts

Five types of parts in Iron Saga – Core, Shell, Support, Armor and Coating. These parts can increase the weapons’ attack, grant additional effects, and boosts. Go to the Team -> select any lineup and then pilot -> on the next screen, you can equip the parts. Go to Hangar -> Parts -> there you can enhance the parts to increase their effects.

Disassemble The Mechas

Superalloy can be obtained by disassembling the mechas – the higher the rank of mecha, the more resources you get by disassembling him. Go to the Mecha menu -> tap the disassemble button -> select the Mechas that you want to sacrifice for Superalloy. And, then confirm.

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So this would be all in this post on Iron Saga guide and tips for beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below!

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