Coffee Craze Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Coffee Craze – Idle Barista Tycoon is a brand new coffee shop simulation game for Android and iOS by Fiveamp. Let’s have a look at Idle Barista Tycoon guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Coffee Craze – Idle Barista Tycoon is the latest coffee shop simulation game on mobile app stores, published by fiveamp. In the game, the player manages coffee shops – serve customers, discover new flavors, and make money. At the beginning of the game, you have a shop in the Youngtown – the game lets you open more coffee shops in more cities. And, starting a new shop in a different continent requires a huge load of money. So your objective is to make more money and expand your coffee shop empire all over the world. Let’s not waste any time and head over to our Coffee Craze guide and Coffee Craze cheats tips & strategies!

Coffee Craze Guide

Coffee CrazeThe basics – Baristas at each counter produce coffee over time. You can open new counters and increase coffee production. As stated before, there are lots of coffee flavor to discover in the game. At each counter, you can select a specific flavor or type of a coffee. For example – Vanilla Latte, Purple Frappe, etc. All the coffee drinks have a different value. You can swap coffee drinks with another flavor or type anytime – but it costs you Beans.

Produced coffee is placed on the right side of the counter and picked by the transporter. The transporter goes to each counter and collects all the stock(if there is a space available). You can upgrade the transport service at the coffee shop using Idle cash. This helps you in collecting more stock at a time. And, at last, it is delivered to the cashier. The customer visits the cashier to make payment and then pick the coffee.

There are mainly three upgrades: –

  • Barista/Counter upgrade – To increase the drink production
  • Transport – To collect more drinks per tray
  • Cashier – To increase profit per order

If you want to increase the production of drinks, you will have to upgrade the Baristas over time. And, after that, they will produce more drinks. Upgrade the transport so that you can collect all the stock from each counter. And, upgrade the cashier to increase profit.

Coffee Craze Captains

Coffee CrazeCaptains have special abilities that can help you a lot. For example – Melya Crane – this captain can reduce the cost of upgrades by 50%. At the bottom-left corner of the game screen, tap the captain hat option to open the captain collection. There you can see the list of all captains that you own. Tap on a captain portrait and check info. In the info page, at the bottom-left, you can read the ability details.

Go back to the collection page and tap the captain -> tap Use button to assign him/her as a captain. After that, you will see him/her at the cashier place. To use the ability, tap the gift icon floating over his/her head. Keep in mind that the ability lasts long for a few seconds and have a cooldown. During the cooldown, you can not use the captain’s ability. It would be better to assign the next captain in that place and use his/her ability.

⇒How To Get Captains In Cofee Craze?

You can unlock or get Captains from the chests. Go to the store and open the chests. You can buy these chests in exchange for gems. If you get duplicate captain/card, you can use it in leveling up. Level up the captains to increase their ability performance.

Coffee Craze Drinks

At the bottom-center menu, tap the coffee cup button to open the drinks collection. Tap on a drink to get the details – output, drink value, max counters. You can increase these attributes to increase the Idle cash per second and also, produce it at more counters by leveling up the drinks. To unlock or upgrade drinks, open the chests. From the chests, you may get a new drink or duplicate. In the coffee collection page, on the coffee drink portrait, you can check the number of cards that you need to level up that drink.

Beans, Gems, And Cash

Beans – Bean is a basic in-game currency in Coffee Craze game. You need beans to unlock new bonuses, to upgrade Captains or drinks. Coffee Beans can be obtained from the chests, mini-game(claw), In the store – in exchange for coffee beans.

Gems – Gems can be obtained from the mini-game(Claw), In-store – In exchange for real money, daily log-in reward.

Cash – By selling coffee. Increase earnings by upgrading Baristas, Coffee Drinks, transport, and cashier. Also, use the captain’s ability to increase profit for a few seconds.

So that would be all in this Coffee Craze guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Coffee Craze tips, cheats & strategies!

Coffee Craze Tips, Cheats & Tricks: –

1.) Follow And Join To Get Gems

Go to the settings by tapping the gear icon at the upper-right corner. In the settings page, at the bottom, tap the social media icons – discord, FB, and Insta to get free gems.

2.) Balance The Upgrades

At the top-left corner of the screen, tap the Idle Cash status bar top open the stats. On the stats page, you can check the total output per second as well as the multipliers. One more thing to note is the upgrade indicator. There are three upgrades -baristas, transport, and cashier. If any of these upgrades are indicated as red or yellow, then you should take a look into that. All you need to do is tap it and upgrade. If it’s green, then you are doing good. Always keep an eye on this status chart to keep the balance in all upgrades.

3.) Unlock The Bonuses

Go to the map -> tap the truck -> start the journey. It costs beans. At every part or level, you get a unique bonus. Tap the (i) button on the top-left on the same page to check all the bonuses.

4.) Activate The Boosters

At the bottom-center, tap the boost button and watch a short video ad to get profit boost for 2-hours.

5.) Play The Claw Game

Coffee CrazeYou can play the claw game daily by watching the video ads or using the tokens. From this mini-game, the player can earn gems and beans for free.

6.) Upgrade Drinks and Captains

Make sure to claim free chest in the store and get free captain/drink cards. You should upgrade these cards if you want to increase the production as well as profit. And, save gems and open premium chests in the store. From rare or legendary drinks, you can earn a lot. So try getting super-quality drinks.

7.) Use The Captain’s Ability

Don’t forget to use the captain’s ability now and then. For example – When making upgrades, activate Melya Crane’s ability to reduce the cost of upgrades. To increase profit, use coffee captain having the ability to boost income. Go to the captain collection page and read the info of their abilities. For more information, read the guide above.

So that would be all in Coffee Craze tips & tricks for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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