Star Trace Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Star Trace is a brand new RPG for mobile devices by FT Games. Check out our Star Trace guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

The creators of Zombie Frontier game series recently released a brand new RPG named Star Trace. Unlike other RPGs, this one gives you a vast exploration experience as there are lots of things to discover, to perform and an endless epic adventure in which you fight against warriors, soldiers, hunters, and many more enemies. The battle system is automatic, but strategically selecting the best heroes, units, gears, formation are some manual actions that a player has to perform. Since there are lots of things to do, discover, it could be difficult for the newbies to figure out what to do. Today, In this post, we have covered everything you need to know as a rookie; Star Trace guide and Star Trace tips, cheats & strategy to increase your power.

Basics – Star Trace Game

Star TraceBefore we dive into our main guide, tips, cheats & strategy part, let’s learn the basics first. In Star Trace game, your main objective is to increase the power of your hero and other companions or barrack units. In short, you have to build a strong party of heroes, units. You get your first hero when you start the game; at that time, the game offers you to choose one hero out of four. Choose anyone. After it, you follow the tutorial and summon two more heroes for your party. And keep in mind that it’s a part of the tutorial. The summoning feature unlocks at level 19. We have also shared some tips in the tips part below to level up fast.

The game features a number of game modes; adventure, map, arena, trial tower, raging monster(map), altar tournament, dungeon exploring, treasure plundering, and events. It’s a wide range of game modes. At the beginning of the game, you have access to map and adventure mode. In the adventure mode, you start from monster den chapter and explore the caves, mines. And each chapter features lots of regions to explore. You can play each stage three times a day. From this mode, you can earn gears, hero fragments, upgrading material, gold, summoning scrolls, and more items.

On the main screen of the game, at the bottom-right corner, tap the city option to teleport to the city. From there, you can access other game modes and feature such as arena, dungeon, treasure plundering, refresh store, and more. All you need to do is interact with the characters. Or the shortcut is; at the top-menu -> tap the activities icon -> on the next screen, on the left side, you will see the list of game modes. Tap the go button to go there.

Your Objectives In Star Trace Game

In Star Trace game, as you progress in the trial tower challenge, arena, dungeon, adventure mode, the difficulty level will increase. And on a certain point, you will be stuck. So we would recommend you to build a strong party of heroes. Basically, you can choose up to three heroes in the party and with this team, you will fight against the enemies. So focus on the best three heroes in the beginning. We would recommend you to build SR or SSR rank units. Since you can not access the summoning feature until you reach level 19, focus on the default heroes. We will go deep into the heroes, barracks, upgrading in the guide part below.


In addition to the above-mentioned game modes, there is one more feature named civilization. By killing the monsters, completing the quests, getting victories in the adventure mode, you get stones. Sacrifice these stones in the Civilization to earn sacrifice points, civilization coins, knowledge points, gold, and much more. You can spend knowledge points in the magic academy to activate the bonuses such as an increase in Max HP, attack power, defense, resistance, and more.

So this is the basis Star Trace guide for the beginners. Let’s check out our main Star Trace guide and after it, read our top Star Trace tips, cheats & a strategy guide to master the game.

Star Trace guide

  • Party Guide

On the main screen, on the right side, tap the side menu and choose party formation. You can create multiple teams with a different heroes combination. But at the beginning of the game, you have only one slot. And in the party/team, you have to place the heroes wisely; in a perfect position. How? In the battle, heroes placed in the front position take more damage. So assign a defensive hero(having best defense stats) in the front. You can check the stats of a hero in the heroes collection menu. Place the attackers in the middle position. And at last, place the support type heroes(having ability power) in the back position.

Or the simple shortcut is; at the top-left corner of a hero’s icon, you will see its type; F, M, and B. F – Front. M – Middle. B – Back.

  • Heroes Guide

Star Trace game features a variety of heroes. And all the heroes have different stats & skills. Your job is to identify the best heroes and add them to your formation. How to identify the best hero? There are a number of ways; compare their stats, skill power. Or check the hero’s rarity; R(Rare), SR(Super Rare), and SSR(Super Super Rare/Special Super Rare). Tap the side menu -> heroes -> select that hero -> at the top, on the right side of its name, you will see the rarity; R, SR, SSR. We would recommend you to focus on the SR or SSR units (R units in the beginning only).

How To Get Heroes?

Star TraceThere are two ways to obtain heroes in Star Trace game; collect the hero fragments or use the summon feature. You will be able to synthesize a hero when you have enough hero fragments. For example; Brokensword is a front-end hero in Star Trace game and to unlock it, you need 30 Brokensword fragments. After obtaining enough, you will see a hero(i) icon on the main screen, bottom-left corner. Tapping it will open a new window with the synthesize option. Tapping the synthesize button will unlock the hero. You can obtain hero fragments from the adventure mode, by completing quests, and through summoning.

Summoning Guide

Summoning is the main method to unlock a hero. It unlocks at the player level 19. On the main screen, at the top-right corner, tap the summon option and head to the summoning menu. There are three ways; regular summon, special summon, and featured summon. Regular summon grants low-rank heroes or other items. And it’s free. Special Summon grants medium-rank heroes. You can summon for free, but once a day. And another option is featured summon and from there you can obtain a high-rank character. But it’s premium.

  • Barracks Guide

Barrack is needed to recruit the troops, upgrade the troops, evolve the troops, and grade-up the troops. These troops help you in the battle and accompanied by the heroes. And there are a number of troops in Star Trace game; Infantry, Pikeman, Musketeer, Minister, Templar, Archer, Cavalry, and Mage. Upgrading the barracks will unlock new troops units and increase the recruiting limit.

On the main screen -> on the right side, tap the side menu -> choose barracks -> upgrade barracks or recruit the troop units. Go to the heroes menu -> select a hero -> go to the troops tab, there you can change the troops; i.e. Templar to Cavalry. For example; infantry troops are defensive troop unit. So if you use them with the defensive hero in the front-end position, you will get the benefit.

  • Hero Skills, Evolve, Advance, And Train

How to unlock new skills?

Evolve a hero to unlock more skills. Go to the heroes menu -> select a hero -> evolve -> confirm. Requirements; evolving material. Tapping the item will give you more details; where to obtain/farm. To upgrade the skill, you need skill points. You get skill points after every certain amount of time. In the skill tab, at the bottom, you can check the remaining time.


Evolving helps you in grading up. For example; you have an uncommon hero. By evolving, you can increase its grade; from uncommon to rare.


This feature allows you to star-up the hero. For example; you have a 2-star hero. Advancing will raise its star level as well as its stats. How to advance? You need to collect the duplicate hero fragments. For example; there is a hero named Blackbeard. To raise its star level, you need 50 Blackbeard fragments. Go to the heroes menu -> select a hero -> go to evolve tab -> there you will see the number of fragments required to star-up.


Training feature unlocks at the player level 50. Using this feature, you can train the heroes and increase their stats. Like advancing, in this feature too, you need identical hero fragments.

Level Up

You can level up a hero manually or by playing the game. By playing the game – Include it in your party and battle against enemies. When you get the victory, heroes gain EXP. And after gaining a certain number of XP, the hero’s level will go up. Manually – Go to the heroes menu -> select a hero -> data -> tap the + icon next to level -> consume the potion. You can obtain potion by killing the enemies, completing the quest, as a reward.

  • Raging Monster Mode Guide

Ragin Monster is a unique game mode in Star Trace game. In this mode, a monster priest sends a huge amount of elite monsters on the map. These monsters remain on the map for about 20 minutes. Killing these monsters rewards you a number of items such as treasure map, equipment, runes(used in upgrading the formation), summoning scrolls, and coupons. At the bottom-left corner, you will see a dragon icon in due time(every hour). After it, explore the map and search for elite monsters(usually, they are big in size, with purple glow). Defeat them and earn treasure.

  • Arena Mode Guide

Arena mode is another one of the best game modes featured in Star Trace game. In this mode, you fight against other players’ team and earn a number of rewards including the arena coins. You can exchange arena coins for other items such as hero advancing stone, hero evolve stone, fragments, and more. Go to the city -> interact with the lion or tap the activity option(top menu) -> choose arena -> Go. After it, you will see a number of challenges on your screen. If your power is more than the enemy team, then go for the challenge. On the same screen(Arena), at the bottom-left corner, tap the attack or defense icon to change the party formation for arena mode.

So this is the Star Trace guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out our top Star Trace tips, cheats & a strategy guide to master the game.

Star Trace tips, cheats & a strategy guide

1.) Level Up Fast, Here’s How

As you know, most of the features or game modes are locked when you start the Star Trace game. And if you want to unlock them asap, then you need to level up fast. To level up, you need EXP. You obtain EXP by killing the monsters in adventure mode or randomly when exploring. But there is one more way to level up fast. And that is; complete the campaign quests. Campaign quest rewards you thousands of EXP as a reward and helps you in reaching the high level. On the main screen, on the bottom-right side, tap the quest option -> go to the campaign tab -> there you will see the list of tasks and rewards. Focus on these quests to level up fast.

2.) Get Better Gears For Heroes By Killing The Elite Monsters

Every hour, the monster priest sends a huge number of monsters on the map. By defeating the elite monsters, you can obtain C-Rank gears. Usually, you get D-Rank gears from the early missions. So this is the best way to get some high-quality gears. Pay attention to this mode and don’t miss the opportunity. Read the raging monster mode guide above to know more about this mode.

3.) Power-Up Heroes Gradually

As mentioned above, as you progress in Star Trace game, the difficulty in all the game modes will increase and it would be hard to progress. So make sure to power-up the heroes. How to power-up?

  1. Level Up
  2. Upgrade the skills
  3. Evolve
  4. Upgrade the troops
  5. Equip better equipment
  6. Upgrade the equipment
  7. Refine the equipment
  8. Advance/Grade-Up the heroes
  9. Train the heroes

4.) Explore The Map, Open Chests, Kill Monsters

You can play other game modes such as the arena, adventure mode, and more a certain number of times. After it, make sure to explore the map. On the map, you will often find the enemies; hunters, monsters, soldiers, and more. Defeat them in the battle to earn EXP, hero EXP, gold, and many more items. Additionally, you will often find the chests, bags on the map. Make sure to collect the treasure; you could get a rare item from these chests.

5.) Join A Guild For Free Rewards

In Star Trace game, joining a guild helps you in various ways; you can participate in the tournaments, get free rewards by spinning the wheel(turntable) and participate in the events. So make sure to join an active guild. How to join? Tap the side menu -> guild -> choose a guild -> apply.

6.) Check Out The Refresh Store

You can obtain some precious items such as troop upgrading material, evolving material, skins, and more from the refresh store in exchange for gold coins. Go to the city -> refresh store -> grocery store. These deals last long for a limited time. So don’t miss the golden opportunity of grabbing the precious item.

7.) Farm The Resources By Completing The Objectives

There are a number of items we need to upgrade heroes, troops, in the civilization, and many more tasks. One of the best ways to farm these resources is by completing the activities. Tap the activity option at the top menu -> choose a game mode -> go. Complete the objectives and earn precious items: –

  1. Arena – Arena Coins, Runes, Evolve Stone
  2. Trial Tower  – Upgrading stone, sulfur, refining stone
  3. Raging Monster – Civilization coins, FTG potion, Chests
  4. Dungeon – Troop upgrading material, troop medal, dungeon coins
  5. Treasure Plundering – Treasure map, coupon, advancing stone, sulfur

So these are some basic Star Trace tips, cheats & a guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best Offline RPG for Android

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