Weed Inc Cheats, Tips, Tricks, And Guide To Earn More Idle Profit

Weed Inc is a brand new game for mobile devices by Metamoki, the creators of Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm game. In this game, you start your own weed business and expand it to multiple cities to earn more profit. Check out our Weed Inc cheats, tips, and the strategy guide to build an epic weed empire in minutes.

Weed Inc

Metamoki’s latest Idle game lets you manage a weed a business on your mobile device. In this game, your objective is to collect all types of strains such as Indica, Sativa, Mango Kush, Jet Fuel, and many more. You start the business from San Francisco and you can expand it to multiple markets; Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Denver. In this post, we have covered everything about the Weed Inc game; Weed Inc cheats, tips, and guide to progress fast!

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Weed Inc Game Guide To Basics⇓

As usual, it starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basics of the game; how to plant seeds, the bottling process, selling, upgrades, crates, and much more. After the tutorial, it’s up to you; manage all kinds of upgrades, hire the manager, construct new grow rooms, and much more.

The Basic of Weed Inc – All you need to do is plant the seeds, expand the sale by producing more weed, grow the business by unlocking multiple cities, and earn a huge amount of Idle cash per second. To accomplish this task, you need a huge amount of Idle Cash. Initially, the upgrade cost is low, but as you progress, it starts increasing by increasing rate. Let’s start the Weed Inc cheats, tips, and the guide without wasting time!

Weed Inc Guide To All The Aspects⇓

Weed IncIn this part, we will learn about strains, how to unlock strains, how to earn coins(tokin’s) and gems, unlock new locations, about renovating feature, and the process.

Here’s the process you have to follow in Weed Inc⇓

  • Plant weed seeds(strains)
  • Harvest weed
  • Start bottling
  • Dispense the weed to counter and sell to the customers for Idle cash
  • Use the Idle cash to hire managers and in upgrading plants
  • Construct new grow rooms to plant more seeds to increase the production
  • Save Idle cash and unlock cities
  • Use the renovate feature to get the multiplier bonus
  • Repeat


One of the main objectives in the Weed Inc game is to complete the strain collection. And strains are of three types: –

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic

The difference between these strains is of income; you earn more by growing epic strains in comparison to common stains. But unlocking these epic strains is not an easy task!

How to unlock or upgrade strains in Weed Inc?

To unlock new strains or upgrade existing strains, you need strain cards. Strain cards can be obtained by opening the crates. The free crate gets unlocked after a certain amount of time.

Duplicate strain cards are required to upgrade a particular strain and it costs you gold. Read the guide below to learn how to earn gold in this game.

How to earn gold in Weed Inc?

Since gold or tokin’s is one of the main items in Weed Inc, used in upgrading strains, to purchase boosters or crates, it would not be easy to earn gold.

You earn gold whenever you reach the milestone levels on plant upgrades or department upgrades. These milestone levels are 1, 25, 50, 100, and so on. For instance, upgrade a plant at grow room to level 25, you will get gold. Upgrade the dispensary to level 25, 50, and other milestone levels to earn gold. You could get coins by opening the crates.

How to earn gems?

After gold coins, the gem is the main in-game currency in the weed inc game, used in instant upgrades, to get gold coins, to hire managers instantly, or in many other tasks. The only way(free) to obtain gems in the Weed Inc game is by opening the crates. You can get gems in exchange for real money from the shop menu.

Departments – Weed Inc Guide

  • Dispensary

The dispensary level determines the number of customers visit your shop/per minute, total profit per sale and profit per second. Upgrading the dispensary level increases the sale price, profit, and customer rate.

  • Bottler

Bottling is required to pack the produced item and to sell the customers. The bottler level determines the bottle size, the number of bottles dispatched to the dispensary per minute, and profit per second. Upgrading the bottler level increases the speed of bottling process, bottle size, and increases the profit.

  • Grow Room

Here you plant seeds and grow strains. Then send it to the bottler plant to start bottling process. Upgrade the plants/slots to increase the production of weed, income, and reduce the time. You can construct new rooms using Idle cash and add more plants there.

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Renovating Process!

Almost every Idle game comes with this feature. If you are familiar with the prestige feature, then you can understand it easily. If not,

By using this feature, you can reset the game progress for permanent perks. Next time, when you start the game from the beginning, these perks will boost your income!

To start –

Tap on the map icon, at the top-right side of the screen, then at the top-left side of the screen, tap on the renovate icon. As of now, you need 50.0ab(currency) Idle cash to renovate. This will reset your progress and you will start from the beginning but with the 8X multiplier booster which automatically boosts your income by 8 times. You should use it to expand the weed business and unlock new cities/markets fast.

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So this is the Weed Inc guide for the beginners. Let’s start the Weed Inc cheats, tips, and strategy to progress fast.

Weed Inc Cheats, Tips & Tricks⇓

The Time Lapse Cheat⇓

You can try the time-lapse cheat to earn massive money and see if it works or not: –

Weed Inc Cheats -> Using the time-lapse cheat, you can instantly open the crate. Go to mobile settings and change the time. For instance, if it’s 2:00 PM, change it to 6:00 PM and go back to the game -> claim 4 hours offline Idle cash+free crate! Please don’t use it frequently!

Reach the milestone levels⇓

The very first step you have to do in Weed Inc is reaching the milestone levels as fast as you can; level 25, 50, 100, 200. At each milestone level, a special boost gets activated. For instance, if you upgrade the plant to level 25, 50, 100, 200, you get more workers, 5X production speed, and much more. Similarly, if you reach the milestone levels of the dispensary, bottling plant, you will get the bonus [increases the profit per second and reduce the time of the process].

Save on Upgrades By Activating The Managers’ Skill⇓

As you progress in the game, the upgrade cost of plants and departments starts increasing. And one of the best ways to save Idle cash on these upgrades is by deploying the manager with the skill that reduces the upgrade cost. Before you upgrade, tap on the manager icon -> activate a senior or executive manager who can reduce the upgrade cost(check the description just below the manager’s info). Once activated, start upgrading the plants or dispensary or bottling plant(based on where you have hired the manager).

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Open crates to unlock new strains

You can open the free crate after a certain amount of time each day. This crate contains strain cards, used in unlocking or upgrading the strains.

Upgrade the strain

You can upgrade the strain if you have enough duplicate strain cards for that particular strain. Upgrade it using the gold and increase the profit or income from that strain. Since gold is limited, spend it wisely; on those strains which can yield more profit for you.

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Use the booster

By watching a short video ad, you can double the amount of profit for few hours. Use ad booster and enjoy double compensations. You can expand the duration of the booster by watching the ad multiple times; must do it before you go to the sleep and later on the next day, enjoy double offline earnings!

Check the daily deals

You can purchase strain cards in exchange for coins from the shop, in the daily deals tab. If there is a perfect deal available; epic cards, then go for it before it runs away!

Use the renovate feature to get multiplier boost

Using the renovate feature, you will get the 8X multiplier boost. And this boost will increase your Idle cash income significantly, so, must use it. You can get more information about the renovation feature of Weed Inc game above in guide part.

Tapping is required

You can boost the speed by tapping;

  • Tap with multiple fingers on multiple plants to harvest the weed fast
  • Start tapping on the bottling plant to boost the speed of bottling process
  • Keep tapping on the counter or customer to boost the speed

Before you open the game, turn on your data connection. Watch the video ad double your offline earnings

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So, these are some Weed Inc cheats, tips, and a guide for the beginners to progress fast! Download the game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best Idle games for Android

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