Wannabe Challenge Guide Walkthrough: Evermores, Cheats & Tips

Wannabe Challenge is a fashion-theme based RPG for mobile by Com2uS. Read on for the Wannabe Challenge walkthrough guide, cheats & tips

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This post covers “how to play Wannabe Challenge”, a guide to in-game currencies, tips & tricks for progression, and other aspects such as fashion mechanisms, challenges, characters, cameras, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: –

Getting Started With Wannabe Challenge Game Basics

(1) In this game, you proceed through the chapters – as per the current version of the game, the Wannabe Challenge game features x16 photoshoot chapters packed with great content and photoshoot challenges. From these photoshoot challenges, players yield rewards such as EXP, EXP materials, gold, and much more. Each photoshoot chapter consists of a certain number of stages – at each stage, you can earn x3 stars. And, when you do that, you get to clear it again for instant rewards. Playing the challenges cost the heart, which is the stamina currency; replenishes automatically over time. 

(2) Aside from the PvE chapter mode where you proceed through chapters, there is a PvP mode where you compete with other players with the Evermores that you opt for. You can select up to x3 Evermores to get started. Evermore character selected as Wannabist yields you more extra points. Beat the rivals in this fame PvP mode and climb up the rankings; the higher the rank, the more rewards you acquire. These rewards include a whopping bag of coins + stars that you can trade. 

(3) Basic Progression: clear the photoshoot chapters to unlock more content, collect high-tier Evermores, play PvP, do photoshoot practice, send the characters to work, start dating, improve Evermores by leveling, sending them to study room, get Evermore pieces by watching the live broadcasts of the characters, unlock Dream Garden mode and complete its chapters, adopt the pets, do the quests!

(4) The three main currencies in the Wannabe Challenge game are hearts, gold coins, and gems. You can farm the gold coins in PvE mode. You can get hearts by watching the video ads. For gems, complete the missions, watch the video ads(tap the “free” option at the home screen). Also, participate in the events, log in daily for more free gems. 

Wannabe Challenge Evermores Guide

(1) Evermores are the characters or their cards that you will be using in the Wannabe Challenge game for the photoshoots. These Evermores are classified into five tiers; N-tier, NH-tier, R-Tier, SR-Tier, and SSR-Tier. The higher the Evermore challenges, the better its performance and hard to get it by. N-tier > NH tier > R-tier > SR-tier > SSR-tier. 

Wannabe Challenge Guide Walkthrough

(2) How do you get Evermores in the “Wannabe Challenge” game? Well, the main acquisition method of Evermoes is through the summoning portal or you can trade them by acquiring its pieces from the Live Broadcast mode. 

(3) Evermores in “Wannabe Challenge” can be developed – and it’s important to develop them if you want to achieve #1 rank in the photoshoot battles or PvP. 

(4) The top ways to develop your favorite and best Evermores in this game are; through leveling, upgrading the star rank, and by developing. In the level development, you will be using the EXP items that you can farm in the PvE chapter mode. And, in the star rank, you will be required a certain number of material items mainly used for ranking up the Evermores. These material items required for upgrading the star rank of Evermores can be obtained through photoshoot levels; PvE chapter mode. 

(5) Navigate to the home screen or lobby, in the lower-left corner, tap on the card icon to turn to the Evermore menu. This is the place where one can see the complete list of Evermores or its pieces. It has two tabs; Evermore and pieces. In the Evermore tab, you can check the list of Evermores that you have collected so far. Tap on any Evermore card and you will see its info such as current level, strength in a specific fashion – and the option to level it up or increase its rank. To star up, Evermore must reach its current max level first. Do not invest in low-tier Evermores. 

(6) To summon the Evermore, you need to navigate to the game’s lobby/home screen. And, in the upper-left corner, you will see the summon button. Tap it to open the summoning menu. It features multiple banners; you can spend the gems and gold to get the Evermores. Tap the “obtainable” button in the lower-right of the summon menu to check the list of Evermores that you can obtain through that particular summon banner. Tap on the trade option to get Evermores with Wish. Wish is the currency that you can use to trade Evermores. You obtain x1 Wish when you spend on the advanced summon banner. The normal summon banner gives Wish pieces. Collecting x100 Wish pieces will give you x1 Evermore. 

Wannabe Challenge Cameras Guide

(1) You need a camera to start the photoshoot. Before you enter the stage and select Evermore, you will have to select the cameras. 

Wannabe Challenge Guide Walkthrough

(2) At the start, Wannabe Challenge gives you x2 cameras that help you achieve more score in the Photoshoot battle. These x2 free cameras are of low-tier and limited to certain fashion tags. 

(3) Cameras’ Tags: basic, natural, beauty, modern, vintage, mono, pastel, film, soft, bright, sunset, retro, and tasty. On the home screen, tap the camera icon in the lower menu, then tap the shop icon on the top-right side. You can purchase new cameras using the shutter coins. 

(4) Wannabe Challenge shutter coins can be obtained from the photoshoot practice mode, which unlocks when you clear the 3-1 stage. 

His Story Feature

His Story is the story mode in Wannabe Challenge where you can read specific characters’ stories and earn their pieces. These pieces can be traded for Evermore card. 

Date – Dating & Affinity Guide

In Wannabe Challenge, you can go on a date with the guys – basically, reading the date stories. There would be four chapters; each chapter unlocks in certain conditions. For example – chapter 1 unlocks when you have enough affinity. For chapters 2, 3, and 4, you will need Luvtis. 

(2) You can obtain Luvtis from the daily missions, upon star-rank up, and through events. 

Wannabe Challenge Guide Walkthrough

(3) Affinity guide: players can raise the characters/Evermores’ affinity by talking to them. Go to the lobby/home screen -> tap the smartphone app -> text -> send a message and complete the conversation. In the contact app of the smartphone, you can check the affinity level and option to call them. Calling them also give affinity points

Photoshoot Practice Mode

From this feature, you can earn shutter coins. Use shutter coins to buy the cameras.

Study Work Feature

Send the characters to work and you can earn rewards. The higher the work difficulty, the more rewards you get. 

Study Room Feature

Players can improve their characters/Evermore by letting them study in the study room. Raise their stats through this feature. 

Wannabe Live Broadcast

This is the feature that lets you collect Evermore pieces. To unlock its chapters, you will need to raise the affinity of characters/evermores in the Wannabe Challenge. 

Wannabe Challenge Pets Guide

(1) You can adopt pets in Wannabe Challenge – pets give you certain bonus effects that empower the stats.

(2) By feeding the pets, you will be able to raise their affinity. 

(3) Do the daily missions and earn pet coins. Use pet coins to adopt pets and pet food.

Wannabe Challenge Cheats & Cheat Codes

There are no cheats or cheat codes available for the Wannabe Challenge game. For free rewards, you can either watch the video ads or do the missions.

So this would be all in this post on Wannabe Challenge guide walkthrough, tips, cheats & strategies. 

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  1. how can i get the muse one tickets for vote ? what i have to do for getting these tickets? please tell me where can i exactly get those tickets in the game ?

  2. I am stuck on 3-6 to do it I need a vintage camera and I don’t have enough shutter coin to buy it and I can’t go further without the vintage camera, I also haven’t unlocked the photoshoot. How can I get past that level?

    • Hi, try upgrade and level up your evermore cards’ star rank.You also need hearts (from friend or achievements)to clear chapters.Level up star rank will be indirectly use hearts to obtain items (can be obtain from different chapters).

    • Raise the level of Evermore and use any camera .you just need to clear it ones it does not if it is 2 stars or 1 star .clear it with any camera 9nes then when you get to open the photoshoot by the camera you need and clear it again with 3 stars

  3. I am stuck on 3-6 to do it I need a vintage camera and I don’t have enough shutter coin to buy it and I can’t go further without the vintage camera, I also haven’t unlocked the photoshoot. How can I get past that level.

    • Maybe your card is invalid or closed. Or there is something wrong with your payments and subscriptions settings on Google Play. (Ex.your current payment method has expired and needs to to update your info)
      I use my Sim Card Load for Buying Items on the game so there’s not a problem for me, I don’t know about debit/credit cards tho

    • In the lobby there is a t-shirt ikon. Tap the closet&pet if you want to change your outfit. You can buy your clothes in outfit shop with gold or gem.