Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Z Day: Hearts Of HeroesZ Day: Hearts Of Heroes is a popular online MMORTS game for mobile by KingsGroup Holdings. Check out our Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes guide, tips, cheats & strategy

The war has begun! Anyone can invade you, loot you, destroy you, and dispatch your troops to hell. As a commander of the base, you must increase the defense, attack, and power. Can you dominate in the war? Welcome to Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes game where the players from all over the world fight against each other for the resources to develop their own base. You will join the alliance, team up with members and invade the enemy camps. KingsGroup, the creators of Dino Survival game, launched this game in July 2018 and it has now over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store. If you are having trouble understanding the Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes mechanics or enemies are looting you over and over again, then we are here to help you. In today’s post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a rookie commander: Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes guide and Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes tips, cheats & strategy.


Before we head to the cheats, tips & strategies, guide part, let’s have a look at the basics first. The game challenges you to manage the base, located on the world map. First, it gives you a small land where you build and upgrade a variety of buildings. You can expand it by upgrading the headquarter. At your base, you produce alloy, iron, food, and oil. You need these resources in building and upgrading HQ, food factory, oil well, workshops, training troops, building traps, airbase, and many more tasks. Everyone needs these resources. Since production centers; oil well, food factory, and more produce a small amount every hour, one can not progress fast.

That’s why everyone loots these resources by invading enemies’ base on the map. But don’t let the enemies loot your hard earned resources. Improve the defense, increase the power, build an army of high-level troops, and research combat techs in the research lab. Let’s learn step-by-step:


There are so many building you can plant on your base. If you don’t know about all, here’s the building guide: –

DNA LAB – DNA Lab is one of the main buildings in Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes game. If you swipe right on the main screen of the game, near the bridge or tesla tower, you can see it. Tap it. In the lab, scientists can revive the slain troops(killed) using Serum. The serum is gathered when there is troop DNA in the DNA Lab. Troops’ DNA? In the battle, you may lose the troops. The player can heal the troops in the hospitals. If all the hospitals are full(because the hospital’s capacity is limited), the DNA Lab will harvest the DNA of a certain percentage of slain troops. You can increase the percentage by upgrading the VIP level.

For Troops – At the beginning of the game, you will train level 1 troops in Vehicle plant, Drill Grounds, and shooting range. To train high-level troops, upgrade these facilities. Low-level troops would not help you in the battle against the enemy having equal power. So upgrade them asap.

Airbase – In the battle, along with the troops, you also send the destroyer. At airbase, you can activate the buffs, called as destroyer abilities. And later enhance it using the engine parts. When you send it to the battle, the destroyer gains EXP(required to increase its level). As you send it over and over again and earn more EXP, its level will increase. At the right side of the HQ, tap the airbase -> destroyer abilities -> select the ability under assault or guardian section -> upgrade. Level up the destroyer to unlock more. You can also enhance these abilities using engine parts. But engine parts are hard to obtain(from the exchange building -> goods hall, auction house, and black market). So we would recommend you to upgrade the destroyer abilities rather than spending gold on acquiring engine parts.

Supersoldier Lab – Here you can enhance the supersoldiers. To use this lab, you must reach the destroyer level 10. You need supersoldier to participate in supersoldier arena.

Equipment Workshop – Here you manufacture equipment for the commander. You need equipment design for this task. You can obtain it by defeating the high-level enemies on the world map.

For Alliance – If you have joined an alliance in Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes game, then to use all the features, you must build communication center to help or receive help, command center to use rally function, ration center to get supplies, trade station to trade resources with alliance members.

Sentry Tower – It is located at the edge of the base’s wall(right side) and alerts you if an enemy is approaching you.

Others – Warehouse, to protect the resources. Exchange, spend gold for items. The research lab, research buffs. The Bar(Read tips part below for more info).

Guide To Increase The Power 

If you don’t want to lose the treasure(resources), then you have to improve the strength of the base. You don’t need to invest a lot of time in the game. Here’s the quick tip:

Send the troops to gather the supplies(food factories, oil well on the world map). And close it. Come back later once the troops returned. Use the resources in training troops. To train more troops at a time, upgrade the barracks. Training the troops is your main job. Do it often multiple times a day to improve the strength. You have to keep patience as the game’s mechanics will force you to use speed-ups and gold for instant result.

You can say it a trap(for you). Don’t put yourself in it if you don’t want to spend real money. Simply start the building queue, training queue, march queue and leave. Come back later, repeat.

Building, upgrading, training, researching = Increase in power. Requirements – resources. Gather these resources from the world map or attack enemies, base.

So that’s all for now as Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes guide. Let’s read our top Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes cheats, tips & strategies to master the game.

Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes Cheats, Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Spend Gold In Increasing VIP Level

In Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes, gold is the premium in-game currency. You can use it in the exchange shop for precious items such as engine parts, medals, and many more items. Additionally, for the instant result, you can use gold. But we would recommend you to buy VIP Points for additional benefits. On the main screen of the game, at the top-left corner, tap the VIP option -> tap the + button -> buy and use VIP Points in exchange for gold. You can earn gold from the gold event, by completing the section missions and as milestone reward. Make sure to check the items menu -> inventory to use the stored gold.

2.) Collect The General’s Supply Near Cargo

Z Day: Hearts Of HeroesEvery now and then, the general sends supply to you(precious items). You will see it on the right side of the HQ, near the cargo ship. Make sure to claim it as it disappears over time. You could get free VIP Points.

3.) Claim The Free Supplies Every Now And Then

Z Day Hearts Of HeroesIf you look around a bit on the base(after wall, at the right side, near resource factories, and a bridge), there is a supply station. There you can claim free gifts such as Speed-ups, gold, VIP, and more.

4.) Grab Victory Keys, Rubies, Resources From The Bar

Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes

Near the cargo ship, tap the bar facility(with dart symbol) -> daily reward. On the next screen, you can check the daily missions such as train troops, build traps, kill threats, and more. Completing these missions reward you activity points. On 30, 70, 120, 180, 260, 340, and 420 activity points, you can claim the crates. From these crates, you can obtain keys(to open victory crates), rubies(In the bar -> Psychic -> free reward), and resources.

5.) Participate In The Ongoing Events

Some precious items in Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes are hard to obtain. Thanks to the events to make it easy for you to collect these rare items(coal, cotton pine, copper, supersoldier XP, chainsaw, hero recruitment item, and more). Tap the event center -> there you can check the events. Tap the arrow icon to expand an event’s details. Earn points by completing that event’s missions. As you progress, you will need these rare items.

6.) Join An “ACTIVE” Alliance

It would be even better if you join a friend’s alliance because communication is a key to build a successful alliance. Especially, In rally attacks, communication is important. Go to alliance facility -> manage -> invite -> search your friend with the commander’s name(of your friend). On the main screen of the game, at the top-left corner, tap the profile icon -> there you can check the commander name. One can change the name using commander name item(you get for free/first time -> items -> inventory -> special -> search for commander rename).

By building the trade station, you can transfer resources. So make sure to create or join an alliance. But always join an active alliance and take part in rally attacks for special rewards.

7.) Make Use Of Skill Points

As you play the game or complete the missions or get victories, your commander’s level will increase. Every time (on leveling up), you get skill points. Use these points to activate buffs. Tap the profile icon -> skill points -> spend in war, economy, and balance type buffs.

And at last, don’t forget to research in the research lab to activate buffs.

So that’s all for now as Z Day: Hearts Of Heroes cheats, tips & strategies. Also, see – Best MMORTS Games for Android

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  1. There r no special advantages in up’ing ur vip lvl with gold, but having ur vip lvl active @ all times it gives u advantages, makes no diff how u upgrade it, gold/farm, active vip gives u faster building, 1 extra march slot, 1 extra active supersoldier skill(provided that u researched any), etc…i would recommend using gold ONLY for buying 30days vip @4k and during Gold Event (kill stage) 24h shields @1k each. U can get more gold by using the bank, best rate(if u’re active enough) is the 24h deposit.

  2. Found the answer in case anyone else needs to know…
    But I had to “demolish” a building I constructed, in this case a Food Supply building, in order to build it. After demolishing, it gives a list of different buildings you can then build. But it’s only when you reach level 15 that you can build the Alloy Plant. Hope that helps someone!

  3. Does anyone know where the “Alloy Plant” is? Is it within the base? I’m stuck on level 15 because when I go to upgrade, the last task is “Alloy Plant LV. 15” but the green “GO TO” button doesn’t respond. Thanks for any help, anyone.

  4. Trying to complete battlefield ruins 1. Every time I tap the button it says I already have people out exploring. I don’t. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Sack of shi.t guide … Seriously don’t waste your time reading it , no mention of troops types and formation

  6. I build several rss buildings such as iron. I noticed on commander view, rss production does not increase when I upgrade after the first iron building is maxed. power is increased, but not rss production for that item

  7. Comment faire pour éliminer une menace niveau 11 tendit que j’ai niv 6,9,10 Es ce que c’est possible d’avoir les informations détaillées il me reste juste cette mission pour passé au autres merci de me lire et de me répondre …
    Ps je suis du Québec Canada

  8. Comment faire pour éliminer une menace niveau 11 tendit que j’ai niv 6,9,10 Es ce que c’est possible d’avoir les informations détaillées il me reste juste cette mission pour passé au autres merci de me lire et de me répondre …
    Ps je suis du Québec Canada je c’est pas si sa peux jouer sur les réseaux

  9. My alliance has built a HQ building,but an alliance have moved in right beside us and I mean they are attached to us!! So we want to move,cos they keep busting our balls!! But how do I move the alliance HQ?? It wont let me place it again??

  10. War Zeppelins are enemy targets. You attack them to gain experience and valuable resources. The higher the level of the target the better the rewards you get.