Sandship: Crafting Factory Leveling Guide & Tips For Beginners

Started playing Sandship: Crafting Factory and wondering how to level up fast? Read on for Sandship: Crafting Factory leveling up guide & tips for newbies

Sandship: Crafting Factory Leveling Guide TipsFor starters, we recommend reading the beginner’s guide and tips. In this post, we will go through the leveling aspect of the game. In the game, you play as an Engineer who produces the crafting materials in the factory. Leveling up the Engineer is important if you want to progress further into the game; like researches, expanding sandship size, etc. This Sandship: Crafting Factory leveling guide covers the basic stuff that you must know as a beginner. So let’s not waste any time and read the leveling tips. 

Sandship: Crafting Factory – How To Level Up: –

You need a certain amount of XP to level up Engineer(you) in Sandship: Crafting Factory. At the top-left corner, below the Engineer profile name, you can check the level bar that displays the current progress. As you gain XP, its gauge will increase, and when reaches the max point, you will level up. If it’s stuck, you may have to end the chapter or complete more objectives.

Gaining XP To Level Up Fast: –

Sandship: Crafting Factory Leveling Guide TipsThe best ways to gain XP in the game are; contracts and the research. The research gives a huge amount of XP that help you level up fast. Contracts, on the other hand, gives you a little XP – you can complete them easily. These are the two best ways to gain XP as a beginner. Focus on completing the contracts and the researches! 

Stuck On The Level: –

Sandship: Crafting Factory Guide Tips CheatsIf you are stuck; there is no way to gain XP, then it means it’s time to progress to the next chapter and increase the level cap. For example – to reach level 3, you must end the first chapter at level 2. Otherwise, you would not gain any XP from the contracts. How do you end the chapter? Close all the left-side menu buttons by tapping the left arrow key in the top-left corner-> on the main screen(factory or desert), on the top-right, there would be (i) symbol displaying the option to end the chapter. In each chapter, you get new quests to complete. 

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So this would be all in this post on Sandship: Crafting Factory Leveling Guide and Tips for newbies. 

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