Animals vs Zombies Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

Animals vs ZombiesAnimals vs Zombies is a brand new zombie shooting game for mobile by Red Machine. Check out this Animals vs Zombies tips, cheats & strategy guide

Red Machine, the publisher of Farm and Click – Idle Farming Empire game, has just released a cute game on mobile app stores. It is called Animals vs Zombies. In the game, you control a cute animal character who has the skill to use a variety of guns. You will be deployed in an apocalypse area – full of zombies. All you have to do is shoot ’em down asap and then, crush their boss. As you clear the waves, defeat their boss, new regions will get unlocked. It’s a quite challenging game and defeating the horde of zombies & their boss would not be easy. In this post, we have shared a bunch of Animals vs Zombies tips, cheats & strategies guides that might help you in clearing the waves. So let’s get started.

Animals vs Zombies Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guides: –

1.) Learn The Basics

In this part, you will get to know about the weapons/guns, characters, in-game currencies, and much more. Starting with the characters – Animals vs Zombies game features lots of characters, you unlock these characters by raising the player level. At the upper-left corner of the game home screen, the player can check the current level and progress. For example – Sal(Lizard) who uses Flamethrower gets unlocked at level 6.

And, to level up Animals vs Zombies game, you need to grind Experience Points. These Experience Points can be obtained from the battles. Enter the battle(tap the play button at the bottom-center) -> crush the waves of zombies, survive for a long time, defeat the boss – to earn tons of EXP. You can double the reward; EXP, Coins, etc. by watching the video ad.

Weapons For Characters

Animals vs ZombiesEach character in Animals vs Zombies uses a different weapon – for instance, Alice, the cat, uses SMG to shoot down the zombies. How do you get these weapons? You can obtain the weapons from the airdrop(blueprints), raid(survivors return from raid every hour and bring rewards), and the shop. In the shop, you can spend the purple gems for big cases. These cases contain high-quality premium gears.

In-Game Currencies: –

  • EXP – Earn by playing the game – crush the enemies, defeat boss, survive
  • Coins – Earn by playing the game – collect coins from the map, airdrop, by defeating the horde of zombies. Use it in upgrades
  • Gems – Earn by completing the achievements, leveling up or from the shop
  • Blueprints – Cases, Raid, Airdrop
  • Consumables – Shop or by Watch the video ads

2.) Learn The Combat Mechanics

Your objective is to crush the enemy bosses and progress to the next region. And, as stated above, it would not be easy because the battle gets tougher as you clear the waves of zombies. At the top-center of the screen, you can check the wave number – if the boss is summoned, you can check his HP at the top-center. Strike down the waves of zombies – fill the boss bar at the top-center -> summon the boss -> defeat him -> progress to next region. Let’s take a look at below tips to learn how to defeat any boss.

3.) Start Strong, Build Squad

Before you hit the play button, make sure to select the best survivor or character. Use the <> keys on the left/right side of the screen to choose a survivor. Tap the weapon to check his/her type – physic, antiarmor, fire, etc. Read the details of each weapon to learn how they perform in the battle.

For example – Alice’s SMG is good at dealing damage – vs crowd, physical damage.

The shotgun is good a close range.

Some enemies have armor on their vest and hard to beat – YuLung Panda’s Machine Gun is good at dealing with armored foes.

So choose the first survivor wisely. The next thing is building the squad. Rescue the survivors on the map and build/expand your squad. The more survivors in the squad, the higher will be the chances of getting a victory. As soon as you start the battle, focus on rescuing the survivors first and then start crushing zombies. It will be more easy if you strike the horde with a squad – as compared to the situation in which you are the lone survivor.

4.) Learn To Play With Zombies

In the battle, make sure to keep the distance from zombies. They will move towards your squad as soon as you get in touch with them. You have to keep a distance and fight from a range – they are good in close combat. Also, keep yourself away from the target zone. Some zombies attack from a range – and, when they attack, you will see a red color zone on the map. Make sure to leave that area as soon as possible if you don’t want to get hit.

5.) Get Yourself In Grind Only Mode

In Animals vs Zombies game, you need to get stronger to defeat the boss who appears in high-level stages. And, to get stronger, you need blueprints, coins like in-game items. So if you are having trouble winning the boss matches, it would be better to grind these items and make your character stronger.

  • Collect The Coins From The Map

Instead of fighting the zombies or when you are there to grind only, explore the map and you will find a bunch of gold coins on the ground. Pass your squad over these to pick the gold coins from the ground.

  • Collect The AirDrop

Now and then, an airdrop appears on the map. From the airdrop, you might get free gold coins or the blueprints.

6.) Upgrade The Weapons In Animals vs Zombies

Increasing the level of the weapons enhances its power and the animal will be able to deal more damage to the zombies. To upgrade a weapon, go to the home screen -> tap the weapon icon/slot -> below the upgrade button, you can check the requirements to upgrade it. Usually, there are two requirements – coins and duplicate blueprint. Grind the blueprints & coins by playing the game – collect coins, airdrops.

7.) Do The Squad Upgrades

At the top-left side of the game screen, tap the Paw button(⇑) to open the squad upgrades menu. There you can spend the gold coins for squad upgrades. For example – toughness increases the survivor’s HP, double damage upgrade increases the chances to do double damage, etc. We would recommend you to save coins and focus on the main upgrades; toughness, double damage, sense of gold, etc.

8.) Claim The Raid Reward In Animals vs Zombies

Animals vs ZombiesOn the top-right side, tap the map/wanted map -> claim the reward once the survivors are returned from the raid. You might get free gold coins or blueprints.

9.) Use The Consumables

If you are stuck at a boss stage or wave, you should try using the consumables. There are two types of consumables – adrenaline, defibrillator. The adrenaline booster increases the animals’ attack and movement speed. The defibrillator booster revives the dead team member with Full hp. Go to the shop -> there you can get these consumables for free by watching the video ad or by spending the gems.

10.) Complete The Achievements

On the top-right side, tap the achievement badge to check the missions. Complete these missions to earn gems. Use gems to buy cases – get high-quality gears and make the squad stronger.

11.) Double The Reward

After the battle ends or the whole squad gets finished, the game will display the loot earned from the battle session – double this loot reward by watching a video ad.

So these are some basic Animals vs Zombies tips, cheats & strategy guides for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, please comment below.

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