Sandship: Crafting Factory Cheats: Guide, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Sandship: Crafting Factory is a brand new game for Android & iOS by Rockbite Games. Read on for Sandship: Crafting Factory cheats, guide, tips & tricks

Rockbite Games, well-known for Deep Town: Mining Factory game, recently published a factory management game on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It sets in the desert where your sandship gathers the substance from the surroundings and you use it inside the factory to craft material items such as iron bolts, Hydrogen, Glass, and many more. You will have a lot of devices in the factory that you can use to make different types of materials that can be supplied in the contracts or used in the researches to progress further. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Sandship: Crafting Factory guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Sandship: Crafting Factory cheats, tips & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s get started with this walkthrough guide!

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First things first – your goal is to expand the sandship and build the biggest mobile factory. As you research, you will get to learn new techniques such as basic substance processing, steel shaping, glass plates, etc. that help you to craft all sorts of materials in the factory. To research, you will need to level up. Also, to produce a variety of materials in large quantities, you will need a large space. The Sandship level determines the space that you can have for the devices. As you upgrade the Sandship level, its size will increase and you will be able to put more devices in the factory to craft the products in large quantities. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Sandship: Crafting Factory cheats, tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Adding Devices To The Sandship: Crafting Factory

You are free to remove or add any sort of device in the factory. There are lots of devices in the game – each works differently and has a unqiue purpose. For example – Heater is one of the devices in the game that can increase the temperature of the items that pass through it. Some devices are unable to process the materials if they are cold; so the heater helps you heat the materials. Like the heater, all the devices have a unqiue meaning that you must learn to master the crafting. 

Inside the factory, tap the dashboard/home button in the upper-left -> it has two tabs; content and devices. From the content tab, you can collect the resources that you are crafting in the factory. In the device tab, you will see the list of devices available to you. Each device costs you gold coins or material items. For example – Extruder costs x250 gold coins, x50 iron rodes/ores. 

To add a device to the factory, hold down your finger on it, and drag over to the factory area. This will stop all the machines and you will get the extend/rotate/move/select/remove options on the bottom right to customize the factory design freely. Once you are all done, tap the green color power button in the bottom-right to start again. 

Select The Target Resource

Sandship: Crafting Factory Guide Tips CheatsA device can produce multiple items – but only one at a time. For example – Synthesiser can give you carbon as well as iron ore. It’s up to you to decide what you want. To select the target resource, you tap the device -> on the right side, select the resource name button, and then choose the target resource. 

Get Familiar With The Material Crafting

You must build the chain of devices in the right order – based on the material items you want to get. Suppose, you want to get Iron Rod. You collect the substance from the environment that you can use in the factory to craft material items with the help of devices. With the synthesizer device, you can convert the substance into an iron ore. Iron Ore can later be processed into the Press device to get Iron Plate. And, with the cutter, you can convert Iron Plate into the Iron Rod. 

  • So, first, you put the synthesizer to get iron ore-> press to get an iron plate -> cutter to convert the iron plate into iron rod – on the belt(belt helps you transport the materials between the devices). 

Check Out The Material Recipes

Sandship: Crafting Factory Guide Tips CheatsIf you are having trouble with the material processing, then the recipe section of the game will help you a lot. On the left-side menu, tap the search book button -> this will take you to the Sandship: Crafting Factory Wiki of materials, devices, collectibles, and favorites. In the materials tab, tap the material that you need -> after selecting it, the game will show you its processing recipe; the raw material and device you need to craft that material item. If you tap the raw material icon, it will take you to its processing recipe where you can learn how to craft it. For example – to craft some materials, you need materials that are crafted with different materials. For example – to get an iron bolt, you need an iron rod. 

So, you first build the chain of devices to the iron rod and then put the cutter device to convert it into the iron bolt. For iron rode, you need an iron plate. For the iron plate, you need iron ores(7-degree temperature heat). 

Research To Unlock New Devices And Materials

In the research lab in Sandship: Crafting Factory, you can conduct researches to unlock new devices and materials. It would cost you material items or collectibles such as cyclet, data cards, trigon, pentatope, jammer, etc. The research is necessary to progress further into the game. On the left-side menu, tap the flask button -> there you can check the researches. 

Learn How To Level Up In Sandship: Crafting Factory

To level up in Sandship: Crafting Factory, you need XP. In the upper-left corner, you can check the engineer’s level bar that shows the level progress. You get the XP from the researches and by completing the contracts. In some cases, you will have to end the chapter to unlock the next level. On the top-right, there would be the end chapter option (i) when you complete all the minimum number of quests required to unlock the next chapter. Leveling up increases max sandship level and unlocks new stuff; research. 

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Complete The Contracts For XP And Collectibles Crates

On the left-side menu, tap the crate button -> here you can check all the contracts that you can complete for the crates, EXP, and gold coins. If you are not getting XP as a reward, you might want to end the chapter to increase the max level cap of the Engineer. Contracts are like orders; you send stuff(materials) and get the rewards. As you level up, you will get high-grade contracts that reward much better stuff. 

Get Free Gems And Coins By Completing The Objectives

In Sandship: Crafting Factory, gold coins, and gems are the two currencies. You can earn both these currencies by completing the quests(tap the to-do check button in the left-side menu) -> there you see the available quests to complete for the gems and coins. Gold coins are used in research, buying devices, buildings, etc. You can use gems to speed-up research, contracts, buy boosters. 

Upgrade The Sandship To Increase Size

Sandship: Crafting Factory Guide Tips CheatsTo add more buildings, put more devices, or increase the size, you must upgrade the Sandship. Tap the sandship button in the left-side menu(below inventory/bag) -> there you can upgrade the Sandship. It also increases the substance harvest rate, along with the size. 

Materials Are Stuck On The Belt

If you are noticing the materials are not moving to the exporter, make sure that belt rotation is in the right direction. Or the exporter is in the right direction. Tap the red color power-up button on the bottom-right -> choose to extend/rotate option – tap the device to rotate its direction. 

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So this would be all in this post on Sandship: Crafting Factory guide with tips and tricks for beginners. If you have any questions, tips to share, comment below. 

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