V4 Best Class: Classes Guide For Beginners To Choose The Best One

V4 Global is Nexon’s latest MMORPG title available on Android, iOS, and PC. Read on for V4 best class: classes guide for the beginners

Nexon, one of the popular game developers, recently published the V4 global English version on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The V4 global version features six offense-focused classes; Slayer, Gunslinger, Knight, Warlord, Enchantress, and Boomblade. All the V4 global classes will give you a unqiue gameplay experience as each one possesses unqiue combat skills and casting techniques. If you are just starting it, then you have come to the right place. In this V4 best class post, we will give you an overview of all the six classes. So, let’s not waste any time and get started with this class walkthrough guide. 

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These are the classes featured in the V4 global version: –

  • Slayer Class
  • Gunslinger Class
  • Knight Class
  • Warlord Class
  • Enchantress Class
  • Boomblade Class

All the six V4 global classes have mastery in the offense; they possess deadly weapons to slay down and crush the enemies in no time. New classes such as Assassin may get released in the future updates. As of writing this, players will get to play as the classes that are mentioned above. Let’s check them all and figure out the best V4 class. 

Slayer Class

V4 Best Class Classes GuideAs the name of the class suggests, Slayer excels in slaying down the foes with razor-sharped blade and sword weapons that cause pierce strikes to enemies; cutting them down in dazzling speed. Overview; uses blade and sword to smash down the enemies, chain skills, fast-attack speed. Slayer is one of the best V4 classes in the game for those who love close-range fights. 

Gunslinger Class

V4 Best Class Classes GuideGunslinger is the most popular class in V4 global game that uses sharpshooting skills from a range to eliminate the enemy squad in little to no time. Overview; Gunslinger class uses a pistol and rifle to shoot the enemies from a distance and cause massive damage. If you are the one who loves to play as DPS class that does ranged-attacks and unleash critical hits, then Gunslinger is the best class to pick in V4 Global. 

Knight Class In V4 Global

V4 Best Class Classes GuideKnight is another great class in the V4 global version – this class uses a shield and sword. Unlike the above-two mentioned classes, Knight possesses defensive shield skills – allowing you to lead the team from the front. The players who love to play as a tank or melee DPS can consider Knight class to get started in V4. Overview; tank and melee DPS. 

Warlord Class

V4 Best Class Classes GuideWarlord is another melee DPS class that uses a giant hammer and gauntlet to fight the foes in combat. The class possesses great damage skills that do a heavy and high volume of damage – enough to send the enemies into hell. As you continue to play as Warlord, you will be able to transform into the rage state that increases the damage massively – allowing you to clear the waves of enemies in little to no time. If you are looking for a pure DPS class, then Warlord would be a good pick. Slayer is also good; Slayer’s attacks are quite fast and pierce. 

Enchantress Class

V4 Best Class Classes GuideEnchantress is one of the beautifully class in the V4 global version. This class uses a staff as the main weapon and unleash unqiue magical skills from a distance. Does decent damage and possess additional Stun/Bleed effects. If you are looking for something unqiue, then pick Enchantress; unqiue beautiful skills, great animation, gameplay, etc. You will enjoy it a lot. 

Boomblade Class

V4 Best Class Classes GuideBoomblade is a versatile character class; this class is capable of melee attacks as well as the ranged class. Boomblade uses a giant AXE and cannon to strike enemies in close/long-distance. It has all sorts of explosive attacks that you would love to unleash to knock enemies out of the battlefield. In our opinion, Boomblade is a good pick for those who want to experience melee and ranged gameplay. 

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Summary; V4 Best classes; melee DPS(Slayer, Warlord – Slayer recommended). Ranged DPS(Gunslinger, Enchantress – Gunslinger Recommended). Tank(Knight). Melee & DPS experience in one – Boomblade. 

 So this would be all in this post on V4 best class – classes guide for beginners. We will soon update this article with more information like skills, skill build, class build, and more. The game is likely to be released worldwide on July 24, 2020. What’s your favorite class in V4? Comment below. 

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