Rude Racers Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Rude RacersRude Racers! is a brand new simple yet challenging game for Android and iOS by Famous Dogg Studios. Let’s have a look at Rude Racers guide, tips, cheats & strategies!

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Rude Racers! The Basics

⇒Rude Racers features two game modes as of now; Seasons, Quickplay. In the season mode, the player battle against other rivals in different zones and multiple events. Events include Race, Knockout, Head to Head, Pizza Panic, Recovery, Hunter, Death Match, Explorer, and more. As of now, there are four seasons available to play. In each event, there is a unique challenge given to the player to get the victory. On the event screen, at the bottom of the pop-up screen, you can check the details. For example; In the Pizza Panic mode, the player with the most kill points wins the race. You get points by smashing pizza bikes.

⇒Like their earlier game, Mean Machine, Rude Racers also feature a simple control system. You use the navigation keys to control the bike. You can change the control(position of keys) by tapping the pause button at the top-right corner -> tap the control button.

⇒Before entering the race, you can choose a bike, weapon, and a rider. To enter the race, you need fuel. Fuel regenerates over time or you can refill it by watching the video ad.

⇒In the quickplay mode, you start with special kits and earn a set amount of cash. It also costs you fuel. Tap the randomize button to automatically pick/change the event, difficulty, special kits, and the reward amount.

⇒The player can attack rivals with the weapon. By default, you have a bat. As you progress, new weapons will get unlocked. When close to the rival bike, tap the attack button to use the weapon. After that, It will go into cooldown stage. Pay attention to the attack icon to figure out either it’s recharged or not. Enemies can also attack you. If the armor value reduces to 0, the game will over. So dodge enemy attacks as well as the obstacles.

So this would be all for now as Rude Racers guide(Basics). Let’s learn about the rest of the features and how they help you in the progress!

Trophies; Seasons

To unlock new seasons in Rude Racers game, you need trophies. These trophies can be obtained by completing the event challenges in the accessible seasons.


At the time of writing this post, the game features 10 bikes. All the bikes have different stats; speed, armor, handling. You start with the ranger bike(poor one). Collect more trophies to unlock all the bikes; Ranger, Bruiser, Raptor, Torpedo, Black Widow, Eclipse, Quake, Quake II, Wasp. You can buy the unlocked bikes with cash.


As of now, the game has 12 riders. You start with the turbo Tommy. Gain more trophies to unlock new Riders. They do provide any special skill though!

Cash, Fuel

You need cash to buy new bikes, weapons. You can earn cash by playing the game; season mode, quick play. Fuel is required to enter the race. You can refill it by watching the video ad. Enter any game mode -> tap the shop icon at the bottom-right corner -> watch the video ad to get free fuel.


All the weapons have different stats; damage and recharge speed. Make sure to choose the best one. Earn enough trophies to unlock new weapons. After that, you can buy with the cash. Enter the game mode -> enter event -> go to the weapons tab -> use <> keys to switch between weapons. As of now, there are 7 weapons in Rude Racers; Bat, Pipe, Shovel, Hammer, Baton(comes with special skill), Cattle Prod(comes with special skill), Mace(The best DPS weapon).

So this would be all for now as Rude Racers guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top basic Rude Racers tips & tricks!

Rude Racers Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Push’em Towards Obstacle

In all the zones, there are many obstacles you will need to dodge. You can use these obstacles as an advantage to slow down the rival racer. All you need to do is push them towards these obstacles when you are close to each other. This is the best way to strike down the leading racer when the weapon is not charged.

2.) Buy The Special Kits

If you are having the trouble winning matches, go with the boosters. You can pick only one type of booster at a time. The three boosters featured in the game are nitro, oil, and shield. The nitro booster boosts the speed of the bike. The oil power-up lets you distract the rivals. And, the shield protects your armor.

3.) Dodge The Enemy Attacks

Even a single attack can change the results for you. So it would be better to take the enemy attacks seriously. You will see an alert sign(i) next to the enemy bike, indicates that the enemy is going to use its weapon. When you see it, change the direction ASAP.

4.) Repeat The Battles

If you are out of cash, repeat the event battles to earn cash.

If you have more Rude Racers tips to share with other fellow players, comment below!

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