Brave Nine Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Brave Nine is a brand new strategy game for mobile by Neowiz. Check out our Brave Nine guide, tips & strategies – for novice players

In Brave Nine game, characters or mercenaries attack the enemies and use their skills automatically. The challenging part is to deploy the right units and configure a good formation to strike down the enemy team. The game features campaign mode, PvP modes, guild mode, and challenges mode. You earn a variety of materials from these game modes to develop the team members. In today’s Brave Nine guide and Brave Nine tips part, you will learn all the basic aspects of the game that you need to know. But, before you dive into this guide, there are some things that you need to know: –

The In-Game Wiki Guide

Brave NineOn the left side of the screen, tap the side menu button -> tap guide -> here you can check the tips, basic formations, strategies, skills, resource farming guides, battle modes guide, and much more. It would be better to read this in-game guide to learn all the basic aspects.

Brave Nine Battle Guide – Formation, Cost, Attack Order, Set Effect

Brave NineFormation – On a tactical board, with three lanes, the player deploys the top mercenaries to slay down the enemy’s team group like a terminator. The very first step you have to do is selecting the characters and building the best formation. It’s always good to deploy the defenders in front to protect the DPS and supporters.

First, tap the load formation button on the screen -> select an empty slot -> tap the deploy button -> drag the mercenaries on the battlefield. When you are in the deployment screen, at the top of the screen, you can check the maximum cost. All the characters in Brave Nine game have a different deploy cost. You can check it on their icon(at the upper-left corner of their icon). Once you have reached the maximum cost, you will not be able to deploy more mercenaries. Once you are done, hit the save formation button and start the battle.

Brave NineAttack Order -> Attack Order is another one of the key concepts in Brave Nine game’s battle mechanics. Before you start the battle, you can change the attack order; the order in which your units attack. Tap the attack order button at the bottom-left corner of the battle preparation screen -> reset order -> tap the units in attack order. It would be better to let the attackers(High DPS) attack before other units. In some cases, you should let the defenders attack first to make use of their powerful skill.

Brave NineIn the deployment screen, when you select the character; the game will show you some information; for example; 1R, next unit, 2R, skip, and more. What’s the meaning of these abbreviations?

  • 1R – It means that the unit attacks the enemies every round
  • 2R – It means that the unit attacks the enemies every other round
  • First – Front(Target)
  • Last – In the rear(Target)
  • Skip – One tile over(Target)
  • Next Unit – Next ally(Target)
  • Random – Randomly(Target)

Set Effect -> If you use the three compatible mercenaries together, a special set effect will get activated. To know about the compatible mercenaries, go to the lobby -> mercenary -> select a mercenary -> go to the last tab; set effects -> here you can see the compatible units.

Brave Nine Mercenary Guide

How To Get Mercenaries

To recruit the mercenaries, tap the shop button in the lobby -> recruit -> here you can see all the ways to summon the characters; normal, class, friendship, mileage, legend, diamonds, premium-scroll, and more. On the same screen, at the upper-left corner, tap the book -> here you can see the full list of characters featured in Brave Nine game. Tap on any locked unit -> at the top of the screen, tap the obtain button -> it will show you the way to obtain selected mercenary. For example; legend summons, premium summons, friendship summons, and more.

How To Make Mercenaries Stronger?

  • Level Up
  • Skill-Up
  • Runes
  • Gears
  • Costume
  • Rank-Up
  • Awakening

These are the ways to increase the stats of a mercenary in the Brave Nine game. Let’s learn about all:-

Leveling Up -> To level up a mercenary, you can use slime or add him/her in your team. When you win the campaign battle, the game grants a huge amount of EXP to the team members. Slime can be obtained from campaign modes, event dungeon, missions. In the slime method, go to the mercenary menu -> select the mercenary -> level up -> use slime or other useless characters.

Skill-Up -> In Brave Nine, all the mercenaries have unique skills. You can imrove the skill of a mercenary using the skill book or duplicate character. Skill Books -> You can get these books from the mission/events or from the normal shop(lobby -> shop -> normal shop -> honor). To use, go to the mercenary menu -> select the unit -> skill-up -> select the skill book or same character.

Runes -> You can get rune pieces from the challenge mode(rune temple). Once you have enough pieces, you can summon a rune. As you progress a bit more in the rune temple more, you will get better runes. To summon a rune, tap the rune option at the bottom menu in the lobby -> go to the rune piece tab -> select the rune -> summon. You can upgrade the runes, rank-up runes to grant more power to a character. There are many types of runes; vital, shield, fatal, rage, and assault. All these runes provide different stat boost to the character; HP, attack, and more. Go to the rune tab -> select the rune -> enchant -> increases the rune stats. Tap rank-up to develop it further.

Soul Gears -> Soul gears can be obtained from the challenge modes or from the soul gear shop. In the soul gear shop, you can spend ancient coins, gold, soul pieces to obtain soul gear. If you have, then go to the mercenary menu -> select a mercenary(matching the gear) -> scroll down -> soul gear -> select the gear. You can level up a gear by sacrificing other gears(lobby -> soul gear -> level up).

Costumes -> Special costumes provide a special effect. You get the costume from the shop.

Brave NineRank-Up -> If the character has reached the maximum level, you can rank-up him/her to increase the max level cap. To rank-up a character, you need a mercenary with same star rank or same rank material. Go to the mercenary menu -> mercenary -> scroll down -> rank-up -> select the material items -> rank-up.

Brave NineAwaken -> To awaken a unit, you need crystals and gold. You can obtain crystals through the challenge mode(crystal cave) or from missions, quests, events.

So this is the Brave Nine guide for novice players. Make sure to read the in-game guide too. Let’s check out some Brave Nine tips & strategies!

Brave Nine Tips & Strategies

1.) Farming Items, An Ideal Battle Mode

To grow mercenaries, you need a number of items. You can farm every single item by playing different-different game modes;

  • Gold – Campaign Battles, Event Dungeon, Sell Mercenaries/Runes
  • Runes – Challenge mode; rune temple
  • Crystals – Challenge mode; Crystal Cave
  • Slimes – Missions, Quest, Events, Campaign, Challenge Mode; Slime Forest
  • Soul Gear – Co-op Raid
  • Honor Coins – Arena
  • Diamonds – Quest, Missions, First-time clear reward
  • Ancient Coins – Arena
  • Skill Books – Honor shop, quests/missions/events, trading post

2.) Focus On The Hot Mercenaries

Brave Nine game features hundreds of mercenaries. But not all the units are great. All these mercenaries have unique skills, stats, and different role; warriors are attackers, defenders protect the allies, magician have special buff/debuff skills, supporters can heal the allies. It would be better to focus on the top class characters rather than building low-grade units. You can check the Brave Nine tier list here.

3.) Build A Balanced Team, Read Skills, Set Attack Orders

Balanced Team -> Make sure to deploy defenders to protect the allies, warriors and magician to attack/apply buffs/debuffs. And, supporters to heal the allies. All you have to do is audit the mercenaries list in the mercenary menu. There you can check the mercenary skills.

Read skills -> As mentioned above, In Brave Nine, all the mercenaries use unique skills to crush the enemies or to shield allies or support allies. Make sure to read the skill details of all the team members to assign a perfect attack order.

Attack Orders -> Setting a good attack order is a must. You should do it the right way. Your target should be eliminating the most powerful enemy unit first. Let the high DPS character attack first.

Formation -> If you hold down on an enemy, the game will show you its attack range. Similarly, if you hold down the character, the game will show you its attack range. To inflict damage to an enemy, make sure that the enemy is in your attack range. While building a good formation, you have to take care of plenty of things; AoE attacks, enemy range, character’s range, and role.

It would be better to read the strategies in the in-game guide.

4.) Repeat The Battles

You can repeat a stage that you have already completed with 3*. Tap the repeat battles option on the battle preparation screen -> this will help you in farming gold or other items.

5.) Complete The Missions, Quests, Events

Complete all kinds of missions, quests, and events to claim all the free stuff.

If you have more Brave Nine tips & battle strategies, comment below! Also, see – Brave Nine Best Characters Tier List

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