Evil Hunter Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Tricks For Boss Battles, Gold Grinding

Follow these Evil Hunter Tycoon cheats, tips & tricks to defeat bosses and powerful enemies in Evil Hunter Tycoon game modes

Evil Hunter Tycoon Cheats, Tips & Tricks⇓

The boss battle in Evil Hunter Tycoon is tough to beat if you have not powered up the hunters. Also, the enemies in dungeon raid mode get powerful as you progress to new floors. If you have powerful top-tier best hunters, you will be able to clear the bounty quests easily as hunters will be able to kill the enemies quickly. In today’s post, you will learn all the Evil Hunter Tycoon cheats, tips & tricks to make the hunters stronger. Also, we have shared some Evil Hunter Tycoon tips to grind gold coins, gems, etc. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

Focus On The Best Top-Tier Hunters

Evil Hunter Tycoon Tips Cheats TricksIt’s hard to build the hunters in the Evil Hunter Tycoon game; you will have to invest a lot of time in raising their level, equipping the best gears, learning skills, traits, and secret tech. So the first tip we would give to you is focusing on the best top-tier hunters – avoid the “N” rarity Hunters completely as their stats are pretty low. Focus on S-Superior, H-Heroic, L-Legendary Hunters. In the early game, if you don’t have a choice, keep using the “R-Rare” tier hunters. Tap the Hunters/Waiting option on the top-right and spend gems/invitation scrolls. Check the rarity of hunters and let the high-tier hunters join the town. 

Banish the N-Tier hunters because they would not help you in the long-run. 

Equip Higher-Tier Gears To Hunters

If you want to make hunters stronger, equip them with the best gears. By default, they use the poor-tier/quality gears. You can craft the gears in blacksmith building; common, uncommon, advanced, and ultimate are the qualities of gears  – higher-quality offers more stats. Let the hunters purchase the weapons, armors, or accessories from the shops and increase their DPS, HP, DEF, ATK, CRIT, etc. This will increase their battle performance and you will be able to beat the boss and powerful enemies in dungeon raids. (Tap hunter -> item -> purchase equipment -> suggest high-tier equipment crafted by you). 

Level Up Hunters In Evil Hunter Tycoon

You can increase the base stats such as ATK, DEF, CRIT, etc. by leveling up the hunters. Send the hunters in hunting the monsters and they will keep grinding EXP by slaying down the zombies. Head to the info page of the hunter through the hunter menu to check the progress, stats, reincarnation level/rank, gears, etc. 

Keep The Stock Full For Idle Gameplay

Evil Hunter Tycoon Tips Cheats TricksHunters in the Evil Hunter Tycoon game stop fighting if their mood is low, HP is low, hunger level is low, and stamina is low. You need to make sure that the restaurant/Inn/infirmary/tavern has enough stocks for eating, rooms, bandages, beverages. Hunters automatically visit these buildings when they are low on these stats. So it’s better to keep the stock full. If you tap the restaurant/tavern/inn/infirmary, you can check the number of supplies available. As you can see in the picture above, Infirmary has 66 bandages. You can produce more and stock more for idle gameplay. 

Evil Hunter Tycoon tips, tricks.

Learn Skills, Traits, Secret Tech In Evil Hunter Tycoon

Another tip we would give to you is teaching skills, traits, secret tech to hunters. 

  • Teach Skills – learn and upgrade the skills so that hunters can perform better in battles
  • Teach traits using Reincarnation Points. Every time a hunter reincarnates, you get Reincarnation points. Use these points in teaching traits to hunters
  • Secret Techniques – using secret technique books, you can teach secret techniques to hunters. YOu get these books whenever a hunter arrives in the town. It helps you increase the defense, attack, stamina, satiety, and mood of hunters

Tap hunter -> learn -> skills/traits/secret tech. Berserker, Ranger, Sorcerer, Paladin all have different skills that they use in the battle automatically. 

Collect And Use Elementals

You can collect elementals from the evil lands and use them in the shop for gems, gold, hunter invitation scrolls, and buff items in Evil Hunter Tycoon. You can also obtain elementals by watching the video ad – go to the shop -> bonus. Also, it lets you produce supplies like bandages, food, drinks, rooms using elementals – instead of material items. 

Evil Hunter Tycoon tips, cheats. 

Enhance And Upgrade The Gears

In Evil Hunter Tycoon, you can further improve the hunter’s stats by upgrading/enhancing the gears. Tap the hunter -> item -> upgrade/enhance equipment. To enhance, you need enhancement stones. And, to upgrade, you need upgrade stones. Or you can use enhancement/upgrade ore. 

Evil Hunter Tycoon Tips To Grind Gold

  • Sell gears to hunters and earn gold. Craft the gears -> tap hunter -> item -> purchase equipment – suggest gear/armor/accessory/potion. The amount will deduct from the hunter’s balance. Hunter earns gold coins by selling items through the trading post. You can donate gold coins to the hunter if they are low on balance
  • Keep the stock full; hunter needs fun, food. Keep the food and drinks supply full in restaurant and tavern and you will earn gold coins when the hunters use these buildings
  • Tap the Ad goblin and you can earn gold
  • Complete the bounty hut quests
  • In the shop, you can spend elementals for gold

Evil Hunter Tycoon Tips To Earn Gems

  • From the Ad goblins offer
  • In the shop, spend elementals for gem box
  • Complete the achievements
  • From the quests

Use The Potions

Sell potions to the hunters. Tap the hunter -> purchase -> potion. You can craft the potions in the alchemist’s home building. There are a variety of potions available in the shop; to restore the health of hunters, make them fast, increase their attack power, shield, luck, etc. As you progress through the difficulty modes in Evil Hunter Tycoon, potions will be a great help. 

Use The Training Ground To Level Up Quickly

The hunters who are yet to be reincarnated to the current difficulty stage level can use the training ground. All you need to do is tap them -> choose training. Use the tactics and level them up quickly. For more information, you can check the training ground guide here. 

You can earn precious materials from dungeon raid mode – keep progressing through the floors. 

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So this would be all in this post on Evil Hunter Tycoon tips, cheats & tricks to get stronger. If you have more Evil Hunter Tycoon tips to share them in the comment section below. 

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