Restless Dungeon Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Restless DungeonRestless Dungeon is a brand new Hack ‘n’ Slash game for mobile by Moustache Banana. Check out this Restless Dungeon guide, tips, cheats & strategies

For those who love to play Hack ‘n’ Slash game on mobile, Restless Dungeon would be a great game to try out. It has good graphics, it’s easy to play, there are lots of characters to try out, and there are lots of weapons, skills to try and upgrade. Some of the things that you might not like are the progression, saving function; they should add a feature to save the progress – because when you leave the dungeon and enter again, it starts from the Dungeon level 1. At least, a checkpoint functionality would work well. Well, coming to the point – Restless Dungeon is an awesome game to try out – kill the monsters, defeat the epic bosses, loot the dungeons – this kind of gameplay is the best and it’s hard to find in an offline RPG.

In today’s post, we are gonna give you a bunch of tips & tricks along with a basic guide if you have just started playing Restless Dungeon. Also, if you have more tips, strategies, please share in the comment section below.

Restless Dungeon Guide

Your objective is to go as far as you can in the dungeon. You carry a single weapon at a time to defeat the monsters blocking your way to the treasure(next level). Don’t let them destroy you because you would not want to start again. At the top-left corner of the screen, you can check the lives & shields. Once you lose all the lives & shields, your character dies. And, just below these stats, there is a map which helps you in navigation. All you have to do is explore each way of the dungeon, kill the monsters and find the flag point to get to the next dungeon level.

Leveling Up & EXP

Defeating the monsters enhances your combat experience – your character gets EXP by killing the monsters. And, when you level up, you get the SP(Skill Points) – that you can use to unlock active skills. Don’t rush – read the skill details and spend these points wisely.

Restless Dungeon Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Destroy Everything

Except yourself! There are lots of objects in the dungeon that you can destroy and get gold coins. Make sure to crush these objects with your weapon and grab the treasure. You can use these gold coins to upgrade character’ stats.

2.) Choose The Best Weapon

You can get new weapons from the chests. These chests are in the dungeon at random locations. And, you need keys to open these chests. You may get these keys by killing the epic or boss monsters. If your internet connection is turned on, you get the free offer – watch the video ad to open the chest.

Once you get the weapon, you will have to make a choice – because your character can carry only one weapon at a time. Read the details of both the weapons; damage, HP and choose the one which has better stats.

3.) Upgrade The Stats

Restless DungeonOutside the dungeon or home screen of the game, there is a blacksmith shop where you can upgrade the character stats. If you are in the game, tap the pause button at the upper-right corner and then hit the home button. Go close to the NPC and tap the hand icon at the bottom-right to interact -> spend the coins to increase damage, shield, and health.

4.) Choose The Right Type Of Skills

As you level up in the Restless Dungeon game, you get free skill points that you can use to unlock character skills. Make sure to spend the points wisely because you can not reset it and you surely don’t want to waste on useless skills. So always think before spending these points.

5.) Battle Wisely

One of the finest ways to survive the boss battle is by dodging their attacks. You make sure that your character is not in the attack range of the enemies – you can use dash skill to dodge the attacks or use the joystick to move out of the red zone. Don’t let the enemy hit you and that’s all.

6.) Buy Some Time

If you are low on lives, then get yourself out of the combat and try to run away from the enemies – as you spend more time doing this, your shields will recover and then you can take the fight.

7.) Play With Internet Connection

You can play Restless Dungeon game offline – but there are some benefits that you might miss if you play it offline. Revive – By watching the video ad you can revive the character. Chests – By watching the video ad you can open the weapon chests without keys. Get free coins – In the home screen of the game, at the top-right, there is a free offer to get free coins by watching the video ad.

8.) Try Out Different Character

Restless DungeonThere are lots of characters available to try out – go outside the dungeon(Home) and interact with the guy next to the blacksmith shop. Go close to him and tap the hand icon at the bottom-right corner -> there you can buy more characters in exchnage for gold coins. Don’t forget to select them after buying.

So that would be all in this Restless Dungeon guide and Restless Dungeon tips, cheats & strategies. If you have more game tips, cheats or tricks, do share with other fellow players in the comment section below.

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