Sim Hospital Buildit Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Sim Hospital Buildit is a brand new mobile game by JoyMore where you manage and run a hospital. Read on for Sim Hospital Buildit cheats, tips, guide & tricks

Sim Hospital BuilditJoyMore, the mobile game studio, well-known for Idle Hospital Tycoon game, recently published a brand new mobile game called Sim Hospital Buildit. In the game, the player builds and maintains the hospital in many places. You will start from a small village and can grow it further to popular cities such as London, New York. You will get to build a lot of departments and facilities so that people can get all sorts of treatment in one place. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Sim Hospital Buildit guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Sim Hospital Buildit cheats, tips & tricks that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

Sim Hospital Buildit Cheats, Tips, Guide & Tricks: –

First things first – your goal is to maximize the current hospital profit so that you can earn more bucks. You will need a lot of bucks in moving out to the next city. For example – you begin the journey from a small village. To unlock or move to the small city, you will need around 2 Billion bucks. And, after that, you will need even more bucks to reach Coastal City, the Metropolis area, and more. In the upper-left corner, you can check hospital earnings/minute. And, right next to it, you will see the total sum of money that you can have in the pocket. Let’s learn everything and explore all the Sim Hospital Buildit cheats, tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide –

Learn To Make More Money

In Sim Hospital Buildit, the main source of earnings is the patient. Other than that, you can watch video ads to earn bucks. But, the main source of income would the patients that visit the hospital to get treatment. The more patients you get, the more you earn. And, if you charge more money from the patients, you will increase the earnings drastically. 

So the best way to increase the earnings in Sim Hospital Tycoon game is “upgrading the departments”. For example; Laboratory, Pulmonology Dept., Pharmacy, etc. Tap on any department and you will see the upgrades; the first upgrade increases the profits. 

Collect The Bucks From Mobile Hospital Trucks

On the road, you will often see the mobile hospital trucks. Tap on these mobile hospital trucks to get money. 

Don’t Make The Patients Angry

Patients don’t like to wait for too long in the queue. When they visit your hospital, the first thing they do is to visit the hospital departments to get the stuff or treatment. In each department, you can hire an employee to treat the patients. The employee takes time to cure the patients. If there are other patients in the queue in the same department, they might get angry if you keep them in the waiting queue for a long. If that’s the case, follow the steps to not to make patients angry: –

  • Hire more employees in the department
  • Upgrade the salary of employees so that they would work faster
  • Hire cashier
  • Upgrade cashier

Make The Epic Upgrades Using Diamonds

Diamond the most valuable item in Sim Hospital Buildit game. You can use it to make epic upgrades. Epic upgrades are permanent upgrades, which provide massive bonuses to the player all the time – unlike other upgrades, which reset when you move to the next city. 

Complete Missions To Earn Diamonds

In the upper-right side, tap the (i) button to check the missions. Completing missions give you diamonds or green bucks. Use diamonds in making epic upgrades. Tap the diamond button on the bottom-right side to launch the epic upgrade center. 

Move To Next City In Sim Hospital Buildit

Tap the ($) button on the top-right -> this will open the map where you can check all the available cities where you can start a hospital. Move to the next city as soon as possible – it will give you an income boost. For example; in the small city, you will earn x50 more as compared to the first place; small village. 

Redeem The Codes In Sim Hospital Buildit

In the bottom-left corner, tap the gear icon -> tap redeem code -> enter the code to redeem the rewards. You can get these redeem codes from the game’s community pages; FB, Reddit, Discord, etc. Or contact the devs for redeem codes.

Learn About The Currency

Don’t get confused by the currency numbers: –

  • Quadrillions – q
  • Quintillions – Q
  • Decillions – d
  • Duidecillions – D

There is a difference between q and Q. q means quadrillion, while Q is much greater than q; Quintillions. 

Get Free Bucks In Sim Hospital Buildit

You can watch the video ads to get free stuff in the game. In the bottom-right side, tap x2 video offer for more earnings. On the right side, you often get free bucks offers. 

So this would be all in this post on Sim Hospital Buildit guide, tips & tricks for beginners. If you have more tips or redeem codes to share, comment below. 

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