Honkai Impact 3rd Cheats And Tips For Beginners

Check out our Honkai Impact 3rd cheats and tips to get more rewards, unlock new Valkyries, defeat the giant monsters, level-up fast and master the game.

Honkai Impact 3rd Cheats and Tips

Finally, the global version of Honkai Impact 3rd is now out for Android on Google Play Store. And its performance is better than expected. The game features a lot of content; story missions(normal, hard), Co-Op mode, and much more. In this post, we have shared some Honkai Impact 3rd cheats and tips to progress fast without spending real money. Let’s begin and learn the Honkai Impact 3rd tips without wasting time;

1.) Friends are important – Honkai Impact 3rd tips and cheats

Honkai Impact 3rd Cheats and TipsIn Honkai Impact 3rd, before you start the battle, you can choose one of your friends as a supporter and you will get an extra bonus. So if you are not adding friends then you are doing wrong! Add more players to your friend list, a high-level friend gives more advantage.

Another reason is you will earn friendship points. What is friendship points in Honkai Impact 3rd game? Friendship points can be used to get rewards. Go to the supply section -> supplies -> head to friendship -> use friendship points for friendship supply. You may get – B-rank Valkyrie fragments, treasure, EXP materials and exclusive upgrade materials.

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2.) Choose the leader wisely – Honkai Impact 3rd Tips and Cheats

Honkai Impact 3rd Cheats and TipsEach Valkyrie has own leader skill and the skill of leader impacts the whole team. For instance, White Comat’s leader skill increases maximum HP by 10%, Crimson Impulse’s leader skill increases team’s physical damage by 12% upon reaching a 20-hit or more combo.

So you have to choose the leader wisely. How to switch leaders? Example -> chapters -> stage -> select a stage -> battle preparation -> now you have to select your friend, at the right side you can see your team, tap and hold on a character; drag and drop it to the first slot.

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3.) Mecha, Creature, and Psychic

Honkai Impact 3rd Cheats and TipsIn Honkai Impact 3rd, Valkyries are of three types; Mecha, Creature, and Psychic. Similarly, there are three types of monsters; Mecha, Creatures, and Psychics.

  • Mecha counters Creature
  • Creature counters Psychic
  • Psychic counters Mecha

A.I. Chan – When your character’s type counters the enemy, you will deal higher damage and you will take less damage when hit. So you have to select characters whose types counter the enemy, and you will be winning battles more effectively. To switch; tap the character avatar in the top right corner.

Honkai Impact 3rd Cheats and TipsIn short, to defeat creature type monster, switch to Mecha type Valkyrie. To defeat the Psychic-type monster, switch to the creature type Valkyrie. And to defeat the Mecha type monster, switch to the Psychic-type monster.

You can know the type of your Valkyrie in Valkyrie info section.

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4.) Choose The Best Controls – Honkai Impact 3rd tips

By default, auto mode is on. Auto Mode? If this control option is on, your character will automatically target the enemies. The two other control options are;

Default – The joystick controls the lock-on direction. You will only switch your lock-on targets if the joystick moves past a certain angle.

Free – The joystick controls the lock-on direction. You can freely switch your lock-on targets. You can change the controls in settings -> other settings -> tap on the box next to a control option.

5.) Are you collecting all the rewards? Honkai Impact 3rd tips and cheats

There is not one place where you claim your rewards; a lot of sections are there. Here’s the complete list ->

  • Rewards on stars -> After completing a complete act, you will receive the reward on the basis of stars you have earned. Go to the attack -> select the act you have completed -> Kiana’s blessing -> claim your rewards.Honkai Impact 3rd Cheats and Tips
  • On the main screen, tap on the girl’s icon at the bottom left corner, head to beginner’s benefits -> claim your reward.
  • Go to your profile menu -> achievements -> claim the rewards.
  • Mission Section

6.) Upgrades – Honkai Impact 3rd Tips and Cheats

There are so many upgrades; weapon, stigmata, skills. We have explained these upgrades in our Honkai Impact 3rd guide. The player has to keep upgrading their weapons and skills to defeat the powerful monsters.

7.) Miscellaneous Tips and Cheats for Honkai Impact 3rd

  • Perform combos and cast special skills to damage more – go to skill info and check all of your skills’ details
  • Dodge enemy attacks using evasion skill and save your HP.
  • Use your ultimate skill at the right time. For instance, when you get the warning message
  • Play levels again and again for chips, EXP, and other rewards
  • Enhance and upgrade your stigmata
  • Get learning chips and cube/EXP by completing the academy missions
  • Before you start the battle, take a look at the objective section and complete all the objectives for more rewards
  • Spend friendship points to get friendship supply

8.) Recommended Weapon and Stigma – Honkai Impact 3rd tips and cheats

What is best weapon and Stigma for your Valkyrie in Honkai Impact 3rd game? You can easily check it under the Valkyrie Info – on the main screen -> tap on the girl icon displays at the bottom left corner -> Valkyrie info -> tap on a Valkyrie -> head to Equipment section, there you can see best weapon and stigma recommendation for beginners and advanced players.

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So these are some Honkai Impact 3rd tips, cheats for the beginners. You can check the Honkai Impact 3rd guide here. Also, see – Top new Android games 2018. Download the game – here(Google Play Store).

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