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B100X Auto Dungeon RPG is a popular mobile game, published by ohNussy. Read on for the B100X guide and tips for beginners!

B100X Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this post, you will learn how to play the B100X game, about the game modes, floors, items, weapons, character, and other aspects such as tips on progression, getting stronger, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content featuring the B100X guide and tips for beginners: –

Guide To Game Modes In B100X⇓

There are three game modes in B100X that you can play; offline mode where you will miss the online functions of the game like ranking, match-up, etc. Then you have an online mode where you can access online functions like rankings, match-up, etc. And, at last. the Season mode also features the online functions + seasonal content, which is not available in the online and offline mode. 

Before you pick a game mode, you can activate the “hardcore mode” which is a very difficult mode as compared to the normal mode as if you get eliminated in the hardcore mode, you will be forced to switch to the normal mode. 

Guide To B100X Basics⇓


In the B100X game, you will be playing as Holly, the main character who was ordered to maintain the seal in Monster’s Den “Eternal Cave” and progress through the “Adventure Mode”. In the adventure mode, you enter the “Eternal Cave”, which features a ton of dungeon stages or floors, each next with more daunting difficulty. 

To start, tap on the adventure button on the screen -> tap on Eternal Cave -> set the target floor that you think you can complete without getting eliminated by the enemy -> tap on the start adventure button. If you fail to clear the target floor, you will lose a heart.

If you lose during an adventure with 0 hearts, you will lose all the equipped items. These lost items can be repurchased on the Shingu Generation screen. Lost items placed in God’s article creation will remain there until you lose the equipment again. 

So make sure to set it wisely. If you clear the set target, Holly will come out of the cave alive and not lose any heart. 

As you get stronger, you can increase the target floor and challenge powerful enemies. 

Guide To B100X Battle Basics⇓B100X

The battles in B100X are automatic; on the battle screen, you will see Holly fighting the enemies. As you defeat the enemies, they drop items like consumables or the equipment/gears. Below the fighting section, you can check the character’s HP and Energy. 

If Holly loses all HP, you will lose a heart. Energy is consumed if you have equipped any active skills. Each job in B100X has a set number of skills; active skills, passive skills, etc. Active skills, for example, Fire Ball, consume energy, while other skills do not consume energy. 

Guide To Floors In B100X⇓

You will start from Eternal Cave, which features 100 floors, and as you continue to clear more, new worlds will unlock where you will find unique and powerful monsters. 

  • Eternal Cave: Beginning
  • Tower of Moon: Clear 30 Floors
  • Underground Volcano: Clear 40 Floors


  • Basin Cave
  • Spirit Tree Hollow
  • Old Battlefields
  • Large Labyrinth
  • Temple of the Sun
  • Far North Peaks
  • Eternal Depths: Clear 10K Floors

Guide To Equipment In B100X⇓


Equipment items in B100X are classified in 1-5 stars. Where 1-3 star equipment items are considered lower-tier vs 4-5 star equipment items. Navigate to the items menu of the game and there you will find X5 slots where you can equip these gear items; 

W, S, B, and X. Tap on the info option in the top-right side of the item menu -> then tap on the item to check its details on the right side. You will see its star grade level, name, effects, etc. 

Each item is different and provides unique stats or Holly. So make sure to check the item info first before you equip it to Holly. For instance, HP, ATK DMG, Accuracy, Shield, and more. 

You can check the complete list of equipment, their stats or abilities, effect, unique abilities in the B100X Wiki(Link for the B100X Wiki Guide is given at the bottom part of this article; scroll down). 

Guide To Consumable Items In B100X⇓

Consumable Items are used in the mixing process. For instance, Forged Steel is a consumable item that you can mix with un-mixed equipment to obtain the same 2-Mixed item (The same as mixing with the same equipment).

The denatured scroll is another consumable item that you can use as the material item in Mix to create the same rarity item of the base item.”

Check out the B100X Wiki to get the complete list of all consumable items and their effects. (Link for the Wiki guide is given below). 

Guide To Jobs AKA Classes In B100X⇓B100X

There are many jobs or classes in the game; each one has a set of unique skills; active skills and passive skills, and bonuses. To get these skills or bonuses, you will need to build these classes by spending the job points. 

You get X1 Job Point when Holly levels up; participate in the adventure mode to earn XP. In the top-left corner of the main screen, you can check the level progress. You can reset the job points by using the Oblivion Orb. 

On the main screen, tap on the job option in the lower-left corner -> tap on a job to check its skills and bonuses -> tap on the skill or bonus for more details. Level up the job by spending job points and unlock these bonuses or skills. 

Best Job To Pick In The Beginning⇓

The best job or class in B100X for a beginner would be the mage class as it gives you high DMG. Other classes or jobs are also good, choose whatever you like. Make sure to check its skills and bonuses. 

Guide To Mixing Things⇓B100X

Go to the item menu -> tap on the mix option -> mix option allows you to merge two items to get a higher level or grade item. Select the base item(first item, by double-tap) -> then select the material item(second item, by double tab). The second item will be consumed as a material to give power to the first item. 

For example; the base item is “Leather Glove Level 5” and the material item is “Leather Boots level 5” -> if you mix them up, you will get Leather Glove level 10 and lose Leather Boots level 5. 

You can increase the stats of items by mixing them up; just be careful when selecting the base item(first item) and the material item(second item) as the base item will get the stat increase, but the material item will be consumed. 

Salvaging, Junk & Create God’s Articles⇓

Useless items in B100X can be salvaged. Go to items -> salvage -> select the items to salvage and confirm. You will get JUNK by doing this. Go to the store/shop -> create god’s articles -> there you can craft items by spending the junk. 

B100X Wiki Guide⇓

A full list of all the items, their effects, and floor details are available in the wiki guide: –

Wiki Guide Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o6uNFEawCd1nMNiP1PDbj6CVytwXbyio7P_lBMcxfKw/

Source: Reddit. 

So this would be all in this post on B100X Guide and Tips for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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