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ByeBye Monster is a brand new mobile game by Griffon Games. Read on for ByeBye Monster guide, tips, tricks & cheats to complete the chapters

ByeBye Monster GameGriffon Games, the mobile game publisher, has recently released a new mobile game called ByeBye Monster. In the game, you play as a Warrior, Ranger, and Wizard. As a Warrior, you attack from a close-range. As a Ranger, you use the long-ranged weapons to attack the enemies. The Wizard class is not available in the beginning – it unlocks after clearing a certain chapter. As a Wizard, you use the magic wand to attack the enemies from the mid-range. The game is similar to Archero. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This ByeBye Monster guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of ByeBye Monster tips, cheats & tricks that you may like So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

ByeBye Monster Guide, Tips: –

In ByeBye Monster, you will progress through the chapters; starting with Ancient Desert, then Moonlight Cemetery, and so on. As per the current version of the game, there are 8 chapters in the game. In each chapter, there is a set number of stages that you must complete to progress to the next chapter. For instance, the Ancient Desert has x50 stages.

  1. Ancient Desert – 50
  2. Moonlight Cemetery – 50
  3. Dark Dungeon – 20
  4. Silent Forest – 50
  5. Ancient Arena – 50
  6. Lost Dungeon – 20
  7. Hell Arena – 10
  8. Freeze Land – 50

As mentioned above, you must complete all the stages to progress to the next chapter. And, that too in one turn. If you fail to do it in one turn, then the progress will reset and you will have to start over.

In each chapter’s stage, you will encounter a variety of monsters with different abilities. Some monsters attack from a distance, while some attack from a close range. As you progress through the chapters or their stages, you will encounter monsters with special abilities like AoE DMG, high-speed, jump attacks, etc.

Your character in ByeBye Monster attacks the monsters automatically as soon as you stop moving him. All you need to do is dodge the enemy attacks as long as you can and attack from a safe area. Keep moving or changing the location to save the character from the ranged-attacks of the monsters. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the ByeBye Monster tips & tricks: –

Choose The Skill Wisely In ByeBye Monster

At the start of the chapter or after a certain stage, the game lets you pick the skills. You will have three options to choose from – each skill works differently and help you in the battle. It’s up to you to choose them wisely – based on the character’s requirement at the current stage.

Skills are granted on each level in the stage and every time, there would be a different set. So you must choose the skill wisely. For example – healing skills can restore the health of the character, suck the blood skill restores HP when you kill an enemy, and there are many skills to choose from.

During the battle mode, tap the gear icon in the top-left corner to check the acquired skills.

Dodge The Monster’s Attacks

Use the environment objects like walls to dodge the enemy attacks. You can easily dodge the enemy attacks by moving the character at the right time and in the right direction. Saving HP is one of the important tasks as high HP means you can survive longer and in the boss battles, you increase the chances of getting the victory.

Gear Up The Character

In ByeBye Monster, to get stronger, you should focus on getting high-tier gears. Head to the Equipment tab in the footer menu of the game and there you can equip the gears. Gears rarity/tier –

  • Common tier – grey color
  • Great tier – green color
  • Rare tier – blue color
  • Excellent tier – purple color

You can get the gears from the chests available in the shop. You will need gems to open these chests; can be obtained by playing the game. During the chapter stages, you might get the offer to watch a video ad for coins or gems.

Your character can equip a weapon, armor, boot, and accessories. Each gear item has different stats and effects. So make sure to read their details and equip them wisely.

Upgrade The Character & Gears

In the hero tab, you can upgrade the hero using coins. After reaching a certain upgrade level, you will be able to rank up the hero, which unlocks a new skill. Every 5 levels; 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30. You can grind coins by playing the chapter mode stages.

To upgrade the gears, you will need books/upgrade material that you can obtain by clearing the stages.

Unlock And Upgrade The Pets

The pet system in ByeBye Monster game unlocks when the player clears the first chapter. As you clear more chapters, you can unlock more pets. These pets act like a companion who accompanies the character in the battle expedition. Each pet has different stats and effects. So make sure to read their details.

Get Time Rewards In ByeBye Monster

On the right-center of the game screen, tap the time rewards button – it gives you coins and other in-game currencies/items as you spend more time playing it.

Get The Freebies In ByeBye Monster

  • Chapter Chest – complete the chapter’s stages for gems, keys, and stamina/energy
  • Repeat the chapters – on the adventure/home screen, tap the chapter island and on the next screen, you can select the characters. Repeat old chapters if you are stuck at a new stage and grind coins, upgrade material, EXP to level up
  • Season – level up and get season rewards
  • Daily Gifts – collect daily gifts from the main screen
  • Events – play the event mode for more rewards

So this would be all in this post on ByeBye Monster guide, tips for beginners.

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