Sweet Candy Farm Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide

Sweet Candy Farm is a brand new farming game for Android and iOS by foranj. Check out our Sweet Candy Farm guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master it

Foranj, well-known for Farm Paradise and Cartoon City game series has just released a brand new farming game for Android and iOS(coming soon). Unlike other farming games, In Sweet Candy Farm, you harvest sweet crops such as chocolates, gum, candies, and much more. The game also features a wide range of cute animals such as lion, deer, sheep, dragon, and more. And today, In this post, we have shared some basic Sweet Candy Farming tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Let’s check out!

The Basics – Get Started – Sweet Candy Farm

Before we dive into the tips, cheats & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In Sweet Candy Farm game, your main objective is to grow your farm by expanding it over the lands. At the beginning of the game, the game provides you a free land where you can cultivate a wide range of crops. But as you progress or level up, you will need to expand it as new garden beds, factories, and more buildings takes space. And like other farming games, In this game too, you will have to keep patience as factories take a long time in producing the items. The game’s mechanics will force you to spend rubies to complete the production instantly, it’s trap. Don’t do this.

If you want to play it for free, then keep patience. Put the crops on the garden bed, items in the factories, and leave the game. Come back after a while and spend a few minutes into it to complete the orders. This is the only way to progress for free. Another main problem you will face is the storage. You have limited storage and to store more candies in it, you will need to upgrade it. And to upgrade it, you need tools such as the shovel, scissors, and more. Additionally, to expand the land, the player has to cut the trees and in this process too, you need tools.

So this is the basic Sweet Candy Farm guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out some basic Sweet Candy Farm cheats, tips & a strategy guide.

Sweet Candy Farm Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide

1.) Complete The Wish Of Characters To Get Coins And XP

Sweet Candy FarmCharacters; magician, princess often express their wish. Completing their wish rewards you gold coins and XP. So whenever you see a character expressing the wish, tap it and give that item to it. You can also choose to refuse if you have not that item. But don’t give them the priority. For example; they are wishing for an item that you want to use in another task, then say no to the character.

2.) Focus On Completing The Orders

You can access the request board by tapping the elephant. The elephant has the ability to fly and helps you in selling the candies in the city. Make sure to pay attention to these orders and try to complete them ASAP for coins and XP. You earn a huge amount of coins and XP by completing the orders. And sometimes, you get tools as a reward.

3.) Speed-Up If You Have An Ad Offer

Sweet Candy FarmSometimes, you get an ad offer. The game offers you to complete the production by watching a video ad. If you have an active internet connection, then you could get it. If there is, then watch the video ad and speed-up the production.

4.) Visit Friend’s Farm For A Gift

In Sweet Candy Farm game, you can access to the friend feature by linking the game to your Facebook account. You can also earn up to 10 rubies by adding 10 friends. And it also allows you to visit the friend’s farm and there you will find a free gift. Visit daily and grab free rewards.

5.) Don’t Waste Rubies

As mentioned above, Sweet Candy Farm game’s mechanics will force you to speed up the production by using rubies. Don’t do it. Save rubies and buy the slots in the factories to put multiple items at a time. On the other hand, spending this premium item to speed up the production would be a waste.

6.) Watch The Video Ad To Get Free Rubies

Sweet Candy FarmSometimes, when you tap the Silo or market or castle(Achievements) option, at the bottom of the screen, you get the offer; watch the video ad to get free rubies. Pay attention to this offer and don’t miss the chance of getting free rubies. You can also earn rubies by completing the achievements and on leveling up.

7.) Save Your Progress By Keeping It

If you have connected the game to your Facebook account and you are thinking, your progress is saving in the cloud, then you are wrong. We played this game for about one day and did reset it by clearing the data and cache. And after it, we linked the game again with the connected Facebook account, but it did not load the old progress. So it does not save your progress. So don’t uninstall it if you don’t want to lose the progress.

So these are our top basic Sweet Candy Farm tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. If you have any other tip, then please submit here. Also, see – Best farming games for Android 2018

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