Shikigami: Myth Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Shikigami: Myth is a brand new gacha RPG for Android and iOS by 9splay. Let’s have a look at our Shikigami: Myth guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In this Shikigami: Myth guide and Shikigami: Myth tips, cheats & strategies, we have covered all the basics along with the tactics & tricks that you should know to master the game. In the game, the player fights the evils in the spirit world. You can build a custom team of Shikgami/Spirits or characters to strike down the boss and evils. There is a wide range of game modes available for the players – starting with the story mode – and, as you level up, the game unlocks more – arena, coin challenge, explore, character raid, shard challenge, experience challenge, endless abyss, etc. Let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

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Shikigami: Myth Guide

Spirits Guide – How To Get Shikigami?

Shikigami: MythSpirits or Shikigami(s) are the main characters in the game. These characters fight the foes, help you participate in the challenges. The game allows you to create a party of five spirits to fight the evils in the quests mode. And, there are 100 characters to collect. How do you get these characters?

You can get the Shikigami or Shikgami’s shards through summoning – this means that you might get a complete character or his/her shards. Once you acquire enough number of shards, you can unseal that character. Let’s learn in detail: –

Summoning – In the lobby, tap the summon button. On the right side, there are three tabs; character, friendship, awakening. In the character tab, tap the summon details button. A Pop-up window will open where you can check the rewards info – complete characters, shards.

You can also obtain the shards from the challenge or story mode quests.

Unseal – In the lobby, at the bottom menu, tap the members option -> navigate to the second tab -> there you can check the Shikigami: Myth characters list. And, at the bottom of each character, the game displays the number of shards that you need to unseal that character. When you have enough number of shards, you can unseal her. And, that character will be able to join the field.

Shikigami: Myth Party Building Guide

Shikigami: MythUp to five characters can join the field. And, it’s up to you to choose the best ones. It would be better to check the characters’ details; skills, role, rarity, etc. In the lobby, at the bottom menu, tap the party option -> at the bottom of the team screen, you have five slots for five spirits. If you want to replace a character, then select her -> change character -> tap the character -> leave the field. To add, tap the character portrait in members menu -> join the field.

Shikigami: Myth Combat Guide

Shikigami: MythAfter setting up the team of best characters – it’s time to dive into the field. Let’s learn how the combat works. You can either set it to auto or play manually. In the auto mode, spirits or characters use their abilities automatically. When playing manually, you have full control over the spirit’s abilities.

Before you initiate the attack, the game asks you to choose a friend’s spirit in extras. Make sure to select a high-level character as a back-up unit. In the combat, you can summon this character anytime by tapping her icon at the top-left corner. Also, you earn friendship points.

In the battle, the spirits attack the foes automatically – you have control over their abilities, guardian spirit, and the extra character. All the spirits in Shikigami: Myth has unqiue abilities; dealing damage, healing, protecting allies, etc.

To win the battle, you must defeat all the enemies. And, to get all the three stars, you must complete all the objectives.

At the bottom of the combat screen, pay attention to the mana/energy bar. To use the abilities, you need mana/energy – it grows automatically. At the top-left corner of the character’s icon at the bottom, you can check the cost that you need to spend to unleash her ability. For example – if it’s 3, then you must have (3) mana/energy points.

Guardian Spirit

Guardian Spirit Shikigami MythGuardian Spirit provides a lot of buffs to the allies in the combat. Also, these characters have a special skill. For example – Kurane’s protection shield skill provide a shield effect to all allies. During the battle, at the bottom-left corner, you can unleash her skill.

⇒Only the spirit who is worshipped can use the skills. Go to the lobby -> Guardian Spirit -> tap the divine devotion button to select a specific character. After that, it will show devoting status.

⇒You can improve the Guardian Spirit’s stats using the gold coins and the material items. Tap the devote button -> one-click devote. You can obtain the material items from the stages or other game modes.

Shikigami: Myth Spirits Guide

Spirits Guide⇒In Shikigami: Myth game, spirits are classified into three rarities; UR, SR, and R. The rarity of a spirit indicates the strength; higher the rarity, higher the stats. In this case – UR>SR>R. So we would recommend focusing on higher rarity spirits.

⇒All the characters in this game have different roles, abilities, and attack style. The player should read the details of each character to use her in the right way. There are supporters, tank, DPS units. Supporters have healing and supporting skills – healing the allies, increasing their stats with abilities, etc. Tank – Tank or melee units have more HP and defense stats – they protect the backline allies. And, the DPS type characters have high attack strength and the skills to crush enemies in no time.

To check the detail of a character, go to the members screen -> tap the character’s portrait -> detail -> In the character location section, you can check her role; physical DPS, magical DPS, melee tank, supporter, etc. And, under the skill overview section, tap the skill button to read the skill details.

So when building the team, you should consider the spirits’ role, skills, and the stats.

Shikigami: Myth Mini-Inn

In the Mini-Inn, you can build or decorate the room for spirits. Build the bed first -> then deploy the characters there. Characters in the mini-inn give free reward to the player from time to time – mini-inn exp(to level up the mini-inn), resources(wood), etc. Also, you can play mini-games with them and earn more rewards.

Leveling Guide

To unlock new game modes in the challenges or new functions in the game, you need to reach a certain player/account level. In the lobby, at the top-left, you can check the current player level. And, to level up, the player needs to earn EXP. And, one of the best ways to earn EXP in Shikigami: Myth is by playing the story mode stages or completing the quests.

So this would be all in this Shikigami: Myth guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Shikigami: Myth tips, cheats & strategies!

Shikigami: Myth Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Build A Balanced Team

In the spirits guide above, we explained the characters’ roles; DPS, tank, and supporters. To win the boss fights or high-level stages, you should go with a balanced team. First, inspect all the characters’ details and figure out their roles; DPS, tank, and supporters. Also, check their skill details.

We would recommend adding (1) supporter), (2) DPS, (2) Tanks or (3) DPS), (1) Tank, (1) Supporter). The supporter should have a healing skill.

2.) Upgrade The Spirits

  • Level Up – play the story mode stages to earn EXP or EXP items to level up spirits
  • Rank-Up – Use the stones and Jade to rank-up the spirits. It will cost a huge amount of gold coins. It increases the spirits’ attributes
  • Star-Level Up – You need a certain number of copies of that character to increase star level
  • Ability – Level up the spirit to earn ability points. Spend ability points to raise the skill level. Star-up to unlock new abilities/skills
  • Emotion – Increase the relationship status by gifting items to the spirit(Increases attribute). Sublimation – Increase attributes by gifting the required items + earn sublimation points. Talent – spend sublimation points to unlock talents.

3.) Upgrade & Awaken The Equipment

Spirits use a variety of gears – weapons to attack enemies, armors to protect, accessories to improve the attributes, etc. You can increase the effect of these gears by upgrading/ranking-up the equipment. For example – if you want to increase the spirit’s attack stats, upgrade the weapon. Go to the members screen -> tap the character -> equipment -> select the equipment on the left side -> upgrade. Go to the awaken tab to awaken/star-up the equipment.

4.) Complete The Quests To Earn EXP, Crystals, Coins

In the lobby, at the top-left side, tap the quests option. There you can check the daily missions – complete all these missions to earn player EXP, crystals, and the coins. Also, complete the achievements for more rewards.

5.) Play All The Game Modes To Grind Items

In the challenge menu, you can check the complete list of game modes available. In each mode, you can grind valuable items and use them in the shop, to upgrade the characters, guardian spirit, etc.

  • Arena – Honor Gold Coins
  • Coin Challenge – Coins
  • Explore – Send heroes on exploration and get free rewards
  • Shard Challenge – Shikigami Shards
  • Experience Challenge – EXP
  • Endless Abyss – Treasure

6.) Sweep To Get Instant Rewards

In the story mode quests, try to get three stars at every stage so that you can use the sweep function. Stages complete with the three stars can be swept using the stamina and rewards can be claimed instantly.

7) Check The Shop & Traveling Merchant

On the left side of the lobby screen, there are two options; shop, traveling merchant. The traveling merchant appears daily and offers valuable items at cheap price. Make sure to check the deals and grab the best ones before he runs away. In the shop, you can spend gold coins honor gold coins, and awakening shard for rare and valuable items; shards, stones, etc.

So these are some basic Shikigami: Myth tips for the beginners. If you know more tips or cheats or tricks or strategies, comment below.

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