Dragon Ball Legends Special Skill Guide: How To Use?

Don’t know how to use the special skill or special move in Dragon Ball Legends(DB Legends)? We are here to guide you about it. Check out Dragon Ball Legends Special skill guide and Special Move info 2021

In our previous post, we discussed how to use rising rush and main ability in DB Legends. Now, today, In this post, we will learn how to use special skill and special move. Let’s start the Dragon Ball Legends Special skill & move guide without wasting time.

Get Started – Challenge

In the story mode, “special skill” and “special move” is the most common task/challenge you get at each chapter. And completing this task is very simple; all you need to do is use a “green card” and “special card”. The green card is used to cast the special skill. And to deal more damage to an enemy, you can use the special move.

Dragon Ball Legends Special Skill⇓

Dragon Ball Legends Special Skill Guide

Dragon Ball Legends Special Move⇓

Dragon Ball Legends Special Skill Guide

But, there is a catch. The number of cards you get while battling against enemies is limited. Before you start the battle, take a look at the number of cards you will get; it depends on the character you choose for the battle. Dragon Ball Legends Special Skill Guide

As you can see in the above picture, by default(We have not yet selected characters); we get three strike cards, three blast cards, one special move card, and one green/special skill card.

Here’s the catch: –  Look at the above picture; my team’s power is 97,000 and the opponent’s team power is 47,185. It means I can easily win the battle(even with one character). But to clear the challenge; I have to use one special skill or green card.

And it is not necessary that I will get the special skill card at the beginning of the battle. It may come at the end. For this, I have to waste my cards; because the number of strike cards and blast cards is more than the number of special skill cards.

In short, to get the special skill card/green card in the battle, you have to waste strike & blast cards. To waste these cards, use it when you see (i) icon(this warning icon states that the opponent is going to attack).

You can check the detail of all the art cards by visiting the character’s info section.

So, this is the short Dragon Ball Legends special skill guide and special move guide. Also, see ->

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