StoneAge World Game Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

StoneAge World is a new MMORPG game by Netmarble for Android & iOS. Read on for StoneAge World game guide, tips, cheats & strategies

StoneAge World Game Guide TipsNetmarble, well-known for 7DS game, recently released a top-notch MMORPG called StoneAge World on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. In the game, you will be playing as a trainer who builds the team of top-tier pets and fights the enemies for the resources that can be used in self-developing. There is a huge list of pets available in the StoneAge World game. It lets you tame or capture them with the also / trainer’s rope and vitality points. Unlike other MMORPGs, StoneAge World features a turn-based strategy combat system. If you are new to it, then this StoneAge World game guide will teach you the core concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of StoneAge World tips, cheats & strategies that you love to read and implement for faster progression. So, let’s not waste any time and check out this walkthrough guide!

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StoneAge World Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

First things first, as a trainer, your job is to build the team of best top-tier pets. You must not waste the resources in building low-tier pets because they would become useless as you proceed through the main quests and reach high-level combat areas where you encounter powerful enemy squads. Pets in StoneAge World game come in different-different grades – 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star. Higher the start, the higher the stats and power of the pet. So, focus on building the high-grade stat pets rather than spending resources in building useless pets that are of low-tier. Let’s explore all the Stone Age World game tips & tricks in detail featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Learn How To Catch A Pet In Stone Age World

StoneAge World Game Guide TipsCatching is one of the best ways to acquire the pets in StoneAge World game. First, you need to do is find the pet that you want to catch and tap on it; two options will pop-out – capture pet or fast capture. In the capture pet method, you can attack the pet and then use a fence + unleash capture skill and finish the taming process. You should not attack too much, otherwise, the pet would run away. The best way is to attack one or two times and then use a fence to increase capture rate and then use the capture skill. This method requires “vitality” points. 

In the fast capture method, you will be using the trainer’s rope item to catch the pets. This process does not take time. 

You can find the pets on the map -> tap the “location map” label on the top-right corner, below the main menu button -> from there, you can select a location and visit there. Or, tap the “get pet” button on the left side of the screen -> move. 

Get Familiar With Pets In This Pet Guide

Pets are classified into five grades; 1-star to 5-star. There are five types of pets in StoneAge World game; Heal-Type, AoE, Suppress Type, Defense Type, and Attack Type. Heal-Type Pets can heal the allies during the battle – restore health. AoE type pets can inflict damage over a large area and on multiple/all enemies. Suppress-type pets have CC/control skills like freezing the enemy, confusing the enemy, stun, etc. Defense-type pets possess have high durability and survivability – they can block enemy attacks. And, attack-type pets specialize in inflicting damage to the enemies. In the pet menu of the game, select a pet -> info -> below the icon(near upgrade/level button), you can check the pet’s type. 

Also, pets belong to one of these four main elements; earth, water, fire, and wind. 

Build The Best Line-Up Of Pets In StoneAge World Game

Stone Age World game allows you to put five pets in the line-up. First, make sure to acquire the high-grade pets asap – 3-5 stars. Second, build the balanced line-up – check the pet’s type and skills. Pets in the StoneAge World game have unqiue skills – so make sure to get familiar with each one of them if you want to use them wisely. For example – healing-type pets can help you restore the health of allies during the battle. Suppress-type pets can help you with the CC skills such as immobilizing, removing buffs, etc. Here’s our balanced line-up builds – 

  • 2-DEF type pets, 2-ATK type pets, and 1 Healer or Suppress-type pet – Balanced, Decent DEF, ATK, and Healing/CC
  • 1-DEF type pet, 3 ATK-type pets, and 1 1 Healer or Suppress-type pet – More DPS
  • 1-DEF type pet, 2-ATK type pets, 1 Healer, and 1 Suppress-type pet – Balanced

Totems In StoneAge World Game

Players can summon the totems for free for a certain number of times – for more summons, you can use the shells. The max limit is 50 times a day. The totems can help you increase the pet stats. 

Battle Strategies And Tips 

First, you must build the best line up based on the pets you have. Read the line-up guide above. While building the line-up, you should consider the “element affinity”. Pets belong to these elements; Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. Earth-element pets inflict bonus damage to water-element pets. Water-element pets inflict bonus damage on fire-element pets. Fire-element pets inflict bonus damage to wind-element pets. And, wind-element pets inflict bonus damage on earth-element pets. 

Example – if the enemy pet’s element is fire, then your water-element pet will inflict bonus damage – vice versa. Earth (green)> Water. (Blue)Water > Fire. (Red)Fire > Wind. (Yellow)Wind > Earth. 

Battle Guide – in the battle, you use the pet’s skills to eliminate the enemy squad. Skills require energy to cast. Energy replenishes as the battle proceeds. 

Progression Guide For Newbies

Following is the StoneAge World game progression guide: –

  • Main Quests & Sub Quests – initially, do these quests and level up quickly
  • Life – tap the “life” button on the left side of the screen -> there you will find solo/individual, party, social, and time-limited quests that grant stone, EXP, Vitality, and many other rewards. You can also earn treasure maps by reaching a certain player point level – you get player points by doing these daily quests
  • Focus on getting the cards
  • Build the character; equip high-tier gears, upgrade the gears, ride the mount, etc. 

Farming Guide For New Players

Following is the currency/item farming guide – StoneAge World: –

  • EXP & Stones – main quests, sub-quests, solo quests, party quests, Manmo Delivery/limited, Find Egg/Limited, Trial of Wind/Limited
  • Insignia – Hide and Seek/Limited – Life game mode
  • Treasure Map – solo/ancient map mode
  • Charm – social game modes; dance and married couple quest
  • Eggs – you can get eggs from party quests, auto-quests, social quests, etc. 
  • Shells – solo/individual/life modes, Dark Soul/limited, Trial of Wind 
  • Vitality – Manmo Delivery, Daily Bonus/60-player points
  • Flower – Stonepedia
  • Dance Book – Stonepedia
  • Pearl – Coliseum mode
  • Soulstones – Egg transportation/solo, Margu’s labyrinth
  • Mount Skill Tools – Stadium/Solo
  • Pet Coins – dismiss the pets to get the pet coins

Start The Autohunt To Farm Resources

StoneAge World game features an AFK mode that can grant you massive EXP, Stones, Meat, SoulStone, Pet Eggs that you can hatch, and many other items. On the left side of the screen, tap the “auto” button, and start auto-hunt. 

Getting Stronger In Stone Age World Game

  • Earn EXP by doing the quests and level up trainer
  • Upgrade/Enhance/Master the trainer’s equipment
  • Level up the pets
  • Upgrade the pets
  • Spend skill points in the pet’s research
  • Equip amulet

Learn How To Get Married In StoneAge World

You can propose an in-game friend to get married in the StoneAge World game. To do that, tap the social button in the top-right corner -> add friend -> tap the menu button next to the friend name in the friend list -> gift flowers and increase affection and reach a certain affection point. Then select the crush from the social -> couple option. After that, do the marriage quest, propose, and get married.

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So this would be all in this post on StoneAge World game guide and tips for beginners. If you have more tips, tricks, cheats, coupon codes, share them in the comments. 

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