Prison Empire Tycoon: Can You Transfer Money From One Prison to Another?

Started playing Prison Empire Tycoon and wondering how to transfer money from one prison to another? Is it possible to transfer money? Let’s find out

Prison Empire Tycoon Transfer MoneyPrison Empire Tycoon Transfer Money: –

No! It is not possible to transfer the money from prison to another prison. Once you have reformed a certain number of prisoners in the current prison, you will unlock the new prisons located in a different location. And, at this stage, you might want to share the hard-earned money from existing prison to the one where you are going to start things again – but, the game would not let you do this as there is no way to transfer the money between prisons. 

Once you have unlocked a new prison, everything starts from scratch. 

What About Old Prison?

Since you can not transfer money from one prison to another, the old prisons become worthless once you have unlocked the new ones. You can visit those prisons back if you want.

After unlocking the new prison, focus on its improvement; add cells, build facilities, hire employees, and don’t let the riots happen. Also, the new prison unlocks new special prisoners – open the chests and get the cards. 

When Will New Prison Release?

If you have completed all the upgrades in all available prisons, then you need to wait for the update. Follow Codigames on Twitter and game’s community pages on social media; FB, FB Group, etc. to keep an eye on the updates. 

So that’s all in this article on Prison Empire Tycoon transfer money info for beginners. 

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