WeFarm: Build a Town & Explore Guide, Tips & Cheats

WeFarm - Build a Town & ExploreWeFarm: Build a Town & Explore is a new farming game for mobile by Bigpoint. Let’s have a look at our WeFarm guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Bigpoint, the publisher behind the Hocus Puzzle game, has just released a brand new casual farming game for mobile called WeFarm: Build a Town & Explore. In the game, you will create a customized character – that would be your farmer – and, the goal is to expand the farm and build the village. If you have just started playing the game, then today’s WeFarm guide and WeFarm tips, cheats & strategies for beginners will help you a lot. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

WeFarm Guide

The Basics

There are a few things we want to clear it for you so that you would not go into any trouble while progressing through the game. And, if you have played other farming games, then it would be easy to understand this game’s mechanics.

In WeFarm, you have to manage two scenarios; the farm and the village. Farm – this is where you can grow the crops, harvest the crops, and make dairy products such as milk, eggs, bread, etc. Village – you are the mayor of the village. When the game unlocks the village function, you will get the quest to visit the village and build a stonecutter.

And, if you explore the village, you will find many facilities broken – you need to be at a certain level to unlock the facilities. These facilities are a trader(to earn toolboxes), forge(upgrade tools), sawmill(make items such as wooden board, veneer, beam, etc.)

Leveling Up In WeFarm

At the upper-left corner of the screen, you can check your current level. Earn stars by completing the quests, orders, growing crops – and, when you collect enough stars – you level up. Leveling up is the only way to unlock facilities at the village, farming/paths/production/decoration type buildings at the farm.

Energy & Grinding Activities

To produce the items or dairy products, you need to grind the resources such as wood, stones, grass, food items such as berries, etc. Farming or grinding these items cost energy. For example – when you chop the tree, the farmer consumes the energy. At the top-center of the screen, you can check the energy. Energy recovers gradually or can be obtained from the picnic baskets or you can exchange diamonds for energy.

Coins & Diamonds

The coin is the basic in-game currency in WeFarm, while diamond is the premium in-game currency. You can collect the coins by completing the orders, quests, collecting coin bags, chests, etc. To earn diamonds; complete the quests, level up. Or you can buy with real money.

Moving An Object

WeFarm - Build a Town & ExploreIf you want to move a placed field or building or facility – long press/hold your finger on it until you see the option to move.

So this would be all in this WeFarm guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our WeFarm tips, cheats & strategies.

WeFarm Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Complete The Orders And Quests To Level Up Fast

As you know that most of the intersting buildings or facilities are locked at the beginning of the game – and, you can not unlock them before reaching a specific level. So we would recommend focusing on completing the orders and quests – because completing these easy missions grant XP/stars to the player – helps you to level up fast.

2.) Find Picnic Baskets

WeFarm - Build a Town & ExploreWhile your buildings or facilities are busy producing the items, explore the village or farm and find the picnic basket. This picnic basket gives free energy to the player – although, you need to spend a little amount of energy to collect it.

3.) Find Coins & Chests

You use coins to grow crops in the field or to build fences, decorative items. If you are low on Coins, explore the town or village and find the coin bags or chests. From these bags or chests, you get free coins. However, you will need to spend a little amount of energy to open the bags or chests.

4.) Keep Grinding & Producing

Don’t be lazy! Always send you farmer grind the items – explore the world map and there are lots of things that you collect – and produce secondary products from these raw material items. Chop the trees, quarry the rocks, cut the grass –

In the village, there are lots of buildings where you can convert these raw material items into secondary products.

5.) Upgrade The Tools

Reach level 15 ASAP so that you can fix the forge building – there you can upgrade the tools – AXE, PICKAXE – and, then you will be able to chop high-level trees and the stones.

6.) Use The Diamonds Wisely

WeFarm - Build a Town & ExploreDon’t use diamonds in speeding up the tasks – if you are a f2p player. Instead, unlock new slots at production facilities – to produce more items at a time.

So this would be all in this WeFarm tips & tricks for the beginners.

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