Zenonzard Reroll Guide To Pull Top-Tier Cards

Zenonzard English Global version has just been released for Android & iOS. Read on for Zenonzard reroll guide to pull top-tier cards for best deck building

Zenonzard Reroll Guide RerollingZenonzard Reroll Guide: –

At the start of the game, Zenonzard gives x10 card packs to the player. Each pack features a different set of cards; legend, rare, epic, common, and basic. By rerolling in the game, you can acquire the legend grade cards at the start and continue to the game with a strong deck. If you are on Android, open all the x10 free packs and check the cards you received. If you are satisfied with the cards that you have got – continue playing the game. If not, close the game and go to the mobile settings – apps -> Zenonzard – > clear data. This will reset the current progress. Start the game again and open x10 packs again – keep doing the same steps until you get the desired cards.

If you are on iOS, to reroll in Zenonzard, you will open the x10 packs, check the cards and take the decision. If the cards are good and you are satisfied, continue to play further. If not, delete the game and install it back from the iOS App Store. This will start a new game and you will get to open another set of x10 packs. Keep following the same rerolling steps to get the best Zenonzard cards. 

Follow the above link and check out the tier list featuring the best legend cards that you should reroll for. 

Best Cards To Reroll For – In Zenonzard Artificial Card Intelligence Game: –

  • Vicerave – The King (Legend, White)
  • Alezan – Moves minions to the field (Legend, Blue)
  • Millie – Legend, Green
  • Wallace – Grants BP and DP, Legend, Colorless
  • Baldrod – Eliminates one minion with 100BP, Colorless
  • Lachesis – Switches the life points, Colorless

Or take a look at the Zenonzard Artificial Card Intelligence tier list for the best card info. 

So that’s all for now in this Zenonzard reroll guide. 

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