Religion Inc Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies(God Simulator Guide)

God Simulator Sandbox Strategy Game Religion Inc – short for Religion Inc is a new game for Android & iOS by GameFirst Mobile. Read on for Religion Inc guide, tips, cheats & strategies.

Religion Inc Guide Wiki God Simulator

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Religion Inc Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies(God Simulator Guide)⇓

In this Religion Inc guide(God Simulator Guide), you will learn how to play the God Simulator Religion Inc game, win the games, about religion, enlightenment, and other aspects such as tips on spending enlightenment points, reducing atheism, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: Religion Inc guide and tips for beginners: –

Get Started With The Basics Religion Inc Guide(God Simulator Guide)⇓

(1) How to play: you choose the cult(Monotheism, Spiritualism, Pantheon, etc.), difficulty(novice, preacher, prophet), name your religion, and choose a country/territory to get started. After selecting the territory, you will start gaining believers in that particular territory. In the upper-right corner of the game, you will see the number of years that have been passed so far. Every year, you make a little progress – the long-term goal is to make all the people in the world have unconditional faith in your religion; gain believers, enlighten them, raise fanaticism so that you can have violent followers; fanatics. 

(2) How to win: convert all the people around the world in your religion -> enlighten them. Don’t let atheism come in your way. 

(3) How not to lose: by suppressing the atheism. Properly spending the enlightenment points wisely is one of the challenging tasks in the Religion Inc game. 

Peculiarities Of Territories In Religion Inc Game(God Simulator Guide)⇓

(1) Each territory or country on the world map has unique peculiarities that your religion can adapt to and gain faith from the people living there. Otherwise, the inhabitants of that particular territory will stand against your religion.

(2) Tap on a territory -> then tap the (i) symbol to check its peculiarities. For instance; In the Religion Inc game, The Australians is one of the territories on the world map with traits/peculiarities; undeveloped and primitive. 

Religion Inc Guide Wiki God Simulator

(3) By learning the skills that help you adapt to the peculiarities of a territory, your religion can quickly gain popularity and achieve the faith of people. What skills? Each skill is unique and helps you target a particular trait. For instance; the temple skill helps you gain popularity in rich territories, Preacher skill for peaceful countries, forced conversion skill for militant countries, shelter skill for poor and developing countries. Navigate to the skill menu(religion/cup option in the lower-left corner) -> tap on the skill and check its peculiarity. 

Gaining Believers In Neighbouring Territories⇓

Since you start from one particular territory and the goal is to capture the whole world, you might want to attract new believers in neighboring territories quickly. You can do it by increasing the popularity: 

  • Tap the religion/cup option in the lower-left corner of the game screen -> In the first preaching tab, you will find a lot of skills that help you gain popularity. For instance, if you want to capture a rich territory, you can spend the enlightenment points on temple I and temple II skill. 

Enlightening Believers In God Simulator Religion Inc Game⇓

In the God Simulator Religion Inc game, players can quickly enlighten the people by building up the austerity. The austerity impacts the appearance rate of the enlightened. Navigate to the skill screen by tapping the religion icon/button in the bottom-left corner -> go to the second tab; the star tab/features -> there you will find the skills that raise austerity. Tapping the skill will show you its impact on three stats at the bottom; popularity, austerity, and fanaticism. Spend the enlightenment points and build up austerity to increase the enlightened appearance ratio. 

Fanatics In Religion Inc Game⇓

Fanatics are strong believers – enlightened believers can become fanatics; the ratio of austerity to fanaticism is the ratio of the enlightened to the fanatics. By improving the fanaticism score of your religion, you can gain more fanatics. Navigate to skill menu -> features tab -> skills in that tab improve fanaticism as well as austerity. 

Tips To Tackle Disbelief And Atheism In Religion Inc Game⇓

Religion Inc Guide Wiki God Simulator

(1) There would be many events in the game that make people not believe in religion or god or not to study religion; for instance, scientists making a flying machine will inspire the people to study science instead of religious scriptures. You need to keep an eye on these events(tap the menu button in the upper-left corner next to the home icon to check all events). 

(2) The intervention skills help you fight atheism or reduce atheism. Tap the religion/cup button in the lower-left corner -> go to the third tab; the cloud; tap on a skill to check its detail, spend the enlightenment points, and reduce the atheism. For instance, engagement is one of the intervention skills that cause trouble for the unbelievers. Intervention in education skills reduces atheism rate development. 

Watch The Video Ads For Freebies⇓

On the right-center of the gameplay/world map screen, tap the chest option -> get the reward by watching a video ad; the items in the chest can help you progress faster and reduce atheism. 

Religion Inc Cheats OR Cheat Codes⇓

God Simulator Religion Inc game does not support the cheats or cheat code input.

Religion Inc Trait Combos⇓

You can find the Religion Inc Trait Combos on the official Religion Inc Discord; there is a special channel called #combos where players share the combos. The link to the Discord for this game is given below: –

So this would be all in this post on God Simulator Religion Inc guide, tips, and cheats for beginners(God Simulator Guide). Got more tips? Comment below.

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