Baseball 9 guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to the Baseball 9 game? Master all of its concepts with this Baseball 9 guide packed with tips, cheats, and strategies for the beginners

Baseball 9

Baseball 9 guide and tips: –

This Baseball 9 guide teaches you the basics “how to play Baseball 9”, about pitching, striking, stealing, and other things such as getting freebies, running, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Baseball 9 guide and tips: –

Getting Started With The Baseball 9 Basics

Using recruitment tickets, you can buy a player. You can only upgrade recruited players. Others cannot be upgraded. And with the downgraded players, you can not win against a powerful team. Why? Because their attributes like speed, power, fielding, and other attributes are non-upgradable. But you can upgrade the recruited players and increase the chances of getting victories in league matches.

That’s why recruitment is one of the important jobs in the Baseball 9 game. You can recruit a player using recruitment tickets. And one recruitment costs you 150 gems. Gems can be obtained for free by watching a video ad or complete the missions & achievements. But keep in mind that if you play wisely, you can easily defeat the powerful team even if you have low-quality players. 

Guide To Pitching In Baseball Nine

Baseball 9In Baseball 9, pitching should be aggressive. You should not give the opposing player any chance to hit the ball. To pitch the ball, you just have to tap on the pitch button.

But, before you tap the pitch button, you can choose a type;

  • FB – Fast Ball
  • FRK – Forkball
  • SL -Slider
  • CH – Change-Up

Tap on the reload button on the left side to select one of these strikes.

Once done, tap on the pitch button. After you tap the pitch button, you can change the direction or swing the ball; the reload button at the left will change into a controller(hold down and; up, left, right, and down).

Make sure to pitch the ball within the circle or square. Pitching outside the strike zone = foul ball. It would be a great idea to pitch the ball outside the strike zone at least one time; to avoid getting hit. Because sometimes the player swings the bat even on these balls.

Stopping the Stealers

Baseball 9If one of the opponents is one of the bases; he may try to steal the ball. You will see the (i) warning icon on the base number before you pitch the ball. Tap it to avoid base stealing.

So, this is the basic Baseball 9 guide – Pitching guide/controls. Now, let’s start the batting guide.

Guide To Batting In Baseball 9

Well, batting is not an easy job in Baseball 9; and hitting a home run is a little bit difficult. To hit the ball, you just have to tap the ready button, at the right side of the screen. But timing is very important to make a decent contact between bat-and-ball.

But, before you tap the ready button, you can select the shot type: –

  • Contact – Hit the ball with average power if gets contacted
  • Power – Hit the ball with full power if gets contacted
  • L-Bunt – Hold the bat loosely and hit the ball(low strength, left side)
  • R-Bunt – Hold the bat loosely and hit the ball(low strength, right side)

To choose one of these shots, just tap the reload button on the left side.

Once done, it’s time to swing the bat. Use the navigation keys at the left side to follow the ball(take a look at the below picture, there is a ball mark inside the circle), tap the swing button when the actual ball enters the circle part. Here’s: –Baseball 9

To hit the ball hard, the timing of the shot really matters. For instance; if you tap the swing button just before the ball enters the circle; then the player will hit the ball hard.

Steal The Base – Base Running

Baseball 9Tap the run icon to instruct the team player to run to the next base in any situation. It might be dangerous or useful; depends on the situation.

Guide To Fielding In Baseball 9

Baseball 9Fielding should be tight. The fielders pick and throw the ball automatically. You can manually tap the base where you want to throw the ball.

After Hitting The Ball

If you hit the ball, all the players will run towards the next base. You can stop them by tapping on the navigation keys or by selecting a particular base(just tap that base).

Get Free Gems, Recruitment Tickets

There are a number of ways to get free gems and recruitment tickets in Baseball 9 game;

  • On the main screen -> tap the free gems option -> watch the video ad and get free gems
  • Go to the missions tab -> complete missions
  • Head to the achievements tab -> complete achievements
  • Try sponsored offers -> free gems section -> more gems -> download an app or game and get free gems

Don’t Waste The Coins

You will be rewarded with coins once you get the victory in a league match. Don’t waste these gems in gears. Save coins and increase the tier of recruited players. Go to the upgrade tab -> tap on the recruited player -> tap the + icon next to tier and promote your player to the higher tier. That player will get bonus OVR. From a one-star player to a two-stars player.

Upgrade The Player

Go to the upgrade tab -> select the recruited player -> upgrade its attributes using attribute points(AP-win the matches, level-up to get AP).

Raise the maximum level using coins(tap the + icon next to MAX level). Reach the level 10 and unlock skills. It costs you skill points. Level-up and obtain skill points.

Batting Tips For Newbies

Read the batting guide for more info. Here are some tips: –

  • It would be better to choose contact shot
  • Swing the bat at the right time
  • Leave the ball or don’t swing the bat if the ball is pitching outside the strike zone
  • Go to the home screen of the game -> settings -> practice – batting.

Pitching Tips For Newbies

Read the pitching guide for more info. Here are some pitching tips: –

  • Try pitching outside the strike zone(at least one time)
  • Choose fastball, slider
  • Navigate or swing the ball using navigation keys
  • Pitch at the corners

So, these are some basic Baseball 9 tips, cheats & a guide for the beginners. 

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  1. Do the leagues get more difficult as the numbers go up? I am still throwing perfect games and winning 82 games each season. I am using all but one of my original pitchers and all of them have a era under 1.00.

    I have played Pro III and Pro II does the difficulty increase in Pro I? If not I may quit


  2. You, as a player, can also “cheat.” If you are losing (or simply want to ensure yourself a win,) if your opponent scores, simply exit the game on your phone, then swipe it away. (As if you no longer want to play.) Then reopen the game. It will start at the beginning of the inning you were playing. It is the exact same cheat they are doing to you!

  3. I believe there is a bias inherent in the game, via admin or unspecified software. Unless statistically there is a predestined score. I am in the master league and winning. After a homerun in the eight the game mysteriously turned off and restarted the inning back to the closer score. It was 4-2 me with 2 on and then sudden reset to 3-2 and new inning. This has happened before in other ways.
    I will blame some admin for it somehow being involved in the game. It does not feel like random error.