V4 Enchantress Class Build: Skills & Overview

Find out everything about the V4 Enchantress class and get familiar with all the main strengths. Read on for V4 Enchantress build; skills & overview

V4 Enchantress Class Build SkillsV4 Enchantress Class Overview: –

Enchantress is one of the unqiue classes in the V4 global. This class uses Staff as a primary weapon-type to cast magical spells on the enemies that cause a decent volume of damage. Playing as an Enchantress allows you to fight enemies from a distance; 

  • Type; Mage DPS
  • Ranged-Attacker, Stun Effects

As most of the V4 classes, Enchantress possesses unqiue active skills and passive skills. Let’s check out all skills Enchantress class possesses: –

Enchantress Class Skills: –

Equippable Skills –

Hexplosion – forms fiery energy within in the enemy and then detonates it to inflict the attack damage; chances of acquiring Focus when the target gets hit. AE; increases the chances of obtaining Focus. Lowers the skill attack and inflicts damage in a ranged area. 

 Blizzard – summons a blizzard to strike the target; activates snowstorm when using the chain magic. AE; lowers the skill CD. Chances to inflict stun effect. 

Condemning Rain – forms a magic spears that cause a piercing strike; activates the raid of judgment when using Chain Magic. AE; DMG in a ranged field, decrease the skill ATK. Increases skill ATK. 

Pillar of Flame – forms a pillar of flame that burns foes on the ground. Chances to obtain Focus when the target gets hit. AE; decrease the target’s ATL. Take less time to use skills to attack to allow for faster attacks. 

Hex Arrow – quickly invades the enemy from behind before shooting them with a hex arrow; activates blitz arrow when using Chain Magic. AE; chances to inflict bleed effect. Increases Crit Hit. 

Volatile Earth – shoot an orb of compressed magic shaking the earth under your feet; attack damage in a ranged field, chances of acquiring Focus when the target gets hit. AE; increases skill attack. Decreases ability cooldown. Chances to cause bleed effect and inflict fixed DMG. 

Disturbed Vision – confuse the enemies with explosive orbs before shooting them; invades in a ranged field. If the target is within in a certain range, swiftly move backward and attack. Chances to acquire Focus when the target gets hit. AE; increase the chances of acquiring Focus, enhances attack against boss monsters, chances to inflict the stun. 

Wings of Light – summons magical wings that attack enemies in a ranged field; chances to acquire Focus. AE; increases DEF. Increases chances of acquiring Focus when the enemy gets hit. Chances to recover HP. 

Lightning Rain – casts a magical spell that strikes down the target; chances to inflict stun, activates Lightning Screen when using Chain Magic. AE; lowers the skill CD. Increases the CRIT Hit. Chances to recover the MP. 

Flurry Trail – casts a sharp magical line to hit the target and cause attack damage. AE; lowers the skill CD, more attack against boss monsters, increases the skills’ fixed CRIT Hit Rate. 

Lunar Force – creates a magical circle and inflicts damage; chances to acquire Focus when the target gets hit. AE; decreases the skill cooldown, increases defense, inflict damage in a ranged field., increases skill ATK. 

Hex Rush – detonates the air around the enemy; chances to inflict stun/acquire Focus, attacks the single enemy. AE; increases the ATK, if the target is within a certain range – move backward and attack. Increase skill ATK. 

Icicle – Enchantress uses icicle to target the enemy. AE; chances to inflict bleed, reduces the target’s DEF. 

Testament of Fire – casts flames to deal damage to the target; the probability of inflicting knockback, acquiring Focus. AE; enhances the skills’ fixed Crit Hit Rate. Lowers the cooldown of skill. Increases the skill attack. 

V4 Enchantress Class Chainable Skills: –

Rain of Judgement – creates magical spears to inflict the damage to the target. 

Snowstorm – sink the enemy with a snowstorm. Activates Glacial Impact when using Chain Magic. AE; reduces the target’s movement speed. Increases skill attack.  

Glacial Impact – Enchantress invades enemies with a blizzard and glaciers. AE; take less time to use skills to allow for faster attacks. Increase skill attack. Inflict DMG in a ranged field. Decrease skill attack. 

Blitz Arrow – uses magic to create a blitz arrow that causes damage to the enemies. AE; decreases the target’s defense, increase the skill’s CRIT Hit Rate, and increase attack. 

Lightning Screen – attacks in a ranged field for x2 times. AE; a bonus attack against boss monsters, reduces the attack of target, single-target damage, increases the skill attack. 

V4 Enchantress Unqiue Skills: –

Unleash Flames – Enchantress unleash hidden power and inflict massive damage on the enemies. It activates after casting Chain Magic x5 times. 

Chain Magic  – link the spells to unleash more powerful effects. 

V4 Enchantress Build & Best Skills: –

N/A. Will be updated soon. 

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So this would be all in this post on V4 Enchantress build, skills & overview. 

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