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Be The King is a brand new castle management game for Android by CHUANG COOL ENTERTAINMENT. Check out our Be The King guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Hello Prince! Are you ready to dominate the ancient world by conquering rival districts, states, and countries? Be The King game is a brand new game that lets you give an opportunity to experience a life of a King. Its gameplay is similar to the Game Of Sultans. Today, in this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a beginner; Be The King game guide and Be The King game tips, cheats & strategy to become the King.

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Guide To The Basics – How To Play Be The King Game – Get Started

Before we head to the cheats, tips part, let’s learn the basics first. In Be The King game, you play as a Prince. And as a Prince, it’s your responsibility to take care of all the activities such as affairs, troops, production, ranking, and much more. In Be The King game, your main objective is to increase the power of the King/Prince. And there are a number of ways to increase the power(read the tips part below). Additionally, apart from castle activities, you have to manage Prince’s private life also; wife, kids, and marriage. Here’s the main screen guide: –Be The King

The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn the basics; Retainers, Assets, campaign mode, and more. After the tutorial, you have to manage all the things manually. If you are still figuring out from where to start, then we would recommend you to follow the quests. You can check the main quests on the main screen, at the bottom-left side, just above the Retainer or Chat option. At the beginning of the game, most of the features are locked such as Banquet, Academy, Tribunal, Alliance, and more. You have to increase the level of Prince(read the guide below) to unlock these modes. So that’s the basics of Be The King game. Now, let’s start the Be The King guide. Also, see – Top new android games of 2018

Be The King Guide⇓

In this part, we will learn how to get troops, about campaign mode, confidants, offsprings/child, marriage, retainers, and more. Make sure to pay attention to all the things to master the game.

Mansion Guide⇓

It’s the main screen of the game where you can access these features; Assets, Affairs, Marriage, Offsprings, Confidants, and many more features. Let’s learn about all!

Assets Guide⇓

At this facility, you can collect three types of resources; money, food, and the troops. Money is required to upgrade the retainers, their attributes or aptitudes, and used in many more jobs. And food item is used to obtain the troops. And troops are needed to defeat rivals in the campaign mode. The more troops you have, the more fights you can win. The game produces two assets; money, food automatically. Spend food to get troops. Visit this facility often to collect the resources. By leveling up, you can increase the number of resources.

  • Affairs Guide⇓

In Be The King game, in affairs facility, you deal with political affairs. Head to this facility and at the bottom, you have to select one of the available choices. Based on the choice you selected, you’ll get the reward; troops, food, money or merit.

Prince – How To Level Up⇓

The player can increase or raise the grade or rank of the prince by leveling up. First of all, understand the level mechanics. You need merit points to level up the prince. Merit points can be earned by defeating the enemies in campaign mode or from affairs. On the main screen, at the top-left corner, tap the Prince icon. This will take you to the player info page where you can see the Prince’s Power, Player ID, Rank(i.e. S. 7th). There would be an elevate button too; tap it to go to the rank-up screen. On the rank up screen, at the bottom, tap the elevate button to confirm. And just above the Elevate button, you can check the Merit Requirement. Also, see – Top best offline games for Android

Confidants Or Wife In Be The King Game⇓

As mentioned above, you have to manage the Prince’s private life also. Confidants are the wives of Prince. You get or marry a beautiful lady in the tutorial. Now, let’s learn how Confidants are helpful in the game;

Confidants or Wives give birth to child/Offsprings when their intimacy level reaches a certain point. These offspring impact the power of the prince. Additionally, Confidants’ skill also increases the attributes of retainers.

How To Get A Baby Child or Offspring in Be The King Game?

You need to increase the charm or intimacy points of confidant to get a baby/child. Here’s how to do; go to confidant menu/screen -> there you can check all the wives you have. To increase its level; you can use a random summon feature. In the confidant facility, at the bottom-right corner, tap the button; random summon. You get three summons free after every certain amount of time. Once consumed, you can use token to fill the vigor. This is the free-way. Now, let’s learn more;

Tap the confidant in confidant screen. There you can check the intimacy points, offspring, EXP, and charm points. On the right side, there are three options: –

  1. Cherish
  2. Presents
  3. Skill

Cherish – Cherish is the premium summon type. To use it, you need gold. Using this feature, you can increase the intimacy level of the wife.

Presents – Complete the quests, events, achievements to get present items. Give present to the wife to increase its charm level.

Skill – You can spend confidant’s EXP to upgrade the skill. What’s the benefit? It increases the attributes of retainers.

So that’s all for Be The King Confidants part. Now, let’s head to the offsprings part.

Offsprings Guide⇓

You get a child by increasing the intimacy or charm points of a confidant. These offsprings also contribute to the castle’s progress; by providing buffs; increase in the power, production of resources, affairs, and more. Go to the offsprings facility -> there you can check the children you have. Tap the train button to increase the level of offspring. Reach the maximum level of an offspring to unlock marriage feature. To train, you need energy. By default, the game provides two energy points for free. Once consumed, you can spend elixir of energy to recover energy points or wait a certain amount of time.

Marriage Guide⇓

Once an offspring reaches its maximum level, he/she becomes eligible for marriage. Go to the marriage facility -> check the proposals -> confirm. Once married, head to the married tab. The couple will provide more buffs to the castle or Prince.

Retainers Guide⇓

Retainers are the main characters in Be The King Game. Their level, aptitude, and attributes impact the total power of Prince. In short, if you want to increase the Power of Prince, then upgrade the Retainers. Here’s the detailed guide; go to Retainers screen -> tap any retainer: –Be The King

Upgrade: – Hit the upgrade button to increase the attributes; STR(Strength), INT(Intelligent), Pol(Politics), CHAR(Charisma). Upgrading these attributes also increases the amount of resources production. If you want more troops from the asset side, upgrade the Charism attribute of retainers.

Aptitude: – STR, POL, INT, CHAR. You can upgrade the aptitude of retainers using the scroll. How to get the scroll in Be The King Game? Most of the time, you get a pack of scrolls. Open it to get the scroll. On the main screen -> at the bottom menu -> head to the items tab -> search for pack of scrolls -> use. Once used, the game will add the scroll in the inventory(same screen, items). Tap the scroll to know more info. There are four types of scroll; red(to upgrade STR aptitude), blue(upgrade; intelligent), yellow(POL), purple(Char). Complete the quests, achievements to get the scrolls. To use it, go to the retainer’s info screen -> under the aptitude tab, select an aptitude and upgrade. Pay attention to the success rate.

Skill: – Under this tab, you can upgrade the retainer’s skills. Cost; Skill EXP. How to earn Skill EXP in Be The King game? Send the retainers in the institute to earn skill EXP.

Map Guide⇓

On the main screen, at the top-right corner, tap the map option to access campaign mode and other facilities: –

  1. Campaign Mode; Defeat enemies and boss to earn Merit and Fame
  2. Prison: Punish the captured boss. Cost; Fame Points
  3. Institute: – Send retainers and let them study. Once completed, the retainer will receive EXP, Skill EXP.
  4. Palace: – Claim the gold from this facility. Go to the palace – at the bottom-right corner, tap the claim button.
  5. Visiting: – Interact with ladies or more people.
  6. Alliance – Join the group of players and complete the missions for more rewards
  7. Ranking – Admire to get the gold reward; there are three tabs; so head to all
  8. Tribunal – Dispatch the retainers
  9. Dungeon – Event. Participate in it to earn credits. You can redeem credits and get the cap, garment-like items for the prince. Or attribute material
  10. Academy – Study, Rank Up
  11. Banquet – Host the party/festival or attend

How To Get Confidants In Be The King Game?

Well, it’s not a short process. It will take a lot of time. Go to the map -> visiting -> visit. Depending on the luck, you may interact with a lady. Interacting increases the intimacy points and after interacting with the same lady multiple times, she could marry you. Also, see – Top time-management games for Android

So this is a short Be The King game guide for the beginners. Now, let’s take a look at our Be The King tips, cheats & strategy guide!

Be The King tips, cheats⇓

#1.) Walk Through The Quest Way

If you want to progress fast in the game, then we would strongly recommend you to focus on completing the quests. As you know, we need millions of troops to fight against enemies. As you progress, you will need more. One of the best ways to obtain troops for free and in huge numbers is; complete the daily quest, main quest, and achievement. However, you can also obtain troops from the assets facility; but the numbers are relatively low.

#2.) Boost The Production To Make The Progress More Easy

As you know, we can obtain troops and money from the assets facility. But the production output is very low. So we would recommend you to boost the production of these resources; here’s how:  upgrade the attributes and aptitudes of retainers, train the offsprings, upgrade the confidant skills, and level up Prince.

#3.) Participate In The Events For More Rewards

On the main screen, on the top-right, there would be an option; bonus event; tap it to check it out. Additionally, participate in the dungeon mode to earn credits. You can participate in these events in a certain time period. Once the duration ends, you can not participate.

#4.) Check Out The Inventory Items

At the bottom menu on the main screen, head to the items tab. Pay attention to all the items. If you don’t know about an item, just tap it and at the bottom, read its information. Items such as powder, book exp, scrolls(scroll of enhancement) are used in upgrading retainer’s aptitudes. Token items are used to gain more turns/resources/money/troops.

#5.) Visit The Palace Daily

If you need gold, then head to the palace. There you can claim gold for free.

#6.) Head To The Shop If You Need Something

From the shop, you can purchase items in exchange for gold. These items include(after purchasing, go to the items tab to use);

  • Bank Notes – For the money
  • Tokens Of Troops – To Get Troops
  • Pack Of Scrolls – To Get Scrolls
  • Token Of Battle – Get one more chance in the dungeon mode
  • Beads/Elixir of Attribute – Increases the attribute of retainers
  • Tokens Of Affairs – Use it in the affairs after consuming all the free chances

#7.) Rank Up To Get Rare Items

Rare items such as the token of traitors, treasure bag, cap, and more can be acquired from the season reward. On the main screen, at the top, tap the ranking race to check out your rank. Based on the rank, you will get the rewards after the event. How to rank up? Answer; play the game, increase the Prince’s power.

So these are our top Be The King tips, cheats and a complete Be The King beginner’s guide. Also, see – Best strategy games for Android

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  1. Can anyone give me an idea about the sailing event coz i can’t really keep up with each cities needs and demands if the the cargo refreshes every hour and it take me 3 hours to sail into neighboring city, thanks for any replies

    • Cargo refreshes every 4.5 hours. If you upgrade your ship to reduce it’s sailing time you can then sail to another city, buy what you went there for, and return to your home city before the refresh.

    • it’s in the visiting page. Starting from VIP3, you can get 1 time free fate renewal. You can replenish visiting points for free.

  2. i really would like to change my character in the game i started but i do not know how.
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  3. hi, this is quite an informative article about Be The King, it helped me a lot. But there is one thing i am not able to understand. How to increase scroll success rate? Does it happen randomly or we can actually influence it however we want, if we can really influence it then how to increase it? Please help me out!

    • You cant increase scroll success rate. The succes rate is dependent on the number of stars it has. For example, if it has 1 star, the success rate is 100. 100% divided by the number of stars will be the success rate of upgrade. Also, the number of stars will determine the increase in aptitude. 4 stars will equal to 4 increase in aptitude, 1 star will equal to 1 increase and so on