Dragon Raja Guide To Ally, Careers For Beginners

Which career should you pick in the Dragon Raja game? What do allies do? Read on for Dragon Raja guide to ally and career system

Ally or Allies are the characters in Dragon Raja game that you can deploy to strengthen yourself or dispatch them on missions for EXP to level up quickly and other rewards. And, when you reach the Dragon Raja level 40, you will be able to choose a career. You can pick another career at level 60 – but, at level 40, you have to choose one out of two available. As of now, the two careers are cuisines and superstar. Let’s check out this Dragon Raja guide to the ally and career system. 

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Dragon Raja Guide To Ally: –Dragon Raja Guide Ally

The ally function in the game around level 30s. You can access it by tapping the menu button(+ symbol on the right-center). As per the current version of the game, there are 46 allies that you can recruit. And, once you gather 35 allies in the game, you can deploy five allies to strengthen your power. Also, you can send them on the bounty quests. 

Learn To Recruit The Ally

Head to the menu and tap the ally button. In the ally menu, tap the recruit tab. There you have three options to recruit the allies; free help request, special recruit, and premium recruit. From the free help request recruits, you can get 2-star or higher allies. You can use the request order tickets to recruit the allies. If you tap the ID card picture, you can select a lucky ally. As of now, we have no info on whether the lucky ally affects the drop rate or not. 

For special favor/premium recruit draw, you can get 5-star + ally. Although, you will need diamonds/gems or the golden request order tickets. The normal request order tickets can be obtained from the events. 

Appoint The Allies

Head to the ally menu. Tap the center tab. Tap on the free slot or occupied slot if you want to replace the current ally -> choose an ally that you want to appoint -> tap the appoint button. In the Ally tab, you can check the ally’s info; skills, stats, level, etc. Your stats get improved based on the ally(stats/power) you deploy.

Send The Allies On Bounty Missions

Head to the ally menu. There you can dispatch the recruited allies on the missions. They will bring the EXP, Ally EXP, Turquoise Potion, Gems, boxes, and other rewards. You can use Turquoise Potion to level up the allies in the Dragon Raja game. 

So this would be all in this post on Dragon Raja Ally Guide for beginners. 

Dragon Raja Guide To Careers: –

At level 40 in the game, the players pick one career for their classes. As said above, there are two career options available; Cuisines/Cooking, Superstar. If you choose the cuisine career, you can become a great chef/cook. If you choose the Superstar career, you can become a celebrity. Dragon Raja Guide Superstar Career

Superstar Career Guide

In this career, your character can learn how to sing, dance, dress, about make-ups, workout, etc. You are gonna perform on the stage as a dancer and singer together. After you activate this career, you have to focus on Career Upgrades; Artistic, Charisma, and Show. As an upgrade reward, you get badges, avatars, and other rewards. 

You will start with the audition artists and try hard to become an international star. Head to the career menu -> Superstar. There are six tabs: –

  • Home – here you can check the career path info, level/upgrades, agents, attributes like Charisma, Show, Artistic, etc. Tap the GO button next to a level upgrade requirement and follow on-screen instruction(it takes you the quest tab/artist)
  • Artist – here you will see the courses that you must master to accomplish the level upgrades requirement. For example; Seaweed Dance Course. Tap the Go button -> this will take you to the music room where your character will learn the things automatically. It will cost vitality and you will gain EXP, career points, art talent level, etc. All this will improve the artistic attributes
  • Image – here you will learn about the make-ups, work-outs. Tap the GO button and let the character learn/grasp the things. It will improve charisma attribute
  • Perform – here you will learn how to perform or perform in the locations. It will improve your show attribute

In other words –

  • Complete the artist quests to improve artistic attribute
  • Image quests to improve charisma
  • Perform quests to improve show attributes
  • Do all these to progress through the career path

Cooking Cuisine Career Guide: –Dragon Raja Guide Cuisine Cooking Career

Cuisine Career – if you choose this Dragon Raja career for your character class, then you can become Michelin Chef. All you need to do is improve three attributes – Ingredient, Cook ability, and Menu Ability. Head to the menu -> career -> Cusine -> In the home tab, you can check these attributes. To improve these attributes, you need to complete the food, cooking, and recipe quests. 

  • Recipe tab – Select a recipe and tap the learn button. You will get recipe talent points which improve menu ability, gives career points, recipe talent level points. 
  • Cooking – In this tab, you can select a recipe that you want to cook. You can get the ingredients from the ingredient shop. Tap the ingredient icon after selecting the recipe in cooking tab -> ingredient shop -> this will auto-navigate the character. There you can buy the ingredients with coins. If you have enough ingredients, tap the add button and then tap the cooking button. Tapping the cooking button will take you to the kitchen where the character cooks the recipe. It will increase the cook ability of the character
  • Food – Here you can check the ingredients that you can collect from the map. Tap the GO button after selecting the food item -> go to the food point -> collect the food -> this will improve your ingredient attribute

Keep learning the recipes, cooking the dishes, and collecting the food to progress to the Chef career. Which career should you pick at level 40? We would recommend choosing the cooking career – it’s fun, engaging, and you will love discovering and learning new Dragon Raja recipes. 

So this would be all in this post on Dragon Raja Career guide for beginners. 

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  1. Where do you get food? I can’t find food! I can’t cook food because I chose the Superstar career path. Where can I get food?

    • When your character gets hungry, just try to dash or something that requires endurance. Then the game will notify that you’re hungry and prompt you to teleport to a food vendor. If it so tap confirm

  2. How do you earn vitality once you use it all up? It’s been a full day and I havent got any new vitality so I cant continue to train on my career