Steel Rage: Robot Cars Cheats – Guide, Tips & Tricks

Steel Rage: Robot Cars is a brand new online multiplayer PvP shooting game for Android and iOS by GDCompany where players fight each other with robot carsSteel Rage: Robot Cars

GDCompany, the publisher of Pacific Warships: Epic Battle, has just expanded its app portfolio with a brand new mobile game called Steel Rage: Robot Cars PvP Shooter Warfare. In this online multiplayer game, you fight other players in real-time with robot cars. The game matches players randomly based on the league ranks. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Steel Rage: Robot Cars guide covers all the basic concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Steel Rage: Robot Cars tips, cheats & strategies to progress fast. So without further ado, let’s dive in.Steel Rage: Robot Cars

Steel Rage: Robot Cars Guide & Tips: –

To get the victory or win the matches in Steel Rage: Robot Cars, you need to destroy all the enemies on the battlefield. The team that finishes the entire opponent’s team first gets the victory. At the end of the match, the game evaluates the performance of each player separately and the rewards are given based on the performance result. For example – the number of kills, capture points, and damage dealt. As a reward, you get XP, gold coins, and rating points. Gold Coins are used in buying more cars, to get more slots in the garage, and for the vehicle upgrades. XP is required to raise the level.

When you level up in Steel Rage: Robot Cars, the game gives you free gems and gold coins. And, at last, the rating points, which determine your rankings in the league. Players in high-league get more rewards. So try to climb up in the league table to get more rewards. The premium in-game currency is the gem that you need to buy premium vehicles, weapons, parts, etc. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the tips & tricks: –

Get Familiar With Vehicles

There are three types of vehicles in Steel Rage: Robot Cars – Hunter, Assaulter, and Tank. At the start of the game, you Mongoose car, which is of Hunter type. Hunter Type inflicts more damage to the enemy cars – thanks to their DPS. Assaulter type vehicles are balanced when it comes to DPS and DEF. And, at last, the tank-type vehicles – these cars are slow but with high DEF/Durability – thanks to their HP stats.

Tier – The star-rating of vehicles determine the tier level. High tier cards/vehicles have good stats as compared to low-tier cars. For example – the starter Mongoose is a tier 1 car.

Rarity – The rarity of the cars is as follows; poor(example – Mongoose), common, uncommon, rare, special, and epic. High rarity cars have more potential than low-rarity cars.Steel Rage: Robot Cars

Claim The Free League Bonus

On the right side of the screen, tap the offers option to open the offer page – there you can claim a reward once a day. The reward amount depends on the current league – by getting rating points through victories you can climb up in the leagues. This reward includes; credit(gold coins), gems, and keys. The keys are required to open the chests; on the bottom-left side on the main interface, tap the chests button -> there you can open chests that contain weapons, car’s parts like wheels, flank. As you spend the keys to open the normal chests, the mega chest bar’s gauge will increase and when it reaches the max point, you will get the mega chest. The mega chest features thousands of gems, epic cars, and weapons.

Play As A Team To Get Victory

It’s important because a solo player can not take down the whole team. After the battle starts, follow your teammates and attack the enemy together – rather than going solo in the enemy’s hub. If there are too many enemies around you, escape asap.

Use The Environment Objects To Avoid Hits

There are so many objects around that you can use as a shield. Don’t fire the enemy in a vast open area because chances are he/she will counterattack. Always fire from a good location that has objects around so that you can use to shield yourself when low on HP. Also, keep an eye on the enemy’s HP – if the enemy’s HP is more than yours, then don’t fight solo. The red bar displays the HP. Keep rotating and moving to make it hard for the enemies to hit you.

Earn More Rewards By Killing, Capturing Points, Dealing Damage

The game gives you rewards based on performance in the battle. If you want to earn more, kill more enemy cars, capture the points(A, B, C, D, E). You go to these points and stay there while the bar fills out and turns blue. Also, inflicting more damage gives you more points and you get more rewards. You can double the reward by watching the video Ad.

Get A Better Car In Steel Rage: Robot Cars

The first car that you get in the beginning would not help you in the late game. So we would recommend saving gems, coins and buy a good tier car – get hunter type cars because they are good at inflicting DMG. The more DMG means that you can get more points.

Upgrade Car, Abilities, And Weapons

On your screen, select the car that you want to upgrade( use the << >> keys to switch between cars). Tap the upgrade button -> on the next screen, you can level up the car using credits. In the top-left, tap the weapons -> this will open the weapon inventory and shop where you can shop better weapons. Tap on the equipped weapon -> upgrade. Tap on the weapons in the shop -> buy -> check the details.

In the bottom-left corner on the car profile menu, tap the suspension -> this will open the suspensions inventory and shop. Tap on the equipped one to upgrade. Tap on the item in the shop -> buy -> get details.

And, tap the ability slot -> there you can spend credits on abilities like speed boost, shield, and invisibility.

So this would be all in this post on Steel Rage: Robot Cars guide, tips & tricks for beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below!

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