TV Empire Tycoon Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

TV Empire Tycoon is a new mobile idle game by Codigames. Read on for TV Empire Tycoon cheats, guide, tips & tricks for beginners

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TV Empire Tycoon Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks⇓

In this guide, you will learn “how to play the TV Empire Tycoon game by Codigames”, about making money, TV Shows, Network, and other aspects of the game such as expenses, advertisements, contracts, and more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: TV Empire Tycoon cheats, guide, tips & tricks: –

Making Money – TV Empire Tycoon Guide⇓

TV Empire Tycoon Cheats Guide Tips

  • Advertising – Improve by getting new contracts and upgrading control room
  • TV Shows – Improve by making upgrades, hiring better staff workers, watching video ads
  • Watching the video Ads

The two main ways to make money in the TV Empire Tycoon game are through advertising and TV Shows. What you do is broadcast the TV shows like Daily News, Kitchen Time and make money. Advertising revenue is credited to the account every hour and TV Show revenue is credited right after the broadcast. In the top-left corner, tap the share button to check the TV Network timeline. 

By making upgrades to the TV Show rooms and the control room, you can increase the earnings by a massive figure. 

Tap the button with the stats symbol on the bottom-right side to check current profits/losses. There you will see the earnings through advertising and TV Shows. Also, the expenses on daily basis. 

Guide To Broadcasting In TV Empire Tycoon⇓

TV Empire Tycoon Cheats Guide Tips 

(1) Broadcasting TV Shows require anchors, presenters, and camera operators. You can hire them with the in-game cash.

(2) Tap on the TV Show room(i.e. Daily News) and you will see the stats such as show value, income, upgrades in the improvement tab, and staff characters in the staff tab. Players can increase the show value by making upgrades in the improvement tab.

(3) If the employees are unhappy or the set has unassigned employees, you will face the penalty that decreases the profits from the broadcasting. Avoid such penalties by making improvements(through upgrades), keeping the employees happy, and assign the staff if needed. Also, the delay in the TV Show can cause a penalty. To avoid the delay issue, you can upgrade the reception so that the cast wouldn’t take long to sign them in, upgrade the make-up room and hire staff there + also upgrade the break room. 

(4) Tap on the Share button in the upper-left corner to check the TV Network timeline. The cast or news anchors or staff will leave the set after the broadcast and will come back when it’s time. All you have to do is clean it with the help of janitors(electricity and maintenance room) before they come back. 

Angry Characters In TV Empire Tycoo⇓

TV Empire Tycoon Cheats Guide Tips

Dirty rooms, broken machines, and the slow process can make employees unhappy or angry (red face) and they can go on strike. Make sure to have cleaners to clean the room faster, janitors to fix the machines to avoid such troubles. You can pay them money if they go on strike. If a presenter is unhappy, you can deploy him/her in the dressing room. 

Get Your Contracts Approved In TV Empire Tycoon⇓

TV Empire Tycoon Cheats Guide Tips

Players can improve their advertising revenue in the TV Empire Tycoon game by attracting advertisers. In the lower-right corner, above the star button, tap on the contract button -> complete the quests and increase the advertising revenue. 

Build Dressing Room And Make Employees Happy⇓

Unhappy employees reduce the TV Show revenue – so always make sure that they are happy. If they are unhappy, you can assign them to the dressing room and as they spend some time there, their happiness level will improve. 

At the bottom of the screen, tap the employee button -> TV Shows -> there you can check if employees are angry or on the strike. 

Increasing The Power Capacity⇓

You will need to keep increasing the power capacity as you make more improvements or build rooms. In the top-right corner, you can check the power status -> tap the + button and it will take you to the electricity and maintenance room where you can build and upgrade the generators/batteries and increase the power supply. Also, in the same room, you can build lockers – each locker unlocks a maintenance worker that will help you fix the TV Show room machinery. 

Getting Characters In TV Empire Tycoon⇓

Rising Stars, Celebrities, and Stars are some special characters in the TV Empire Tycoon that you can get with the gems(calling Headhunter). Navigate to the shop -> characters -> there you can spend x200 gems on Rising Stars fragments, Celebrities fragments, and Stars fragments. They provide extra bonuses such as increasing the show’s audience share, show’s profit, staff happiness, reducing the chances of soling a room, breaking things, etc. 

You can also hire the staff characters by tapping the TV Show room -> staff -> assign. With this method, you only get low-tier staff characters with little bonuses. 

Gems In TV Empire Tycoon⇓

You can get gems for free by completing the contract quests or from the shop. Use it to draw the characters(rising stars, stars, and celebrities) from the shop or you can also use it to build things quickly. 

Network 1 Guide For Beginners⇓

When you start the TV Empire Tycoon game, you will get to manage network 1. As your share increases, the game will let you move to network 2. For example, Network 2 unlocks when you 40% share in Network 1. By making improvements, one can increase the share. In this part of the TV Empire Tycoon guide, we have listed all the rooms and their improvements that you can make in Network 1 and increase the share: –

Break Room: –

This is the room where staff workers come and rest a bit: –

  • Vending Machine
  • Coffee Machine
  • Microwave
  • Water Dispenser
  • Table
  • Decor

Dressing Room: –

The room where you can assign the staff characters and make them happy: –

  • TV Star Decor
  • Table
  • TV Star Couch

Audience Room: –

This is the room where you can let the audience watch your TV Shows. 

Reception: –

The receptionist sign in the cast and crew members when they arrive at the network. They can work faster if you improve their work space: –

  • Reception Work Space
  • Reception Desk
  • Decor

Kitchen Time: –

The TV Show Broadcast Room: –

  • Cooking Show Host
  • Camera
  • Spotlight
  • Audience Stands
  • Furniture
  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Fridge
  • Control Console
  • Set Props

Daily News: –

  • News Anchor
  • Weather Forecast Set
  • Camera
  • Spotlight
  • Presenter Desk
  • News Screen
  • Control Console
  • Set Props

Control Room: –

Responsible for advertising: –

  • Control Console
  • Server Rack
  • Control Room Shelf
  • Decor

Makeup Room: –

  • Makeup Table
  • Makeup Cart
  • Decor

Move To The New Network

Tap the TV button on the lower-right side -> this will take you to the network screen. You can’t transfer money. 

TV Empire Tycoon Cheats OR Cheat Codes⇓

TV Empire Tycoon game does not support cheats or cheat codes. 

So this would be all in this post on TV Empire Tycoon cheats, guide, tips & tricks for beginners. Got more tips? Share them in the comment box below. 

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