Starry Garden cheats: guide, tips, and tricks

New to the Starry Garden game? Master all of its core concepts with these Starry Garden cheats available with a guide, tips, and tricks

Starry Garden cheats tips guideStarry Garden cheats, tips, and guide: – 

This article covers “how to play Starry Garden”, about the garden, managers, pets(animals), constellation, planets, crafting, and other things such as leveling upgrades, in-game currencies, and much more. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the Starry Garden cheats, tips, and tricks: – 

Getting Started With The Basics

In Starry Garden, your goal is to build and max out all the garden facilities, discover all constellations, planets, pets, and make the garden more beautiful. 

Guide To Garden And Managers

There are plenty of types of gardens in the Starry Garden that you can build. These gardens produce stars over time. Each garden is managed by a manager – that too produces the hearts. Stars and Hearts are the two common in-game currencies that you will need to make upgrades and advance further into the game. 

At the bottom of the screen, tap the animal shelter type icon to open the garden menu. There you will see the list of gardens that you can build on the land; starting with camping garden, then pond garden, and all the way to Mushroom Garden. And, as mentioned above, these gardens are managed by the managers. For example – Mushroom Garden is managed by Mushroom Gatherer. Campaign Garden is managed by the chef. 

Level Up The Garden And Managers

As you advance further in the Starry Graden game, the upgrade cost would be too high. It’s important to make upgrades to gardens and managers so that they can yield more stars and hearts every few seconds. On the garden menu, you can level up the garden as well as the manager. Also, do note that all gardens and managers have a different yield production rate. Every next garden/manager in the list yields more stars/hearts than the previous one. 

So, we would advise you to not to stick with a particular garden/manager upgrade. You should try to unlock the next garden/manager as soon as possible because of the high yield production of hearts and stars. In other words, the garden/managers that unlock at high-level yield more resources and you should try to unlock the next one in the list as soon as possible. 

Guide To Pets In Starry Garden

Pets or animals in Starry Graden provide bonus effects, they can be sent on planet expedition, and they also give hearts. At the bottom of the screen, tap the pet claw icon. This will open up the list of pets that you have summoned so far. Tap on the pet to check its bonus effects. 

Getting Pets In Starry Garden

Pets can be acquired from the chests. Tap the shop icon in the upper-right hand corner. Scroll down to the treasure chest section in the shop menu and you will find the superior chest and normal treasure chest. Open them up and get the pets. Duplicate pets or their shards will be used to level them up. Leveling pets will give you more bonuses. 

Send Animals/Pets To Planet Journey

Tap the star icon at the bottom -> go to the planets tab. Select a planet to see the list of rewards and journey info. If you have the animal pets required to start the journey, tap the start button. They will bring rewards once the journey ends.

Unlock New Planets In Starry Garden

Planets can be unlocked by researching constellation. Tap the star icon at the bottom of the screen. Under the constellation tab, select the constellation -> level up and spend the stars to research. At certain constellation levels, new planets are unlocked. For example – Mars unlock when you reach Aries level 10. You can check the unlock requirements on the planet tab. 

Gear Up Managers In Starry Garden

By gearing up managers with a tool, accessory, and clothes, you can get additional bonuses. These items; tools, accessories, and clothes can be obtained from the chests in the shop or you can craft in the crafting vending machine. To equip, open the garden menu -> tap the manager icon -> equip. 

Start Crafting To Get Crafting Material Items

Managers also do another job; crafting. Each manager excels at crafting specific types of items. For example – chefs can cook food items. Open up the garden menu -> tap the manager icon -> at the top-left corner of its info page, there would be a hammer icon. Tap it. On the next screen, you can receive all the materials that the manager has crafted so far. You can either sell it(tap the item -> sell) or use it in the crafting vending machine to craft decoration and other useful items such as chests, pets, heart boxes, tools, clothes, etc. 

Guide To Crafting Machine

With the help of a crafting machine in Starry Garden, you can craft a bunch of useful items. For example – a bag of star coins, clothes/accessories/tools for the managers to equip, pets, treasure chests, and more. On the play screen, you will find the crafting vending machine near the home. Tap it -> select the item that you want to craft -> start crafting. Crafting materials can be acquired from the shop or crafted/produced by the manager. Tap the item and you will get the method of acquiring it. 

Get Freebies In Starry Garden

Above the pets’ head, tap the heart icon to collect the hearts. If there is a camera icon, tap it and click the photo to get hearts. Also, look around the play screen and you will find a lot of objects with a gift icon at the top -> tap the gift icon and get free rewards by watching the video ad. And, on the bottom-left side, there are lots of free offers to avail by watching video ads. 

Additionally, do the missions and achievements to get free stars and diamonds. You can use the diamonds in the store for crafting items, treasure chests, heart time stone, star time stone, etc. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Starry Garden cheats, tips, and guide for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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