SCV Miner Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks(Idle SCV)

New to the SCV Miner? Understand all of its aspects with these SCV Miner cheats and tips available with a strategy guide for beginners

SCV Miner cheats tips guide Idle SCV SCV Miner cheats, guide, and tips: – 

This article covers “how to play SCV Miner”, about factories, robots, resources, and other aspects such as in-game currencies, prestige, managers, boosters, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the SCV Miner cheats, tips, and guide for beginners: – 

Getting Started With SCV Miner Basics

In the SCV Miner game, you produce robots in the factories and then dispatch them over to the planet where they mine the minerals or resources. There are lots of planets to discover, sectors to unlock, factories to start, and much more. Mining resources yield gold coins that you will be using in making upgrades to the factories, cargo ship, and planet. 

Guide To Making Earnings In SCV Miner

In the SCV Miner game, you earn money by mining the resources on the planets.

On your screen, you can check the two main stats at the center; resources and bots. Resources: it shows the remaining resources that you must collect to proceed to the next planet. Bots: it shows the number of robots sent to the planet to mine the resources. 

Make Upgrades Wisely

There are three top upgrades in SCV Miner; the factory, cargo, and the planet. Let’s learn about them all: – 

  • Factory: – this is where robots are produced. The more robots you have, the more bots you can send to the planet and mine the resources quickly. By upgrading the factory, you can increase the making speed so that more robots can be manufactured in little time
  • Cargo Ship – cargo ship picks robots from the factory and dispatch them to the planet. By upgrading the cargo ship, you can increase its loading capacity and loading speed – this will help you pick more robots at a time and carry them to the planets; quickly
  • Planet – planet upgrades determine the total production and dig speed. Spend coins to improve these attributes

Assign The Managers To All Three Places

You can assign managers to factories, cargo ships, and the planet to automate the whole process. Without the managers, you will have to do all the things manually – by tapping each time a particular turn is complete. Tap on the manager slot next to the planet/robot/cargo-ship icon -> spend the coins and assign the managers. The hiring cost increases each time you assign/hire a manager. 

Guide To Managers In SCV Miner

Managers in the SCV Miner game have unqiue skills + they automate the things. Once you have assigned a manager to a factory/cargo-ship/planet, you can activate their skills – tap the button over their icons. Or, at the bottom-center, tap on the machine icon – this will open the miner overview -> tap the activate button to activate the managers’ skills. 

Tips To Reduce The Upgrade Cost

Certain managers have skills that help you reduce the cost of the upgrades where they are assigned to. If you have got this type of manager, you should assign him/her to the place where you want to make upgrades. Tap on the manager slot to check all hired managers -> you can check the managers’ skills. Find the one that reduces upgrades’ cost. Assign him to the place where the upgrade cost is high and you want to reduce; activate the skills and get a discount on upgrades without any sort of cheats. 

Guide To In-Game Currencies In SCV Miner

The two in-game currencies are Gold Coins, Super Cash. Gold Coins; obtain gold coins by ming the resources. Super Cash: you can earn super cash for free as a login reward or from the event sectors. 

You can use the super cash in the shop to buy the boosters that you can use to boost the earnings. 

Sectors In The Game

You start at sector 1. For further expansion or progress, you can buy the other sectors and expand the mining empire there. Tap the sector nod icon in the bottom-right corner -> this will open the map where you can check the sectors. Spend gold coins on the sector and open a new mining line there. 

Participate In The Events To Earn Free Supercash And Boosters

Go to the space map -> find the space event -> participate in it to earn supercash and free boosters. Events play like the actual game – but they are time-limited. The more progress you do in these events and reach milestones, the more rewards you get. 

Activate The Boosters To Boost Income

At the bottom-center of the screen, tap the boost button -> by watching the video ad, you can activate the income boost and get more bucks. 

Prestige For A Permanent Boost

Go to the map -> in the bottom-right corner, tap the prestige button -> prestige -> get prestige. This resets the game progress – but you get a permanent income boost. You will keep the supercash and sectors – only the factories, cargo ships, or planets’ upgrade reset. 

So that’s all we got in this post on SCV Miner cheats, tips, and guide for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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