Tales of Crestoria Cress: Cress Character Guide

Cress is an SSR grade character in Tales of Crestoria. Read on for Tales of Crestoria Cress character guide for the beginners

Tales of Crestoria Cress: –Tales of Crestoria Cress

  • Full Name & Form: – Cress(A Moment’s Peace)
  • Element – Cress belongs to Earth element
  • Type – Cress uses a sword type weapon to unleash the powerful skills
  • Ascension Count – 5
  • Grade – SSR
  • Role – Primary Role of Cress is “Attacker”

Cress Stats: –

  • HP: 30, 000
  • Attack: 2, 900
  • Defense: 2, 500

Cress Skill Information: –

  • Swordsman’s Stance – Cress, with this skill, increases the attack power of allies by +10%. When enemy breaks, the HP of sword-type allies get restored by 15%

Cress’s Mystic Arte: –

  • OL: 180
  • Effect; Attack on one enemy

Arte I

  • Demon Fang – CD; 2. Attack on one enemy

Arte II: –

  • Phoenix Dance – 30% chances to unleash Burn effect on a single enemy for x3 turns. CD – 5.

Cress’s normal attack basic damage on a single target. 

Tales of Crestoria Cress Overview: –

Cress is one of the top-tier characters that perform amazingly well in PvP and PvE game modes. Her skill restores the HP of sword-type allies when the enemy breaks + improves the attack of all allies – that’s a great skill. In our opinion, Cress is a great attacker; after Leon, Stahn, Cress would be our third-best choice if we would have to pick the top attackers. If you are just starting, you can pick this character from the selection summon pool

Check out this Tales of Crestoria tier list where we have revealed the tier score of Cress in the game modes such as PvE, PvP, and the Raid mode. 

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