The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

The Mighty Quest For Epic LootThe Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is a brand new adventure RPG for mobile by Ubisoft. Let’s dive into our Mighty Quest For Epic Loot guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Ubisoft’s latest adventure RPG The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is now available globally to all the Android and iOS mobile users. In this game, the players build its own mighty hero and slay down the monsters in dungeons for the epic loot. The goal is to become the mighty hero by increasing the might/power. You will be slaying the monsters for the loot like gears, upgrade material, skill-upgrade material, etc. The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot game features a variety of modes – starting with the adventure mode where you complete the acts, their stages – the trials mode where the per day entry is limited for specific items such as promote stones, gold, mighty orbs, rare keys, etc. And, the PvP Arena where you will fight against other players. Let’s read our The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Guide and The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot tips, cheats & strategies!

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The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Guide – The Basics

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot features simple one-thumb gameplay where you control the hero with a single hand and tap the screen to attack the monsters. Along with the normal DPS attacks, you can use the powerful skills to crush the monsters in the dungeons. You will start the game by playing the adventure mode – In this mode, the game challenges you to complete the act with a number of stages with increasing difficulty.

From these stages, you earn EXP, gears, upgrading material, runes, orbs, and much more. After selecting the stage, you can check the possible loot as well as the recommended might(power). Along with the loot, you can collect up to three crowns at each stage – finish the stage, kill all the monsters, finish the stage in the given time. You get a special reward by getting these crowns – get 10/20/30 crowns. There is a total of (10) acts. When you reach the player level 10, you can play these acts in hard mode and earn better loot.

Heroes Guide

As stated before, your objective is to build the best hero and increase his might/power to strike down the monsters in every act stage. Your hero equips helmet, chests, gauntlets, greaves, sword, and the shield. These gears determine the hero stats; CRIT DMG, DPS, HP, PvP DMG Bonus, etc. Go to the heroes tab and there you can change the gears, check the power/might, stats, skills, and talents.

⇒How to increase the power of heroes in Mighty Quest Game?

  • Equip better gears(high-quality gears provide better stats to the hero)
  • Improve the gear through upgrades, promotion, and runes
  • Upgrade the skills
  • Upgrade the talents

Gears Guide

⇒How do you get the gears?

You can obtain the gears from the adventure mode and the chests. From the adventure mode’s acts, you can grind low-tier gears while the chests in the shop drop better quality gears. You can know about the quality of gear by checking the stars – at the bottom of a gear icon, you can check the number of stars. The more number of stars, the better is the quality.

Go to the shop -> there you can collect three type of chests – rare chests, epic chest, and the free chest. The drop rate for various kinds of items is different.

  • From the rare chests, you can get 2-3 stars quality gears. Drop rate – 87.9% for 2*, 12.1% for 3*
  • From the epic chests, you can get 3-5 stars gears. Drop rate – 2* for 5-star, 33* for 4*, and 65% for 3-star

To open the rare chest, you need a rare key – To open the epic chests, you need a mighty key. You can get these keys by completing the event missions, achievements, and daily missions.

The free chest offers keys, orbs, and gold. The orb is an item that you can use to level up the gears. These orbs grant massive gear EXP to the target gear – as compared to the gears.

⇒How are gears different?

As mentioned before, a hero can equip a sword, helmet, chest, gauntlet, chest, pant, and shield. Each gear impacts the hero stats – For example – Helmet, chests, gauntlet, pants impacts the hero HP stats by a massive amount. When changing the gears, make sure to compare the stats – DPS, CRIT DMG, HP, etc. Usually, the game indicates if there is better gear available. It would be with green color upgrade sign.

If you want to increase the DPS, HP, CRIT DMG, or any other stat – you will have to pay attention to the gear stats.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Forging Guide

Upgrade – 

The very first way to increase a gear’s stats is by upgrading it. In the upgrade process, you can use the mighty orbs or useless gears. For example – If you have 3* gear, then there is no point for upgrading 2-star gears. In this case, you will use the 2-star or low tier gears to upgrade the 3* gear. Tap on the upgrade button -> choose the gear -> tap the + button to sacrifice low-tier gears or mighty orbs -> grant EXP -> fuse.

Promote –

After upgrading the gear to its max level, the player can further improve it through the promotion. In the promotion process, you need a separate item – called promote stones. You can acquire these promote stones from the trials mode.

Runes – 

Runes can be obtained from the trials and adventure castles mode. You can socket these runes to the gears and make the gear more powerful. Runes can increase the gear stats; HP, DPS, etc. Go to the forge menu -> runes -> tap the gear to socket rune -> equip. To remove the rune, you will have to spend gold coins. Tap on the gear in forge>rune menu -> then select the rune -> remove.

Combine – 

Combine feature lets you get a high-tier gear in Mighty Quest Mobile. For example – If you have 2 weapons(max out, same type, same star-level) – suppose, 3-star gears(QT.2) – merging these two 3-stars weapons will drop a random 4* gear.

To use this combine feature in The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot game, you need –

  • Two maxed out gears(Max level)
  • The rank of the gears should be the same (Star-level)
  • Same type(Type – fire, water, etc.)

How to get upgrading material?

  • Play the adventure mode stages over and over again – Repeat the past stages – for orbs, runes, gears(you can use these low-tier gears to upgrade a better rank gear), EXP
  • Free chest
  • Daily Missions
  • Achievements
  • Event missions
  • Trials mode
  • Play arena mode to earn arena chest keys – use these keys to open arena chest
  • Obtain scroll pages by playing adventure mode
  • Level up to get skill books
  • Level up to get talent books

Promote Stones

  • Play the trails mode to earn promote stones

In the promote stone castles mode, you have limited entries per day and you can earn shield promote stones, armor promote stones, and weapon promote stones.


  • From the adventure mode acts’ stages
  • From the trials mode

Pets In The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Game?

The pets in the game accompany the hero and collect the gold coins. For example – Destroy the objects while exploring dungeons and you may get the gold coins. These pets collect this left loot. No special buff – just cosmetic.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Skills Guide

As you level up in the game, new skills will get unlocked. All these skills provide a unique buff to the hero. So when selecting the skills, make sure to read the skill description(hero menu). Tap on the skill -> equip -> improve.

Improve – You need scroll pages and skill books to improve the skills. The player can acquire scroll pages from the adventure mode stages, events, achievements, etc. But skill books are hard to get – When you level up, you get these skill books. So make sure to use wisely. Every 5 levels, the player needs this skill book to improve skill.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Talents Guide

As you increase the hero level, you will unlock new talents. Unlike skills, talents are activated automatically in the battle. All the talents provide a passive buff to the hero. You can get more benefit from these talents by improving them. To improve the talents, you need scroll pages and the talent books. Scroll pages can be acquired from the campaign mode(Adventure mode acts, stages) or other missions(event, daily, achievement). Talent Books – talent books are hard to get. You get the talent book when you level up in the game.

How to get auto-win tickets?

  • Complete daily missions
  • Complete achievements
  • From the shop

You can use these tickets to auto-clear a past stage(completed with 3-crowns). This feature rewards you all the dropped items instantly – without playing that stage again manually.

How to level up fast in The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Game?

  • Play and repeat the stages in the adventure mode to farm EXP and level up
  • Use the auto-win function to get EXP fast
  • Complete all the daily missions
  • Complete the achievements

Level up and unlock new modes, functions, skills, talents.

How to get diamonds?

  • From the event missions
  • Adventure mode first-time clear reward
  • Log in for 21 days to get 100 diamonds
  • From the trials mode – nature fever

So that would be all in our The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot guide. Let’s have a look at the top basic The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot tips, cheats & strategies!

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Focus On The Gears

If you are stuck on a stage, then try improving the gears. You can play the past stages and farm the low-rank gears and use them to improve a better rank gear. Since all the stats of a hero are impacted by these gears, you should focus on improving them. In the Mighty Quest guide above, we have shared all the ways to improve a gear.

2.) Master The Battles

  • While Exploring the dungeons, make sure to destroy the objects and chests. You can get gold loot from these objects.
  • When fighting against a mighty enemy, pay attention to the red color attacked area and try to get your hero away from it as fast as possible. Dodging is really important if you want to save HP. Swipe your thumb on the screen to dash/dodge
  • Always equip the best gears before you enter the battles
  • Equip water type gear in Water Fever – trails mode
  • Equip fire type gear in Fire Delirium
  • Use nature type gear in Nature fever

3.) Complete The Daily Missions, Event Missions, And Achievements

You can earn EXP, scroll pages, auto-win tickets, diamonds, keys, promote stones, keys to open the chests and much more by completing all the daily missions, event missions, and achievements. On the quest tab, at the top -> tap the event banner to check the event missions.

4.) Grab The Free Chest

In the shop, you can collect a free chest after every certain hours. Don’t forget to claim it.

5.) Spend The Skill Books and Talent Books Wisely

Every five level of the skill and talent upgrade, you will need a skill book and the talent book respectively. Since there is no way of acquiring these books other than the leveling up, you should choose the skill/talent wisely for the upgrade. You can reset it, but it will cost diamonds.

6.) Read The Skills And Then Equip

Using the best skills at the right time can help you clear a hard stage. We would strongly recommend you to pick the top 3 skills and talents for the hero – read the skills description and figure out the best options.

7.) Repeat The Stages In Adventure Mode Acts

Got stuck? Repeat the past stages in these acts and farm EXP, gears, upgrading material – use these items to make the hero stronger and then try again.

So that would be all in our The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot tips, tricks, and strategies. Feel free to share your own tips or questions in the comment section below.

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