The Ancestral Legacy Walkthrough Guide Wiki

The Ancestral Legacy walkthrough guide Wiki covers the basics, albums, characters, and timeline details. 

The Ancestral Legacy Walkthrough Guide

The Ancestral Legacy Walkthrough Guide Wiki

The Ancestral Legacy is an interactive storytelling game published by Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games). You will progress through the story, interact with characters, make choices that lead to different-different endings, and try to complete all the achievements, album, character collection, and timeline. 

The Ancestral Legacy Walkthrough Guide:

Tickets: watch the video ads to get the tickets. Choices; make choices on your own, you can always go back and make a different choice to get a different ending; tap on the moon/cloud icon in the lower-right corner -> tap on the timeline banner -> choose a point -> yes. 

The Ancestral Legacy All Endings

There are more than one endings in the game. The choices you made during the progression will lead you to different-different endings. So far we have discovered these endings; if you know all, please comment below: 

  • Happily ever after (Happy Ending)
  • The fall of Aman Village(bad ending)
  • New Aman City(normal ending)
  • Paradise lost (Normal Ending)
  • The puppeteer(bad ending)
  • The Unbearable Being
  • We are one; shared by Monkey Mesha in the comments
  • The Outside world; shared by Monkey Mesha in comments

Happily ever after (Happy Ending)

Head to the timeline menu of the game -> choose the festival eve party banner -> choose the third option groundskeeper. Progress further through the story -> always choose the “first option” out of all the options/choices that you can make till the choice when you are asked to run alone or with Noona, these choices are: (I turn toward the Mayor) Run, get out of here, hurry! (I offer my hand to Noona) Run, get out of here, hurry!  

Select the second choice(I offer my hand to Noona) Run, get out of here, hurry!  

These options/choices are from the last chapter when you are on the ritual site and the groundskeeper walks out and you politely ask him not to shoot(always choose the first option of all the choices from festival eve party to the point where you have to make one of these two choices; (I turn toward the Mayor) Run, get out of here, hurry! (I offer my hand to Noona) Run, get out of here, hurry!) 

Select the second choice(I offer my hand to Noona) Run, get out of here, hurry!  

How To Get: The fall of Aman Village(bad ending)

To get this ending, always select the “second option” out of all the options/choices that you make from the start. 

How To Get: The fall of Lost Paradise(normal ending)

To get this ending, choose the “first option” out of all the options/choices that you make from the start.

How To Get: New Aman City Ending

Shared by 677 in comments; head to the timeline menu -> blocked timeline banner -> grandmother, again. Keep choosing the first choice until you get to choose between; untie Noona first or destroy the altar and ruin this whole setup. Choose “destroy the altar and ruin this whole setup.” And, then choose; Run straight for the altar. Noona will be shot down by the Groundskeeper. 

How To Get: The Outside World Ending

Head to the timeline menu of the game -> tap on encountering the unknown banner -> choose the third option; lost in dreams. Never agree with the spirit’s views, always decline the spirit’s offer every time it comes to your dream/nightmare. Progress further and once you reach the One or the Other timeline checkpoint, a typhoon scene will come up and Noona will ask for help. Choose to help Noona. And after that, when you head to the mountain where the ritual is being conducted by the grandma, choose to destroy the altar; go straight to destroy the altar. 

How To Get: The puppeteer(bad ending)

In the last timeline(In the name of the spirit, the third phase), go up the mountain. Choose “Will it all end if I save Noona and run away?”. I should do something right now. Untie Noona first. Ignore him and keep running to Noona.

How To Get: We Are One Ending

Not 100% sure, but we got it by accepting the spirit’s proposal and views in One or the Other and after that. In One or the Other timeline phase, when you come out of Noona’s house, another nightmare begins and in that, the spirit asks you to accept or refuse the proposal. Accepting the spirit unlocks the “Acceptance checkpoint” and path to unlock the We Are One ending. Refusing the proposal unlocks the “Fifth Nightmare” checkpoint.

How To Get: The Unbearable Being Ending

Watch this video to know how to get this ending;

The Ancestral Legacy Characters

Currently, there are eight characters in the game. New characters are unlocked as you progress through the story. 

No. 1 – Kyung Lee
No. 2 – Noona
No. 3 – Housekeeper
No. 4 – Grandmother
No. 5 – Village Mayor
No. 6 – Groundskeeper
No. 7 – Dad
No. 8 – Spirit(?)Not confirmed, but it seems you need to unlock all the achievements to unlock the 8th character.

The Ancestral Legacy Albums

Albums unlock as you progress through the story mode. Make different choices to unlock all albums. Currently, there are 37 albums. We will list them all in this article soon. Please share the list in the comment box below if you unlocked all the 37 albums. 

No. 1 – Village bus.
No. 2 – First visit in 7 years.
No. 3 – First nightmare
No. 4 – Concerned
No. 5 – Swallow up
No. 6 – Youngster
No. 7 – Blank scenery
No. 8 – Unknown person
No. 9 –  Second nightmare
No. 10 – Leash
No. 11 – Something invisible
No. 12 – Absolute rage
No. 13 – Young woman.
No. 14 – Village mayor
No. 15 –  Employer and employee.
No. 16 – Disappearing tradition
No. 17 – It’s a festival
No. 18 – third nightmare
No. 19 – Devotion beyond devotion
No. 20 – Just out of curiosity
No. 21 – Fourth nightmare
No. 22 – Madness without malice(shared by Monkey Mesha in comments)
No. 23 – Our past(shared by Monkey Mesha in comments)
No. 24 – My Past
No. 25 – Dad blocks me(shared by Monkey Mesha in comments)
No. 26 – The mayor blocks me
No. 27 – They block me
No. 28 – Happily ever after(shared by Monkey Mesha in comments)
No. 29 – Paradise lost
No. 30 – The puppeteer(bad ending)
No. 31 – New Aman City – normal ending
No. 32 – We are one (??? ending)
No. 33 – We are one(shared by Monkey Mesha in comments)
No. 34 – The outside world(shared by Monkey Mesha in comments)
No. 35 – The fall of Aman village – bad ending
No. 36 – The being approaches
No. 37 – Facing the dark

The Ancestral Legacy Achievements

Achievements also unlock as you progress through the story mode and make choices. Currently, there are 32 achievements to unlock. We will list them all in this article soon. Please share the list in the comment box below if you unlocked all the 32 albums. 

No. 1 –  R & B soul
No. 2 – How about listening to all sorts of music?
No. 3 – Helps grandmother focus solely on her hearing
No. 4 – It’s trot y’all!(shared by Monkey Mesha in comments)
No. 5 – Ancient relic
No. 6 – I can’t live without my cigs
No. 7 – Bang bang
No. 8 – Think of exotic food that would be hard to come by in a small village
No. 9 – Pointless wound
No. 10 – Look for someone who draws
No. 11 – Something that’s everywhere, but hard to find when you actually look
No. 12 – feast
No. 13 – Listen to the stories of the lonely.
No. 14 – Grandma’s contact info
No. 15 – Mayor’s number
No. 16 – Housekeeper’s number
No. 17 – Noona’s number
No. 18 – Groundskeeper’s number
No. 19 – Say goodbye forever to someone I love.
No. 20 – There are times when no one contacts me on my phone
No. 21 – Think about Aman Village
No. 22 – Think about the leashes
No. 23 – Think about ways that can improve eyesight.(shared by Monkey Mesha in comments)
No. 24 – I love shopping(shared by Monkey Mesha in comments)
No. 25 – The spirit does not like the sound of cell phones
No. 26 – Finishing the first story
No. 27 – Look up all the things that happened at Aman Village on the internet
No. 28 – Reminisce about paradise lost
No. 29 – Look at the past of the frog.
No. 30 – Struggling through life(read description below)
No. 31 – Offer absolute obedience to the Spirit
No. 32 – See all achievements 

The Ancestral Legacy Struggling through

The fire that lit the mountain ablaze completely burned out, miraculously, before it spread. The police report attributed it to the heavy rain. But Lee’s family mountain was almost completely destroyed. 

That’s when misfortune started spreading through the village. 5 days after the mayor went missing in the fire, the disheveled mayor returned out of nowhere. It was days before any of the villagers caught sight of him again. There were rumors that people had seen him wandering around his yard in the early hours, but that was it. Despite their curiosity, there was a reason no one in the village could actually do something to solve that curiosity. 

It was because the pillar of the village, Grandmother Jung Nam, had also disappeared. Her whereabouts also became unknown right after the ancestral ritual took place. The music that had spread from her house every morning had stopped. The housekeeper that came and went was no longer to be seen. The groundskeeper had vanished as well. The house was silent and empty.

Because of the significant size of the forest fire, the jurisdiction went beyond the neighborhood police. Without even a probable rumor for over a month, the villagers finally pieced together what had happened after a full-blown investigation launched by the city police. 

The case brought a swarm of local media attention, and creepy rumors that the case was really about the attempted ritual sacrifice of a local village woman swept through the region. The police chief seemed to be overwhelmed by all the attention the case was gaining and defused the situation by saying it was a simple abduction. 

The police interrogated the village mayor and some others and it was not hard for them to find out the details of what had happened. The mayor, who claimed he had a mental breakdown, was completely alert while giving his statement, but he thoroughly made himself out to be the victim. In particular, the mayor showed enormous hatred toward a kid named Kyung Lee, but Kyung was a minor, they simply labeled him a victim. 

As Kyung Lee’s father confessed, he and Kyung’s grandmother were indicated as the ringleaders and the case seemed to come to a close quickly. All through the whirlwind investigation, however, no one laid eyes on grandmother Jung Nam as if she had disappeared without a trace. 

Half a year passed like this, and the village was no longer the same. The national program that the mayor tried to attract had already gone to another region and the young people who had moved to the village with great expectations left the village looking for other ways to improve their lives. 

The other villagers did not blame the young people for leaving. It was a known fact that there was nothing in the village for them. The small-scale farmsteads they were keeping were returned to villagers as scraps. 

A new year dawned, and winter was coming to an end. The groundskeeper showed up. He had been living in the house that the young woman Yoori Ahn had been living in. He said that his grandmother had given him the house. One of the villagers asked for paperwork to prove this as they did not believe what the groundskeeper was saying. The groundskeeper proudly produced the paperwork and stood up for his rights. The groundskeeper lashed out against the villager and left the scene. The groundskeeper was now a full-fledged villager. 

Even so, he remained a cast out among the village. No one even exchanged greetings with him. The groundskeeper seemed to lose the confidence he displayed when he first got the house and seemed to wither away. He ended up being an outsider even with a house in the village. 

Of course, the groundskeeper kept up the strange lifestyle he had while living along in the mountains like leaving dead animals from his hunts strewn around. It made the villagers feel like they were living among wild animals. Even though he was not the groundskeeper anymore, he was still not called a villager, and the people still addressed him as the groundskeeper. 

Some people went to the village mayor to try and fix the problem, but the mayor had changed. He avoided leaving the house and his once strong stature caring for the village. The mayor and groundskeeper went as far as to ignore each other. The mayor acted as though he had imploded. 

The summer after the forest fire, the levee on the embankment of the river next to the village gave out. Help from the town came but it was not enough to prevent the landslide that ruined the terrain. The bridge was closed. Half the farmland was flooded, and that season’s crops were ruined. 

Because there was not enough money to fix the village, the annual festival ended up being canceled. Ever since Grandmother, the financial backer of the festivals, had disappeared, all sense of community in the village crumbled. 

The end of the village festival seemed to be the last nail in the coffin for the village. The collapsed levee, the absence of the financial pillar, the departure of the young people, and on top of that, the strange behavior of the groundskeeper – Aman 5 village had turned into just another deteriorating rural village within a year of the forest fire. 

The elderly living off their pension had no means of leaving, but the middle-aged villagers sold their land and homes, leaving for the main town, for the outside world in order to find a way to survive. The first villager to depart set off a domino effect and the villagers rushed out of the village, leaving it empty as though a plague had ravaged it. 

Over the next 10 years, the population of the village shrank from 800 to roughly 100 residents. The village, which had been known for the longevity of its residents, no longer lived up to that reputation. For reasons unknown, residents seemed to pass away unexpectedly or after severe disease and were not even able to make it to the average life expectancy. 

Aman 5 was left with those who had no way to leave – the poor, the washouts, the elderly who were hanging on to life by a thread. The only person with energy in that place was the groundskeeper. His presence became even bigger as the village’s population dwindled. In all that time, Kyung Lee’s grandmother did not return and the once grand gate to her now-abandoned house had started to collapse due to disuse. In the meanwhile, the village mayor completely lost his mind. 

The village was now simply a name on a map, forgotten, and crumbling. No one came, no one gave the village a second thought. There was no sense of life in the silent village. 

On a day when the lonely village was guarded by the last remaining villagers, the person who had visited his grandmother’s house 10 years ago made an unexpected trip to the village. The first and last person to witness his visit was the groundskee[er who had to do his best to ignore that this visit had ever taken place. 

The Ancestral Legacy Timeline

The story is split into seven timelines, starting with Encountering the unknown. In each timeline, you will encounter new characters, make choices, and based on the choices made; new achievements/albums/endings are unlocked. In the lower-right corner, tap the cloud/moon icon -> tap on a timeline banner -> choose a designated point -> tap yes to go back to that point and start from there so that you can make a different choice and get a different ending.  

No. 1 – Encountering the unknown
No. 2 – Fear
No. 3 – Abyss
No. 4 – Festival eve party
No. 5 – One or the other
No. 6 – Blocked
No. 7 – In the name of the spirit

Encountering the unknown

  • On the way to grandma’s house
  • Asking for directions
  • Lost in dreams
  • The bus is the memory of me(Shared by Monkey Mesha in the comments)


  • Four Seasons Winter
  • One or the other
  • Second nightmare
  • I will allow it(I have no choice but to accept)(Shared by Monkey Mesha in the comments)


  • Piano Concerto No. 1
  • Outing
  • Third Nightmare
  • Compromise(Do I have any other choice but to compromise?)(Shared by Monkey Mesha in the comments)

Festival eve party

  • For Elise
  • Meeting Noona
  • Groundskeeper(My conversation with the groundskeeper)(Shared by Monkey Mesha in the comments)
  • Grandmother
  • Fourth nightmare(I don’t want to be beaten.)(Shared by Monkey Mesha in the comments)
  • Surrender(I have no choice but to give up)(Shared by Monkey Mesha in the comments)

One or the other

  • Typhoon
  • Noona’s House
  • Fifth nightmare
  • Acceptance(I have no choice but to serve him)(Shared by Monkey Mesha in the comments)


  • The Spirit of the Mountain
  • Grandmother, again.

In the name of the spirit

  • The last day
  • Inside the shed
  • Save Noona first
  • Let’s ruin the ritual

So this would be all in this post on The Ancestral Legacy walkthrough guide wiki. We will soon complete the walkthrough, character list, achievement list, and album list. Feel free to provide any details in the comment section below. 

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87 thoughts on “The Ancestral Legacy Walkthrough Guide Wiki”

      • Choose all the first options until chapter Blocked,when spirit ask you about choose someone in the village,keep silent.Then choose all the first options again,after you go up the mountain,”run away”,”start”,”destroy the altar”,”wait”,”destroy the altar”,”run straight to the altar”.(Decline the Spirit 4 times,and accept the last one).Thats all,i think. (Sorry for my bad english 😢)

    • I finally get it! How it was write in one of the early comments, you should burn. In my successfull attemp I refused 4 time and agreed in last time and helping Noona. And ruin the ritual, I guess. You probably should have enough good relationship with groundskeeper (but i not sure about it). In this state you will be able to pretend the spirit and when the spirit said choose someone else to sacriface, you can yell Noona or Grandma (but it’s doesn’t matter cause you’re burn anyway). And that all!
      Ah yeah, I not sure about silence or refused to chose someone else in Blocked. Sorry for not writing it’s more clearly; I had too many attemp to do this lol

    • There is a video on youtube called (The ancestral legacy all endings || part 2) the channels name is Puru, they made a video on how to get all endings (except the unbearable being)

  1. I tried doing the unbearable being ending as I read in the comments but it didn’t work out and I got the lost paradise one, what should I do T–T

  2. Hello!
    At the moment I have found all the endings and collected almost all the achievements, but I still can’t find 3 endings: “something that is everywhere, but that is hard to find if you search”
    “listen to the stories of the lonely”
    “there are times when no one writes to me”.
    Please tell how I can find them?

  3. I apologize to those that got rhe wrong ending when I wrote out the instructions for Outside World.

    Instead of doing everything you can for Noona in tour playthrough, I think you might only need to interact with her once. Basically you barely know her when you intie her and tell her to run. Don’t knock over the alter or shrine, though. That will give you the nornal ending instead.

  4. @677
    No wayy, the Spirit is the 8th character?? How did you unlock it?

    The only ending I’m missing is New Aman City.

    Under Timeline for the Festival Eve Party, I can’t for the life of me get the scene with what I assume is Noona. (Bottom left character pic,
    next to Grandmother)

    The achievements I’m still trying to find are
    #11 Something that’s
    everywhere, but hard to find when you actually look.
    #13 ??
    #14 Think of Grandmother.
    #18 Fulfill someone’s
    impossible wish and
    exchange numbers.
    #20 There are times when no
    one contacts me on my phone.

    Thanks so much for your help!

      • I’ll be honest, I forget which ending was labeled We Are One (with the ???) because it changes once you unlock it.

        So these are the endings I’ve unlocked (I’m missing the one called New Aman City)

        28. Happily Ever After (happy ending)
        29. Paradise Lost (normal ending)
        30. The Puppeteer (bad ending)
        31. [This is the New Aman City one I have yet ro unlock]
        32. We Are One (???)
        33. The Unbearable Being (bad ending)
        34. The Outside World (happy ending)
        35. The Fall of Aman Village (bad ending)

        • Sorry for my bad English
          I’ve seen Littlecat wrote instruction to get new aman city below, I think it will help you.
          Btw, we are one without ??? Is the unbearable being. How did you get it? I’ve failed to get this one many times

          • Momo, your English is great! I understand it perfectly 👌

            And thanks for the tip, I’ll give Littlecat’s method a try!

            I know tou unlock The Unbearable One by falling into the fire that Noona’s engulfed in already. I’m trying ro remember the steps to get to that point, though.

    • Actually, I ended up getting the Think of Grandmother achievement after posting this. Instead of picking the option that I remember this before at the beginning, I pretended it was my first time. Since I got the beginning dialogue all over again, I chose to comment about Grandmother’s health. Thay’s all I needed to unlock the achievement.

    • sorry for answering you so really miss so many achievements. unlock the 8th character”spirit”,you should unlock all achievememts unlock “new aman city”,you should load chapter “blocked”-“grandmother,again”. and select the first option all the time.everytime when you can crash the altar,select it(3 times).then the groundkeeper will only shoot noona unlock”meeting noona”in”festival eve party”,you should always select noona(maybe,im not sure),if it ask you to choose small road or main road,choose small road unlock achievement 11and 13,you should unlock all endings and all achievements(except this 2and the last),then go to the first chapter,it will send you this two unlock achievement 14,you should select the second option”grandma will be healthy as usually,wont she?”in chapter1″on the way to grandmas house” unlock achievement 18,you should unlock “the new aman city”ending unlock achievement 20,you should dont let spirit broken you phone and choose grandma when groundkeeper catch you in order to let your feet hurt and then choose downhill.then kyung lee will find his phone less route is choose thefirst option all the time and choose downhill

      thats all .hopes it will be helpful

        • i dont know how,but maybe you can try to select the first option all the time,that is how i reach it,but im not really sure about this,sorry

      • Hi, can I ask you again about 11, 13 and 20 achievments? I understand what should do to 11 and 13 but not for 20. Spirit didn’t break the phone (but I didn’t chose only first) and I do things just how you write, but still didn’t get that one. Maybe you remember something more about that? And thank you about everything else)

        • really sorry about this.i told this method to another player,and he also cant get this achievement.i dont know what is difference between him and me.there is nothing more i can remember about this.sorry that cant help you

          • Ah, everything okay, for me it’s also hard to remeber all things what I do. Thank you anyway)

      • Oh,now i remember.
        1. Say “i accept” in chapter “One or the other” and “If it is only until tomorrow” in chapter “Blocked”. Decline in all other cases.
        2. In the last timeline say “Can I stop this if I destroy the altar?”, “I need to stop this right now”, “destroy the altar and ruin this whole set up”, “run straight to the altar
        3.Focus on the mayor
        Now waiting for someone can get “We are one” (not ???)

    • I got the outside world, it goes like this
      – Decline every offer the spirit makes to you.
      – Literally hate the village, only care about noona and help her when the storm hits.
      – At the end go down the mountain and when you go up go for destroying the altar.
      – Run straight to it.

    • For we are one normal one without ???
      – Do everything spirit wants and accept all his requests.
      – Help the village when storm hits.
      – Go up the mountain and it will steal your body before even you can make a decision in the mountain.

    • The We Are One ending (not the ??? one) is Ending 35, right?
      I’m pretty sure I achieved it by rejecting the spirit until the very last time, then accepted. When you see Noona, wait til she’s already started burning before running towards her. You want to get the option that knocks you into the fire too. This ending is called The Unbearable Being (bad ending).

      To get The Outside World, you have to have a good relationship with Noona before saving her at the end. But don’t take her hand and run away with her. Tell her to run and save herself.

  5. how to get “we are one” ??? Ending,
    you just need to accept the spirit every night, and (I think) chose to help the village instead of Noona :b

    how to get “happily ever after” refuse the spirit every night, get close to the groundskeeper and Noona, chose to save Noona first, and then chose to hold her hand to run away together.

    “lost paradise” just do the same as “happily ever after” but instead of holding Noona’s hand chose to stay behind while she runs aways.

    (sorry for my bad english)

  6. I got the happy ending on my first try so that’s how I got it:
    – Decline every offer the spirit makes to you.
    – Literally hate the village, only care about noona and help her when the storm hits.
    – At the end go down the mountain and when you go up go for destroying the altar.
    – Run straight to it.

    Spirit is bad, I decided to listen to him in my next run and it stole my body, bad spirit.

  7. Can anyone answer the significance of taking pain killers? I understand it involves the headaches, but I can’t recall a time when they’ve actually helped relieve the headaches. 🤔

    I have also noticed the difference in headaches between obeying the spiritt and ignoring the spirit.

    Add on top of that your mental state. Your character’a stress increases headaches too.

    • I think it prevents the nightmares when you reject the spirit. I’m not sure because it only happened once, but one time I decided to day no to the spirit after having took the medicine and I just woke up, without dreams of any sort.

  8. (I’m not Eng, sorry for my language:))
    So, my first ending was “we are the one”, and thats how I got it (how i remember, so this need to be cheked, before it maybe goes to this site):
    1. Say “i decline” in chapter “Festival eve party” and “i’m never going to give in. I’m going to do whatever I want.” in chapter “Blocked”. Agree in all other cases.
    2. In the last timeline say “Can I stop this if I destroy the altar?”, “I need to stop this right now”, “destroy the altar and ruin this whole set up”, “run straight to the altar”.
    Thats all, I think. Check this up!

  9. List of the characters and their info! If anyone has unlocked the last character, pls do tell me about it and how to unlock it! (≧▽≦)

    1. Kyung Lee
    A typical Korean high school student. Nothing about him really stands out. He spends his time following his friends around. For many reasons, he ends up having to spend time in a country village.
    Height: 174 cm
    Likes: sports, coin noraebang, Jjajang ramyun, secretly drinking beer
    Dislikes: mosquitoes, eggplants, the smell of cigarettes
    TMI: Has had 2 girlfriends

    2. Noona
    Though they live in a remote country town, she proudly says she is comfortable… why is she so comfortable? We’ll see.
    Age: 21
    Dislikes: Injustice and corruption, religion, her little brother, raw food
    TMI: Imagines cute cars when she is feeling upset
    TMI: Can’t live without coffee

    3. Housekeeper
    She has a strong poker face and is very good at hiding her emotions while she has a lot on her mind… It might be that what she wishes for isn’t something that extraordinarily.
    Dreamt of being a chef before becoming a housekeeper
    Likes: R&B, touching movies, children, cute animals, flowers, cooking , coffee
    Dislikes: Violence, poverty,scary movies

    4. Grandmother
    Quite yet charismatic, they are the real leader of this small country village, backed by both financial resources and capabilities
    Age: 70
    Likes: Classical music,money, silence, obedience, son,grandson, sushi
    Dislikes: Weakness, Ignorance, Disobedience
    Accepted her fate and lived out her life in Aman 5 village.
    TMI: Has never gone to a live musical concert

    5. Village Mayor
    This human energizer uses their abundant energy to bring the villagers together. They pop up whenever they are needed and devoted to Aman 5 village.
    Age: 45
    Height: 188 cm
    Dislikes: Nothing
    TMI: 3 to 680
    TMI: slave to his wife (LMAO)

    6. Groundskeeper
    Though he is the groundskeeper for the nearby mountains, there aren’t any many in the village he’s actually talked with. Perhaps they don’t like each other?
    Height: 152 cm
    Dislikes: The world
    TMI: has never been in a photo

    7. Dad
    My loving dad. He doesn’t really have hobbies or anything so spends his weekends lazing around at home, but if when it comes to me, he’ll drop everything if needed.
    Age: 46
    Height: 172 cm
    Spends all of his time outside the office at home
    He had the same reaction as his son when he first learnt about the village

    8. N/A (wondering who he/she is maybe spirit’s profile? No way I guess xD but imma find it out :0 )

    • Oh hey, here’s one you missed:
      Underneath Kyung Lee’s dislikes
      “TMI: Started an internet broadcast with friends.” I got this one on a complete Famous route (and rejecting spirit’s final offer at end).

      By the way my guess is that the 8th character is the person mentioned in the phone call with Dad at the end of the first day. You can either ask for Dad to send you money, or ask him to call that friend in.. wherever that place was that Kyung said he’d visit the next aeek.

        • At the beginning, tell the spirit you want to be famous. You’ll want to keep helping the spirit every night until the last one. After that first dream, go towards the village center during the day and you’ll see that a video of you and your friends goes viral. You become famous for it! When you have ro choose to save Noona or the town, choose Noona. She’ll say that she recognized you from the viral video (which is kinda cool, actually). Make sure to refuse the very last choice the spirit gives you, then save Noona and run away together. There will be a reference to you being famous in the ending.

          • thank you so much.i will have a you need any help,i’ve already get everything from the game except the character’s info ,such as all the endings(except secret ending),all characters(the last one is the spirit),all photos and all,would you want to know sth?

  10. I have encountered all the routes except 1 route each in chapter 4 and 5 :’D

    Chapter 1 Encountering the unknown
    Reverse time:
    On the way to grandma’s house (The first visit in 7 years, a little awkward, a little excited.)
    Asking for directions
    (Should I ask or not)
    Lost in dreams
    (My decision can change my life)
    The bus is the memory of me
    (It’s not like it’s the first time I’m playing this game)

    Chapter 2 Fear
    Reverse time:
    Four seasons “Winter”
    (It’s a new morning)
    One or the other
    (Where is this road leading me)
    Second nightmare.
    (I don’t wanna watch)
    I will allow it
    (I have no choice but to accept)

    Chapter 3 Abyss
    Reverse time:
    Piano Concerto No.1
    (I’am awake.. again.
    (Isn’t there anything I can do?)
    Third Nightmare
    (I don’t wanna read anymore)
    (Do I have any other choice but to compromise?)

    Chapter 4 Festival eye party
    Reverse time:
    For Elise
    (I don’t like mornings anymore)
    (My conversation with groundskeeper)
    (The truth of what grandmother told me….)
    Fourth nightamare
    (I don’t want to be beaten.)
    (I have no choice but to give up)

    Chapter 5 One or the other
    Reverse time:
    (I like the typhoon)
    Noona’s house
    (Let’s help Noona)
    Fifth Nightmare
    (I don’t want it to be my responsibility)
    (I have no choice but to serve him)

    Chapter 6 Blocked
    Reverse time:
    The Spirit of the Mountain.
    (I feel like I have to go)
    Grandmother, again.
    ( I can’t run away)

    Chapter 7 In the name of the Spirit
    Reverse time:
    The last day
    (It’s the end of the end)
    Inside the shed
    (I have to get out of here)
    Save Noona first
    (I have to save Noona!)
    Let’s ruin the ritual
    (I have to ruin the ritual!)

  11. I have got all the images in the album except no 33 and 34!

    1 Village bus
    (Village buses are noisy?)
    2 First visit in 7 years
    (The gate to grandma’s house is really big.)
    3 First Nightmare
    (Someone’s nightmare. I can’t stand up to the violence.)
    4 Concerned
    (It looks like the housekeeper is really concerned about me)
    5 Swallow up
    (Why do I taste something…sweet?)
    6 Youngster
    (The mayor speaks to me threateningly)
    7 Blank scenery
    (I don’t see anything. I only feel relief.)
    8 Unknown person
    (Must be careful,you never know what can happen.)
    9 Second nightmare
    (Someone’s nightmare. I can’t stand up to the toxic words.)
    10 Leash
    (The leash around grandma’s neck looks like the one’s around slaves.)
    11 Something Invisible
    (I can’t see a thing even though my eyes are open.)
    12 Absolute rage
    (It’s not the kind of thing a normal person would come up with.)
    13 Young woman
    (The young woman looks even more like an outsider than me)
    14 Village Mayor
    (Broad shoulders and a muscular build. It’s obvious he’s a warrior.)
    15 Employer and employee
    (The house is impeccably clean. It suits them well. They even have the same expression on their faces.)
    16 Disappearing tradition
    (The procession of hundreds of people really is an overwhelming sight.)
    17 It’s a festival
    (They all look happy,which makes me feel even more out of place)
    18 Third Nightmare
    (Someone’s nightmare. I can’t stand up to the fury.)
    19 Devotion beyond devotion
    (All sort of delicacies are laid out at the altar but these are not for human hands to touch.)
    20 Just out of curiosity
    (The villagers look out at us with curiosity shining in their eyes.)
    21 Fourth nightmare
    (Someone’s nightmare. I can’t stand up to the failure.)
    22 Madness without malice
    (Are the villagers looking at us or somewhere farther in the distance?)
    23 Our past
    (I’am not alone on my first vist to Aman 5 village in 10 years)
    24 My past
    (My first visit to Aman 5 village in 10 years. I am here,alone,again.)
    25 Dad blocks me
    (The person I trusted the most is leading the terrible thing. I feel despair.)
    26 The mayor blocks me
    (They’re only doing this for their own benefit. I feel rage that there’s nothing I can do to stop it.)
    27 They block me
    (What is the Spirit’s power that everyone is trying to stop me?)
    28 Happily ever after
    (The hands that I was barely able to grasp, I’ll never let them go.)
    29 Paradise lost
    (This huge city can’t even fill the void in my life)
    30 The Puppeteer
    (Master, please shake my leash until it breaks.)
    31 New Aman city
    (The small country village has grown into the largest country in the region in only 10 years.)
    32 We are one ???
    (The spirit, who has finally conquered my body, seems to have bigger plans.)
    33 We are one (haven’t got this one)
    34 The outside world (haven’t got dis one too)
    35 The fall of Aman village
    (The fate of this small country village was sealed when its biggest supported pulled back.)
    36 The being approaches (Video)
    37 Facing the dark (Video)

  12. Finally stumbled upon a guide of this game! I have unlocked 6 endings so far so gonna list em all!
    1st ending: Happily ever after (Happy Ending)
    2nd ending: Paradise lost (Normal Ending)
    3rd ending: The Puppeteer (Bad Ending)
    4th ending: New Aman city (Normal Ending)
    5th ending: We are the one (??? Ending)
    6th ending: We are the one (haven’t unlocked it yet)
    7th ending: The Outside world (haven’t unlocked this one too)
    8th ending: The fall of Aman Village (Bad ending)

    PS: haven’t unlocked the last character of game yet :’)

    All the achivements I got this far: (9 left for me to complete it)

    1. R&B soul
    (I live for R&B)
    2. Hip-hopper
    (I dance to hip-hop when I’m sad.)
    3. I live for classical music
    (Trends are temporary, classical is forever)
    4. It’s trot y’all!
    (Look closely, this is what grown ups like.)
    5. Ancient Relic
    (It may look like a relic,but some people enjoy using this for nostalgic sentiment.)
    6. I can’t live without my cigs
    (I don’t want to ignore my conscience.)
    7. Bang bang
    (Rule No.1: Do not point the barrel at a human.
    Rule No.2: Do not point the barrel at a human.
    Rule No.3: Do not point the barrel at a human.
    The Final rule: There are always exceptions to the rules.)
    8. Tastes good, ya know!
    (It may be an unfamiliar foreign food to some, but to others it’s soul food.)
    9. Pointless wound
    (My feet are a mess. I feel like a caveman. But strangely, there’s not a scratch on them.)
    10. Tablet
    (My everything. The start of everything. My pen gives birth to my world.)
    11. Something that’s everywhere, but hard to find when you actually look (haven’t got this one yet)
    12. Feast
    (The table overflowing with traditional Korean food is the epitome of indulgence. It was once reserved only for royalty and nobility.)
    13. Listen to the stories of the lonely (haven’t unlocked it yet)
    14. Grandma’s contact info
    15. Mayor’s number
    16. Housekeeper’s number
    17. Noona’s number
    18. Groundskeeper’s number
    19. Say good-bye forever to someone I love (haven’t got dis one)
    20. There are times when no one contacts me on my phone (haven’t got dis one)
    21. Think about Aman Village (haven’t got dis one)
    22. Searching “spirit leash”
    (I look up “Spirit’s leash”. But there isn’t even anything related on the internet.)
    23. Think about ways that can improve eyesight. (haven’t got dis one)
    24. I love shopping
    (Bank Balance. If I don’t have money, I’ll ask my dad.)
    25. Broken cell phone
    (Broken cell phone. I’m furious. At this trash situation,at everything.)
    26. Finishing the first story
    (The first story comes to an end)
    27. Look up all the things that happened at Aman Village on internet (haven’t got dis one)
    28. A lonely life (got a story in description)
    29. Look at the past of the frog. (haven’t got dis one)
    30. Struggling through life (got a story in description)
    31. One with the spirit (got a story in description)
    32. See all achivements (haven’t got dis one)
    If y’all have any questions feel free to ask! Gonna try my best to answer ;D

      • For the 1st one (happy ending :D) you gotta choose the options in which you will mostly interact with Noona, keep a good relationship with her and when you get a choice to help mayor or Noona, go and help Noona. Also decline everytime when spirit asks you to join him. (That spirit’s evil af :C) and have a good relationship with Groundskeeper too~
        In last chap decide to help Noona and Untie her and when mayor comes to stop you, choose to ignore him and then dad stops you but he will leave after sometime and fight with mayor. Then groundskeeper will come and if you have met groundskeeper first in your gameplay (after Noona ofc) and have a good relationship with him you will get a options to convince him to keep away the gun. Choose the option : politely say him to keep the gun away and the first option after that, groundskeeper will realise and go away from there. Then pick the option of helping Noona outta here and done 😀 you get the happy ending~ Seriously I love this ending a lot (◕ᴗ◕✿) I barely remember most of my choices cuz I was literally too busy collecting all endings (still 2 left) so might comment perfect info about endings after replaying 😀 and hope this helps 😉

    • Bro how to get new Aman village ending?i got 5 and except for New village i couldnt find we are the one(not the ??? one)and outside world,sorry for bad english btw

      • The We Are One ending (not the ??? one) is Ending 35, right?
        I’m pretty sure I achieved it by rejecting the spirit until the very last time, then accepted. When you see Noona, wait til she’s already started burning before running towards her. You want to get the option that knocks you into the fire too. This ending is called The Unbearable Being (bad ending).

        To get The Outside World, you have to have a good relationship with Noona before saving her at the end. But don’t take her hand and run away with her. Tell her to run and save herself.

    • Can you tell me about we are one (without ???) ending
      I can’t get it , it only 1 ending I don’t get