Utopia Origin Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Utopia Origin is a top-notch survival adventure game for mobile by HERO Game. Check out Utopia Origin guide, tips, cheats & strategy

HERO Game, the creators of Warrior Saga game has just released a brand new open-world survival MMORPG where you will spawn on a random starting point in one of the Archipelagos and start the survival journey. You can tame lots of pets/animals, build a house, explore the open-world and there are plenty of things to do. If you have just started playing it and having trouble understanding the game mechanics or looking for tips, then today’s Utopia Origin guide and Utopia Origin tips, cheats & strategies will help you.

Utopia Origin Guide To Basics⇓

Utopia: Origin1.) The First Time Entrance – After logging into the game, you can choose the game mode by tapping the standard option on the lobby screen. The game lets you play in world mode and room mode. In the world mode, thousands of players play at the same time. In the room mode, the server can hold 10-50 players at a time.


After selecting the mode, you need to choose gameplay mode; peace and chaos. In the peace mode, players can not attack facilities, hearths, and each other. While In the chaos mode, all the players are vulnerable; players can attack each other, facilities. We would recommend you to start with the peace mode as it lets you learn the basics.


After reaching level 20, you will be able to switch between PvP and peace mode. If you select the PvP mode, other players will be able to attack you. This implies to the players who are playing in peace mode. In the PvP mode, you can attack any player(above level 20).


In Utopia Origin game, players(below level 20) are protected with a shield. This shield gets removed when the master/player reaches level 20.


As you know, In the peace mode, we have the option to switch between PvP and peace mode after level 20. If you eliminate a player who is on peace mode, then you will get punished and the game will grant you danger points. It may lead you to jail(restricted area). So don’t attack players on peace mode.

Archipelago – Beia(World) consists of a number of Archipelagos; at the top-left corner, just below the mini-map, you can check the archipelago number. If you want to play with friends, then you and your friend must be in the same archipelago. Ask them for the archipelago number. To teleport, move to the beacon portal -> tap the hand icon -> beacon teleport -> this will open the map where you can see more locations; zoom out and swipe. At the top-left, tap the Archipelago number and select that server(archipelago) where your friends are staying. After selecting the number/server, tap a location and hit go now button. You need orbs to teleport between servers; defeat Imps to get orbs.Utopia: Origin

2.) The Basics – Well, the game does not force you to complete specific quests or missions, so you may find it difficult to what to do. The real challenge is to survive as long as you can. At the top-right corner, you can check the master’s body status; health(heart), hunger(stomach), and thirst(Water). In order to keep the master alive all the time, you will have to feed him/her, drink water, and maintain the health.

  • Water – To drink water, find a lake or river nearby and dive into it.
  • Food –  Explore the environment and search for berry bushes; red berry, blueberry. Go close to the bush and tap the hand icon to pick some berries. You can consume these items from the shortcut bar or from inventory(tap the bag button at the bottom). For better food, hunt the chickens, pigs, and more creatures. If you build the campfire, you will be able to roast the raw meat.
  • Health – Some good/roasted food items(blueberry, cooked meat) recovers the health. You can also use the magic wand to recover the HP.


Building A House – You can use floors, walls, doors, roofs, window & fences, stairs to build a small house on the Island. At the top-right corner, tap the crafting menu(whatever you see there, tap) -> on the left side, select the hand tab and open building menu. From there you can get these items; stairs, roof, floors, and more. To build these items, you need resources; wood, straw, clay, stone, and more. Explore the map and gather these items. You can get wood from trees, stone from rocks, a magnet from iron mine, clay from mud land. Tap the + icon on the item to get more details. If you have all the things ready, tap the make button.

Facilities: –

  • Storage – You can hold a certain number of items. Build a storage facility and store items there. Make sure to place it near the beacon portal or sleeping bag; because sometimes we don’t remember the exact location. You can track sleeping bag on the mini-map.
  • Campfire – It protects you from some monsters and keeps the body warm and also used to roast raw meat. You can check the temperature at the top-left.
  • Work Bench – It lets you build facilities.
  • Sleeping Bag – You can track it on the map and pin the location.
  • Furnace – Smelt, refine ores

Tap the crafting icon at the upper-right corner -> on the left side, select workbench to get access to facilities.

Gathering and Exploring – 

To craft some items, you need material items. For example; to craft weapons, armors, you need iron, orbs, crystal, and more. For these items, you will have to explore the whole map. At the top-left, tap the minimap -> zoom out to see all the locations. Some part of the map is covered by fog while you can visit some areas through beacon portals. Keep exploring and gathering to find rare resources.

Where is the beacon portal?

The beacon portal is denoted as teleport tower symbol on the mini-map(see picture above). Visit this point and you will find the beacon portal. Go close to the portal and tap the hand icon -> choose beacon teleport -> select a location(another teleport tower) -> spend orbs. Make sure to have enough food, weapons before you start the exploration. If you die, you will lose all the items in the backpack. However, you can get all the items again by visiting the same place where you died.


Utopia: OriginTaming an animal or creature in Utopia Origin helps you in exploring; you can explore a vast area in no time as animals like horse, unicorn are fast. But the taming process is not easy. Here’s how to tame animals in the Utopia Origin game: –

  • Stun them with a wooden club
  • Give food and make them happy
  • Use the capturing item to capture it

Stun – Use the wooden club item(you can craft wooden club with 20 pieces of wood(tap the crafting icon at the top-right -> go to hand tab -> weapon). Use this item to beat animal and reduce its health. After beating the animal a few numbers of times, the game will prompt you the animal is now stunned. Keep in mind that you don’t have to kill the animal.

Give Food -> Once stunned, tap the hand icon(go close to the animal). After it, that animal will show you his favorite food. If you have that food item, put it in the shortcut bar(Tap the bag -> tap the food item -> shortcut bar). Once done, tap the food item from the shortcut bar at the bottom.

The recipe for each animal is different. For example; Some horse needs carrot while some horse not. Explore the map and find food items(taming recipe).

Use Capturing Item -> After feeding the animal a few numbers of times, the game will show you the message; the animal is now happy and ready to capture. Use capture item to tame. For different animals, there is a different item. For example; to tame horse, you need Mount Saddle. To capture hearth pets, you can use the collar.

You can craft these items! Tap the crafting icon at the top-right corner -> on the left side menu, choose hand -> then choose items section -> under the companions & mounts, you have the options to craft all these items.

Selecting Pet

At the top-left, near the mini-map, tap the menu button -> pet -> from there you can select the mounts.

Utopia Origin Guide – Level Up and Unlock new items

To unlock new items, you will have to increase the master level. You can check the level bar at the top-left. To level up in Utopia Origin, you need EXP. You get EXP when you gather the resources, kill creatures, craft something new. Gathering and killing the animals are the two best ways to level up fast in Utopia Origin game.

So this is a short Utopia Origin guide for the beginners. Let’s take a look at Utopia Origin tips, cheats & strategy walkthrough!

Utopia Origin Tips, Tricks & Strategy Walkthrough⇓

Tame A Horse ASAP

Mounting horse helps you in exploring and gathering fast; you will be able to travel long distance areas(covered with fog) and gather rare, precious items. On the other hand, if you travel long distance areas by walking, it will consume time, food items. So to progress fast in Utopia Origin, we would recommend you to tame a horse as soon as possible; feed carrot, use the saddle. You can easily find a horse; they are common.

Start Building A House Near Beacon Portal

In Utopia Origin, you can build loads of facilities; furnace, workbench, anvil, forge, vehicle workbench, and more. Instead of placing all these facilities on a random location, it would be better to place in the house. So the next thing we would recommend you to do is build a house. Gather the resources for the items required in building the house; roof, walls, floor, stairs, door, and more.

Assemble The Backpack!

There are some items that are very rare and can not be found near the beacon portal area. You will have to explore many Islands on the map for these items. Before you go to these long-distance areas, make sure to assemble the backpack and add enough essential resources; loads of food(BBQ), wood(to craft weapon), drinks(milk bottles).

Utopia: OriginUse The Magic Wand To Recover HP

Magic Wand is one of the best items in the Utopia Origin game. You can build it with 10 wood pieces and one magnet. After it, you have to draw a symbol on the wand pad to activate the magic. Here’s how: –

Equip the magic wand -> tap the green wand icon at the bottom-right to open pad -> draw a circle symbol -> tap the check button -> after tapping the check button, hold down the pad for a few seconds. This will recover the HP.

There are more symbols also; paw symbol, volt symbol, infinity symbol, triangle.

Try PvP Once You Are All Set

Once you learn all the things; taming recipes, survival tactics, building, crafting, gathering in the peace mode, we would recommend you to enter the PvP mode. In this mode, after level 20, all the players are dangerous; attack, loot, and survive.

Get The Items Back, You Lost In Last Life

If the player dies in the game, the body will respawn(you can select the teleport tower) if nobody comes ahead to save. Additionally, all the items in the backpack will disappear. You can get all those items back by visiting the same place. You will find the bag there. However, the time is limited, so be fast.

Use the search feature at the top-right corner of our site and search for Utopia Origin for more guides!

So these are the top Utopia Origin tips for beginners. If you more strategy tips to share with other fellow players, comment below!

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  1. I bought a hearth plan from the market its a nice building I’d like it as my hearth but I don’t know how to do that.

  2. When you click on the chest don’t select any option.
    Look around at the top of the options you are given, there will be a nut symbol. You have to click it and it will appear a list of who is admin or user. You can also select people from your hearth to be admin or just users of the chest.

  3. Hello there!
    I have a question.
    To usé the floor lamp I need to have electricity but I don’t know how to find it.
    Any advice?
    I’ll be searching in every web if I ever get an answer.
    Thank you.

  4. Como eu faço para conseguir comprar coisa no mercado, quando eu vou comprar aparece que alguma coisa ta cheia

    • When you click on the chest don’t select any option.
      Look around at the top of the options you are given, there will be a nut symbol. You have to click it and it will appear a list of who is admin or user. You can also select people from your hearth to be admin or just users of the chest.

  5. Hey I was wondering if it was possible to make more than one hearth. I found a spot that I really like and I’m sharing a hearth with someone else.

  6. Tip for taming(bosses) is to run around, maybe use a bow, and after dodging its attack, attack several times, then proceed to run circles again around the boss. It takes a long while, since it’s for a boss, but it does work. I dont know if it works for some bosses or all, though. It works on the turtle bosses, for sure.

  7. @Anonymous you likely ran out of its…sort of spawn area. If you go too far away from the circle, the boss will go back to it’s original location and heal. This also applies to other creatures, such as a young mackerel shark. It’s pretty annoying, but I guess it’s for avoiding kiting constantly.

  8. one problem…im taming the pool turtle, but when its hp is around 75 percent, it stops hitting me. iT ran back to original place and its health to 100 percent again. how to solve this

  9. hi.. if i build storage box and put my house on the same spot.. will the box disappear or it will just go inside the house??

  10. Hello sir I wanna knew I started my game in tourist mode now I wanna sink my game in my Gmail to save my game how can I …..and do we need player level to tame some animals like T-Rex,pareot,etc …. Dude waiting for reply

  11. @ odalette – do you run in circles around your target while fighting? It makes it harder for your opponent to hit you.

  12. I am level 43 but I can’t seem to tame the shark or the pool turtle, or even a crystal relic without dying. I feel like I’m hardly inflicting any damage. I have gold armor, and gold weapons. I also have a level 37 wolf combat pet. It seems like other players are easily beating these things -what am I doing wrong?

  13. How do I use the same character in peaceful and chaos? Cuz I have a leveled up character in peaceful and i dont want to create another character in chaos then level up again.

  14. Are there any ways to drop pins on the map, other than using sleeping bags? Also, why does the fog not lift as I explore? Even around my hearth is foggy on the map.

    • That’s because of the towers/beacons.
      If you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of symbols on the map which are yellow or grey. The grey ones are the towers that are not activated. The yellow ones are the towers that are already activated. When you activate a tower, the area around it will be free of fog.
      Hope it was of help.

  15. @Lynzia – Either yourself or another player has dropped a “location marker” (such as a sleeping bag etc.) on the map for something (most likely a mount or Pet) that they wish to come back for later. More than likely, when it was spotted, there weren’t carrying the necessary items or they had to go back and craft them, in order to catch the pet or mount.

    Hope this helps?


  16. What’s the meaning of Usable on the Map. I suddenly got it for some reason. I’m looking around the house but I don’t understand what it could be ;-;

  17. Hi Yatin and others,

    I would like to ask if there is a location in particular to find the Crystal sword Plan or is it just based upon a “drop rate” at any of the Ancient Relic Chest locations?

    Further, if anyone would like to trade anything I may have for a plan, I would be happy to meet you in the game. I play in peace mode in PVE103 as Sav1 (SavageOne)

    • @CrushLimbraf After you put the boat in the water, you go close to it and then a hand icon will appear on your screen(above the bag items) -> tap it and then you choose to board. That’s it. Now use the joystick to move the boat.

  18. @Eve20 go to your hearth shield and upgrade it by gathering the materials it shows there and how many it says to collect then your wall limit will increase including other limits floors ect.

  19. i didn’t log in for a few days and when i got on my hearth was gone i do play in peace mode well i got it back using a hearth teleport and everything inside was there still all my stuff including my chests and everything inside which is great but i was wondering is the reason it disappeared due to me being inactive for a few days or is there another reason behind this?

  20. I cannot build wall anymore, it says wall reached limits..what should i do to build more walls?..thank you to those who answer.

  21. I just want to ask about the modes what is better chaos or peace because i was dizzy about that modes cause in chaos i am afraid to lost my items but i have lots of item in chaos mode, also can they destrot my heart when the proctection is off? and i want to ask what is fun chaos or peace

    • @GgMelab Peace mode would be good if you are a beginner and learning things. You can create a new character for chaos mode anytime. Do that once you have enough experience to play like a pro

    • @Lewana Yes you can move hearth. You need hearth teleporter to do that. You can craft it in the hand menu in crafting screen under items tab.

  22. Hye there, I would like to ask, how do I smelt the crystal ore? I need crystal cuz I want to make crystal sword. I already have the plan thou. Just need the crystal but don’t know where to smelt.

  23. I haVe I problem. I can’t cook meat on the fire. Just did it once and after that it won’t let me it said that I need a facility. What can I do?

  24. How to remove/adjust other player’s facilities? I’m chieftain of the hearth and I’m remaking house and I can’t do anything about items left by players. And it annoys me that members place their items where they want without me having a permission to move.

  25. I did not know that a mamoth can deal a large amout of damage even im equiped with obsidian armor and cristal shorts and helm. It killed me in one hit 🙁

    • @ColdFire Yep, Mammoth is so strong. You will have to dodge its attack(which weapon did you use? I would recommend you to use the bow to attack from a distance). After reducing its HP, switch to the wood club and stun it. Additionally, mount on a good creature and move around when attacking.
      And, there is a Fandom Wiki available + head to the official site. You can get lots of information there. Sorry, for the late response 🙁 . If you have any other question, I would like to help

  26. Hey. People can overlap your fscilities and make you pay a tax so you cant get into your facility. Do you know how to get around this? It seems very unfsir, and anyone can do it with workhorse around your storage

  27. Is there a list for hearth pets? I tamed a chicken and added the “fuel” but I can’t figure out what else to add to the open slot to produce something?

    • @Irene Hearth Animals are cow, chicken, sheep, pig, dog, cat, and silkworms. Cow produces milk, chicken produces eggs, sheep produces wool, silkworms produces silk. As far as I know, you need basket and wheat feed. Use wheat feed as fuel and basket for collecting the items. For silk, use leaf and silkworms farm. You just put the basket in the first slot and wait for the output in second slot. It takes time.

  28. There is 2 options on the shield thingy next to your house stairs. one option starts the sheild and the other let you level your house.

  29. I’m a member of a hearth now, I want to get out of it and create my own.. problem is I have some chests inside the hearth filled with items how can I get the hell out of this hearth without losing anything?

    • You will get everything in your mail the moment you leave a joined hearth, it takes 6 hours to cool down once you leave a hearth and you will be able to place/build or join any hearth

    • You can not delete the character as of now. I dropped the mail to their support team mail address and got the response today. The message mentioned that maps(free building) and characters could not be deleted. If you want to contact their support team, you can drop a mail to [email protected]

  30. My character lost when I played on another phone. So are my cotton candy man n elk mount and others. How to regain that back? Pl help.

    • @Jenio So you changed the phone, right? Did you link the game to Google or Facebook on the old phone? If yes, then you will have to log in with the same linked ID. Enter the game -> at the top-right corner, tap the gear/settings icon -> log out -> tap to continue -> just after the tap, at the top of the screen, choose “switch account” option and log in with Facebook or Google.

      If the account is not linked, then open the game in your old phone -> on the left side, there would be a floating menu(round shaped) -> tap it and bind the account. Once done, open the game in new phone -> log in with the same social ID.

    • @Marcoh This action might disappear the items placed in the hearth. I have not tested it yet, but according to the game info, you may lose the items. Don’t take any risk and place all the items on the land before you disband the hearth 🙂

    • @Kritesh You need to build or join the tribe to access electricity. You will be able to build the tribe once you reach level 35+. Or join a tribe. Building a tribe is not an easy job, so better join a tribe. After that, you can access the generator which supplies electricity.

    • Available mounts list:


      Blue Horse

      Red Horse

      Black Horse


      King Sabertooth

      Rockfire Sabertooth

      King Rockfire Sabertooth


      Blue Hawkstrider


      Lone Wolf

      Desert Wolf

      King Desert Wolf

      Horned Bull

      King Horned Bull

      Pool Turtle

      Lava Turtle


      Dark T-Rex




      Wild Cattle





      Young Mackerel Shark

      Gray Mackerel Shark

      Tigerskin Shark

      Giant Ape


      Feed Recipes:

      Unicorn= Strawberry Feed + King Crab + Elf Fish

      Blue Horse= Wheat Feed + Corn Feed + Blowfish

      Red Horse= Wheat Feed + Chili Feed + Quality Meat Feed

      Black Horse= Wheat Feed + Blue Lotus Feed + Abalone

      Sabertooth= Crawfish + Raw Steak + Meat Feed

      King Sabertooth= Crawfish + Raw Steak + Quality Meat Feed

      Rockfire Sabertooth= Large Scallop Feed + Quality Meat Feed + Rare Meat Feed

      King Rockfire Sabertooth=Large Scallop Feed + Rare Meat Feed + Uncommon Meat Feed

      Hawkstrider= Wheat Feed + Carrot Feed

      Blue Hawkstrider= Red Lotus Feed + Onion Feed + Rare Meat Feed

      Lone Wolf= Raw Lamb Chop + Quality Meat Feed

      Desert Wolf= Potato Feed + Raw Lamb Chop + Meat Feed

      King Desert Wolf= Potato Feed + Raw Lamb Chop + Quality Meat Feed

      Horned Bull= Wheat Feed + White Lotus Feed + Rare Meat Feed

      King Horned Bull= Wheat Feed + White Lotus Feed + Uncommon Meat Feed

      Pool Turtle= Salmon + Catfish

      Lava Turtle= Carp + Hairy Crab

      T-Rex= Potato Feed + Truffle + Quality Meat Feed

      Dark T-Rex= Geoduck + Rare Meat Feed + Uncommon Meat Feed

      Camel= Wheat Feed + Corn Feed

      Wild Cattle= Wheat Feed+ Apple + Sugarcane

      Turtle= Wheat Feed + Carp

      Crawfish Bait= Wheat Feed + Crawfish

      Hairy Crab Bait= Wheat Feed + Hairy Crab

  31. I have two questions how can you delete a character and how can we see my friend in the same server?? Pls halp meh

    • @KrissyKristine95 As per my experience, both of you must be on the same server and archipelago. When you create the character, you choose a server; 101, 102, 103,105, 106 and select the mode: PvE and PvP.

      Both of you should select the same mode and server. After entering the game, tap the mini map and at the upper left corner you can choose archipelago. Then ask your friend for the location, visit there and invite him/her to hearth to always keep an eye.

  32. So I was going to tame Young Mackerel Shark..
    So long short story, I’ve gathered all the ingregients for the shark feed..
    and when I stunned the shark.. It didn’t have the “hand” button.. So I couldn’t even fed the shark ??? pls help me how to tame it then…

  33. I’ve reached level 31. I keep seeing this message whenever I log in and do activities that normally gain me EXP:
    You’re already at full EXP. When the next level opens, you’ll be able to get EXP benefits. ”
    What does that mean? I’ve got my own interpretation of it, but I feel like I’m wrong. My interpretation: Level 31 is as far as I can go. But there are obviously more levels, and I don’t understand how I can advance. Is there something I need to do to reach Level 32 and above? Specific requirements, maybe?

    • @Darylle Looks like you have reached the maximum level. As far as I know, max level increases as you spend more days into the game. For example; For me, today’s maximum level is 47. Once I reached this limit, the game will not grant EXP and I can’t pass level 47 until it increases the max level cap.
      You can check the maximum level for your account in the profile menu. Tap the menu button near mini-map -> tap the”me” option -> there you can check the maximum level.

  34. hey you. if i remove my hearth, can my facilities disappear ?? i want to join my friend’s hearth but there are a lot of things to move :((((( rep me please :((

    • @Faiz I think it’s a defense type facility you can use in PvP to protect hearth/house chests from other players because in pvp players can destroy chests inside hearth. I’m not sure though just guessing -_-

  35. Many has said they are missing facilities. It would happen only if you put them on the land. In order to avoid that, you have to put them inside the Hearth (or an area that is still within the Hearth). Notice that the facility that is put outside Hearth will have 24hours available time. Unless you recall them daily and re-setup, it will disappear.

  36. How to allow other players to build in our hearth who are in the hearth. I know the chieftain needs to do it but I don’t know what

    • @KrissyKristine95 Yes! To stun the bear, you must use the wooden club. However, since bear is powerful, you can initiate the attack with another weapon(e.g.sword) and once he is on its 40-50% health(pay attention to the red bar, it indicates HP), then switch to the wood club and stun it. Once stunned, feed honey and then to capture it, use a snare.

    • @Nguyễn Duy Nghiêm If you are the owner of a facility, then you can give access to the other player. After that, he/she will be able to use that facility. To do that, go close to the facility(for example; boat) -> tap the hand icon -> now you will see some more options on the screen, tap setting/gear icon near adjust the position option -> add user -> enter the player name.
      If it does not work, then add that player to your hearth and turn on hearth sharing feature.

  37. @Warren you can use a potion on your dog (regular pet, i.e. dogs and/or cats) to turn them into combat pets. After that you can level them up!

    However, I don’t think leveling them up turns the dogs back into a wolf, once it’s a tamed dog it should stay a tamed dog.

    • @Help do you mean how to level up? You can level up by gathering resources, hunting animals. At the bottom of the name, there is a green level bar that shows the progress to next level.

    • @Aethos Green lizard is a combat type animal and you need snare to capture it and use it as a companion. And you need meat to feed the green lizard.

      Snare – Go to crafting menu -> hand -> items -> companion & mounts(in this section, you will find snare). Craft it and put it in the shortcut bar.
      Meat – Hunt animals to get meat. Put the meat in shortcut bar.

      Now find a green lizard and stun it with the wood club. Once stunned, tap the meat in shortcut bar to feed. Feed until you capture it. Once captured, tap the menu button -> pet companion -> call. That’s it. Let me know if you have any further question.

      And you asked how to tame stronger creatures; for different animals, there is a different recipe.

    • @Anonymous When you use the hearthstone, the game sent you back to the home(where you have built the home). If you don’t have a hearth, then it will send you to the spawn location(that happened to me). So that’s not the issue behind the loss. Have you checked the place where you placed it? Or it could be a recall feature issue!

    • @Warren I don’t think we can level up as it just a pet. And you ask about the wolf; to get the dog, you have to tame wolf. That’s weird but true.

      As far as I know we can level up companions type animals who can fight and use the food they like for leveling up.

    • @Marzia I think we have to turn on hearth sharing feature to allow other members or hearthmates access that particular facility. As you said you want to access one of hearth member’s forge facility; you can, but the owner of that facility (member) must turn on the hearth sharing feature. Here’s how to turn on;

      Go close to the facility -> tap the hand icon -> then tap the gear/setting icon at the top left of pop-up screen -> then a new screen will pop out where you can see the owner of that facility – on the same screen at the top left you will find the turn on hearth sharing feature.

      Hope it helps. ?

  38. Hi, can you please make a guide regarding the items we get from fishing and location of items like flowers and rare spawn? The official website is nearly not understandable.

  39. Hello can I ask how to change the settings? To make it third person again? Because I created a new character and accidentally pressed first person point of view, now all my characters are in first person point of view. Please help.

    • @MrThiha
      Solution – Build a hearth and place all your items there. Now they will not disappear.
      If you place on land – items you build on the island disappear after a certain amount of time. You have to recall it before the due time if you don’t want it to disappear. I also lost my workbench furnace boat because i didn’t not log in for a day and yesterday when I logged in I didn’t find my facilities. So it’s important to recall the facility every now and then. Go close the facility and interact with it by tapping the hand icon and at the top you can check the due time. Tap the recall button, this will send that item to your bag. Put it again on the land. That’s it. You have to do it daily -_-So its better to build hearth and place all the items inside it.