Sumikkogurashi Farm Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Sumikkogurashi Farm is a new mobile game by Imagineer Co. Ltd. Read on for Sumikkogurashi Farm guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Sumikkogurashi Farm

Sumikkogurashi Farm Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy⇓

Imagineer Co., Ltd., well-known for the Rilakkuma Farm game, recently published a top-notch similar genre game called Sumikkogurashi Farm on mobile app stores. In this post, you will learn about “how to play Sumikkogurashi Farm game”, about characters, tips & tricks for progression, and other aspects such as farming in-game currencies, game mechanics, and more. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the Sumikkogurashi Farm guide and tips for beginners: – 

Get Started With The Basic Aspects

(1), Unlike many modern mobile farming games, Sumikkogurashi Farm game does not feature a stamina feature  – so you are free to progress at a pace that you like. No hurry! There are plenty of things that you can do like focusing on the quests, completing the orders, growing crops, feeding animals, making products, and more. 

(2) As you continue to level up and reach new heights, the game unlocks new content and increases access to more things; like new fields, recipes, facilities such as cottage, sweet shop, landmarks, and more. You will learn more about the recipes in the below guide. 

(3) Progression: – level up, expand to new areas, unlock new characters, and decorate the farm with beautiful items such as landmarks, a variety of followers, well-structured roads, and more. 

(4) Currencies: Sumikkogurashi Farm game features two currencies that you, as a player, will need to perform certain actions. These two currencies are gold coins and jewels. Gold – the common currency that one can earn by finishing the current quests or orders. Jewels – jewel, on the other hand, is a premium currency – one can earn jewels by completing the Tapjoy offers(tap the + button next to jewel numbers on the top-right side of the screen -> get jewels for free). Also, when you advance to the next level, the game itself gives you free jewels. 

“You should not use jewels recklessly – save them for outfits or recipes if you want to complete the collection”. 

Recipes Guide For Beginners

(1) There is a variety of recipes in this game; Tree recipes, pillar recipes, landmark recipes, path recipes, park facilities recipes, shrub recipes, and potted plant recipes. You will need these recipes to craft the decorations. 

(2) You can get new recipes through the chests obtained from the quests or chests available in a regular shop. Apart from this, keep checking the “daily” tab in the shop – you can grab free recipes by watching the video ads or spending gold coins. The deals in the daily tab refresh every day. So make sure to check it daily. 

(3) Once you have unlocked a particular recipe, you should be able to craft it. Navigate to the decoration menu by tapping the decorations in the lower-right corner -> craft -> select the unlocked recipe -> it would cost a certain amount of gold coins. R-tier recipes cost less as compared to SR and UR-tier recipes. 

Warehouse In Sumikkogurashi Farm Game

(1) In the top-left corner, tap the “items” option to navigate to the warehouse. This is the screen where you will see all the items in the inventory – you can sell the items by tapping -> sell for coins. Do not sell the items if any current quest requires it. 

(2) At the start, the warehouse’s capacity is limited to x100 items. To expand the warehouse, tap the “expand” button in the item menu(tap items at the top-left corner of the screen -> expand). You will need a hammer to expand the warehouse in the Sumikkogurashi Farm game. 

(3) How to get a hammer? Sometimes, the hammer is available in daily deals in the shop menu where you can get it by watching the video ad or spending a few coins. Or, go to the regular tab in the shop, from there you can get it with the jewels. 

Expand To Progress 

Need more space? Look around for the board signs -> you can buy new land areas. In early levels, you will only need coins. But, as you proceed further, you will need a shovel. How to get a shovel? Go to the shop -> daily; check here if the shovel is available, if not, go to the regular tab in the shop and there you can spend jewels on a shovel. 

Add Friends To Exchange Gifts

Tap the social button in the lower-left corner -> find friends -> add and follow friends. You can send them gifts and they can send gifts to you. You can also visit each other farms. To find a friend, you will need an ID. Each player has a unique ID code, which is displayed in the profile menu. Tap the character avatar in the top-left corner to check user ID. Visit the friend’s farm and tap the present option in the top-left to confirm the exchange. 

Sumikkogurashi Farm Progression Guide

(1) Quests: follow the quests, get treasure chests, and quest points. Collect quest coins to open the rare treasure chest. 

(2) To level up, you will need to grind EXP. Gain EXP and level up fast by completing the orders, quests, harvesting crops, collecting items from the facilities such as bakery, cow barn, sweet shop, etc. 

(3) Do check the “daily deals” tab in the shop – you may get great recipes deal there. 

(4) Expand the warehouse to store more items at a time. 

(5) Buy new lands and expand to large areas + unlock new characters.

So this would be all in this post on Sumikkogurashi Farm guide and tips for beginners. As of now, there are no cheats or cheat codes for this game. 

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