Farmville 3 Co-Op Guide

Our Farmville 3 Co-Op Guide covers everything you need to know about the Co-Op function of Farmville 3. Read on for Farmville 3 Co-Op guide.

Farmville 3 Co-Op

Farmville 3 Co-Op Guide – Part I⇓

In Farmville 3, Co-Op feature allows players to form communities. You can create your guild/clan/Co-Op or join the ones made by other players. First, you must reach level 6 in the game. At this level, the Townhall building will get unlocked; it’s on the left side of the screen. Tap it to open the Co-Op menu. 

As we mentioned earlier, you can create your guild/clam/co-op or join the ones made by other players. If you want to join a friend’s Co-Op or clan, ask his/her Co-op name and search in the Co-Op menu(Townhall -> Search). 

In the join tab, you will see the option to create your own and the list of recommended Co-Op/clans/guilds/communities. Just tap the join button to join the co-op. And, you will be one of the members of that Co-op. 

Farmville 3 Co-Op Guide – Part II⇓

Players in Co-Op or clan or guild can chat with each other, exchange goods, and win freebies. We would advise you to join an active co-op; the one with active players. Once you have joined it, you will see a chat tab on the left where you can chat with others. There you will find a request button, tap it and select the goods that you need. The message will be displayed in Co-Op chat; other members will be able to send you the items that you requested. 

Farmville 3 Co-Op Guide – Part III⇓

Donating the items requested by members can give you freebies like coins. If a member has asked for goods, you will see the option to donate the goods if you have that requested item. Tap the donate button and it will be debited from your account and credited to the member’s account. In return, the game will give you free rewards. 

Once you are a member of Co-Op, you will see the Co-Op tab in the friends menu; you will be able to send the gift boxes to the members. And, also visit their farms. 

Keep An Eye On Co-Op Events

Now and then, Co-Op events are released, participate in them for free rewards. Keep an eye!

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    Level 55 here, trying to find active members. You can join mine if you want: #MZA8-1EMK-8YDR

    Evergreen Bangladesh

  2. Hi, I am very happy playing this game but I just wanted to ask that how many items can I donate to my friends?


    • Not enough. It’s sometimes one or two items depending on what it is. I don’t understand the limit if I have the items but that’s how it goes. If you hit the donate button after donating one or two items, it tells you if you’ve reached the maximum donation.

  3. I am the leader of a co-op.
    This is a no-pressure co-op, so I’m not to concerned with who is not participating in the sky race, but I would like to know if someone is still playing, like average weekly usage, or at the least how long since last log-on.
    Is there a way to see this information?