Refantasia Guide: Cheats, Tips For Beginners

New to the Refantasia: Charm and Conquer game? Read on for the Refantasia guide: cheats & tips for beginners.

Refantasia Guide Cheats, Tips For Beginners

Refantasia: Charm and Conquer

Published by Natasky Games Limited, Refantasia: Charm and Conquer is a mobile RPG where you will be playing as a lord and progress by defeating enemies and their boss in the PvE story mode, collecting followers, consorts, heirs, and increasing the realm power. This Refantasia guide covers the basics of the game, tips to increase realm power, strategies to conquer battles, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and head to the guide and tips: –

Learn About The Four Main Attributes In Refantasia

The four main attributes that city lord and followers have are Martial, Trade, Craft, and Charisma. Increasing the martial attribute of the city lord and followers will improve the battle performance; you will inflict more DMG and require fewer soldiers, and there will be fewer casualties. 

Increasing the trade attribute increases the amount of gold you can collect from the COURT.

Increasing the craft attribute increases the amount of food you can collect from the COURT.

Increasing the charisma attribute increases the number of soldiers you can collect from the COURT. 

  • You need gold to level up the followers.
  • To recruit soldiers or collect soldiers from the COURT, you will need food.
  • You will need soldiers to fight enemies.

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Refantasia Realm Power

Realm Power is the total of four main attributes of the city lord, followers, and consorts. In the upper-left corner of the game screen, tap the city lord avatar icon to navigate to the player info page. At the bottom, you can see the royal level, realm power, attributes’ figure, number of followers, consorts, intimacy, and the journey stats. 

Tips To Increase Realm Power In Refantasia

Level up the city lord or increase the royal level; you will need to grind EXP and accumulate enough that is required to reach the next level. Tap the city lord avatar in the top-left corner -> player info page -> UP the royal level. 

  • You can grind XP by making decisions in the COURT facility of the city
  • Also, by defeating the enemies in the Journey mode

Level up the followers or raise the followers’ stats; level them up, upgrade their talents, spend Elixir, and inspire skills with the help of consorts. 

Date consorts, build intimacy and have heirs. Heirs can also increase the realm power or attributes; martial, trade, charisma, and craft. 

Refantasia Guide To Followers

You can get followers by increasing the city lord or royal level, raising the VIP level, or from the limited-time events. The followers help you beat enemies in the boss stages, PvP, and other game modes. These followers directly impact the realm power. The more powerful they are, the more powerful your realm will be. 

Each follower is inspired or linked by certain consorts. If you build the inspire skills of the consorts that they are inspired by or linked with, their attributes such as martial, trade, craft, and charisma will increase. 

  • Level up the followers using the gold.
  • Upgrade the talent or skill of the followers using scroll or skill book or talent EXP
  • Spend Elixir to build the attributes
  • Promote them to increase the max level cap

Refantasia Guide To Consorts

Consorts, like followers, directly impact the realm power. Most consorts can be obtained through “Wander(City -> Wander),” while you can get some by logging in for a certain number of days, raising VIP level, collecting certain followers, or clearing certain stages in the journey mode. 

Consorts to whom you are married will be visible in the harem building in the Citadel. Navigate there, and see the list of locked and unlocked consorts. Tap the random date option in the lower-right corner to go for an arbitrary date(the game will randomly decide whom you will date; if you are unlocked, more than one consorts). 

If you want to go on a date with a specific consort, tap her portrait. Tap the date option on the lower-left side and spend crystals. 

  • Date consorts to increase the intimacy and charisma and get “Inspire Points.” 
  • Bestow or gift rings to consort to increase intimacy, pendants to increase the charm

When you date a consort, you may obtain an Heir, which you can raise and later marry to other players’ heir. 

The higher the consort’s intimacy stats, the better the heir’s attributes. 

The higher the consort’s charisma stats, the more inspire points you get upon date. 

Tap the skills option in the lower-left side of the consort profile section and spend inspire points to upgrade the inspire skill. 

You can get rings and pendants from the events, dungeon, crafting, or other miscellaneous sources. 

Refantasia Guide To Progression

  • At the beginning of the game, progress through the “Objectives” or chapter quests(marked with the ! symbol above the chat/citadel option)
  • Complete the daily tasks
  • Collect the resources from the court and make decisions to earn EXP
  • Complete achievements
  • Go to the hall of fame in Citadel, salute, and earn free crystals
  • Upgrade followers
  • Date consorts
  • Raise heir
  • Marry heirs
  • Progress through the journey mode
  • Keep an eye on the events
  • Join an alliance and participate in alliance activities to earn rewards and make contribution 

Refantasia Citadel

  • Laboratory; Craft the items or recipes with material items
  • Harem; date heirs, give them gifts, upgrade inspire skills
  • Hall of fame; salute to get crystals
  • Court; collect resources, make decisions
  • Heir garden; raise heir, marry the heir
  • Dungeon; fight and win rewards. Progress in the Journey mode to find mysterious mimic chests. You need one mimic chest to unlock the dungeon.
  • Mail; collect the rewards or check news/updates

Refantasia City

  • Training field; earn talent XP and Duel EXP
  • Wander; find Consorts
  • Alliance; join an alliance 
  • Arena; fight other players in PvP mode
  • Reception; Host a reception or join others
  • Join the party, spend, and earn party tokens that you can spend in the party shop for Blank Scroll, EXP Pearl, Pendants, Energy Tonic, and other items
  • World Boss; event, rewards

Refantasia Cheats

No cheats are available for this game. But there are Refantasia codes that you can redeem for freebies.

So that’s all we got in this post on Refantasia guide and tips for beginners. 

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