Dungeon Escape Guide, Tips, Cheats To Defeat Powerful Enemies

Dungeon EscapeDungeon Escape is a new Action-RPG for Android by Genera Games in which you play as a legendary hero and escape the dungeon by defeating monsters and bosses. Check out our Dungeon Escape guide and Dungeon Escape tips, cheats to play like a pro!

Dungeon Escape is the latest ARPG for Android, by Genera Games, the creators of Cover Fire game. In this game, you craft runes, loot treasure, defeat the monsters, find the keys, and escape the dungeon. In short, your main objective at each level is to escape the dungeon; you find keys, defeat monsters, and at last, you fight against the boss. It is one of the best offline RPG games for Android. In this post, we have covered everything about the Dungeon Escape game; Dungeon Escape guide and Dungeon Escape tips, cheats.

1.) Dungeon Escape – Get Started – The Basic

As usual, it starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play dungeon escape, about treasures, keys, and much more. After the tutorial, you can manually play the game as you want.

The Basic -> You play as a legendary hero and your objective is to escape the dungeon. The labyrinth is full of puzzles; you have to find the right path, find the keys, enter the new area, defeat monster, loot the dungeon and at last defeat the boss to accomplish the main objective; escape the dungeon!

Initial levels are very easy to complete, but, later, it becomes more challenging and you have to increase the power of your hero to defeat the boss. Let’s start the Dungeon Escape guide and learn some amazing tips, cheats to master the game!

2.) Dungeon Escape Guide, Tips, Cheats

Dungeon EscapeLet’s start with the basic battle guide and then read about everything about the game.

You just tap on the screen and swipe up/down/right/left to control your legendary hero. Collect the coins, loot the dungeon and find the keys.

Fight with enemies; You just tap on the attack button, at the bottom-right corner to attack the enemy. You can also use skills to deal more damage or run fast. You can not use heroes’ skill unlimited number of times since your mana is limited. You can check the mana points at the top-left corner. If you lose all mana points, you can not use skills. However, mana potion can recover the mana potions. At the beginning of the game, you have limited quantity of mana potions, so use it wisely.

Dungeon Escape Tips, Cheats;

Since your mana is limited and you can not use the skill unlimited number of times, you have to use skills at the right time and right situation. For instance; if you use skill to slay down a normal monster, then it would be a waste. On the other hand, if you save your mana for the boss fight, then it would be great. Because you can not defeat powerful bosses without using skills.

A.) Heroes Guide – Dungeon Escape

Each hero has special abilities. Currently, it features five legendary heroes. At the beginning of the game, except warrior, every hero is locked. How to unlock new heroes in dungeon escape game?

You need shards to unlock a hero. Shards can be obtained using summoning feature. You can summon free by watching a video ad or using gold. Go to the last tab -> choose a summon type; free or gold -> and confirm. Using this feature, you can obtain gold, shards, tokens, runes, and much more.

Dungeon Escape Tips, Cheats;

Use summon feature to obtain shards, premium high-level runes, gold, diamonds, and much more. Watch the video ad to summon free.

B.) Crafting Guide, Runes Guide – Dungeon Escape

Dungeon EscapeCrafting is one of the important tasks in dungeon escape game. You can craft runes and equip it to your hero. Equipping a hero increases its stats; mana points, HP, skill power, and much more. You need rune material to craft a rune, you obtain this material from the stages, as a reward, using summon feature.

On the main screen -> tap on the crafting icon -> choose a rune and then tap on craft button.

Once the rune is crafted, go to heroes section -> tap on the hero -> tap on an empty slot(+button) and then choose the crafted rune and hit on equip option.

Dungeon Escape tips, cheats;

One of the best ways to increase the power of your hero is equipping them runes. Craft rune using fragments. You can obtain the fragment from the stages, as a reward or using summon feature.

C.) Leveling Up – Dungeon Escape Tips, Cheats

In Dungeon Escape game, to increase the power of your hero, level-up its skills;

Go to the hero tab -> choose a hero -> tap on the level-up button next to a skill and confirm. Level-up hero to increase the overall performance; you can instantly level-up using EXP potions. EXP potions can be obtained from the stages, as a reward or using summon feature.

You can not level-up skills beyond your hero’s level.

Quick tips to increase the power of hero in Dungeon Escape game;

  • Level-up skills
  • Equip runes
  • Level up hero
  • Using Awakening(You need tokens or shards of the hero). Awakening increases the power of a hero to a next level

D.) Time Cheat – Dungeon Escape

As you know, you can summon for free by watching a video ad. After you use it one time, you need to wait for hours to use it again. To use it instantly, go to your mobile settings -> change the time and set it for two hours ahead. Open the game and claim your free summon reward by watching a video ad.

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E.) Destroy the pots and boxes – Explore every corner

As mentioned above, the labyrinth is full of puzzles and treasure. So, explore every corner, destroy the boxes and pots, these boxes and pots contain hidden treasure; potions, gold, runes, and much more. The potion is one of the useful items in Dungeon escape game; used to heal, to increase mana points.

F.) To grab more loot, play levels again and again

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So these are some useful Dungeon Escape tips and cheats for the beginners. I would say, it’s one of the best offline games for Android. Download – Here[Google Play Store]. Also, see – Best adventure games for Android

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