Bistro Heroes guide: tips, cheats & strategies

Bistro Heroes is a popular RPG for mobile. Read on for the Bistro Heroes guide featured with lots of tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

Bistro Heroes guide tips cheatsBistro Heroes guide, tips, cheats, and strategy: – 

This article covers “how to play Bistro Heroes”, about heroes, upgrades, fishing, relics, clothes, and other aspects such as team building, tier info, furniture, pets, cooking, and more. So, let’s not waste any time and check out the Bistro Heroes guide and tips: –

Get Started With Bistro Heroes Basics

In the Bistro Heroes game, you progress through the battle map stages; there are around x10 stages – each stage has lots of sub-stages that you can clear for rewards such as cooking ingredients, cloth material, etc. You will need the stamina to play these stages; stamina replenishes over time; you can get it immediately by spending red gems or watching the video ads or from fishing. 

To defeat the enemies in the battle, you can build a team of up to four heroes that fight the enemies during the battle. As you proceed further to high difficult stages, you will have to choose heroes wisely, make them powerful, and use their skills intelligently. We have shared a battle guide and some tips below. 

After clearing certain stages in the Bistro Heroes game, new functions/features/game modes are unlocked. For instance; the pet function unlocks when you defeat the boss at the 7-5 stage. Other than the normal battle mode, the Bistro Heroes game features daily dungeon mode where you fight the giant enemies and get ether fragments. There is an ancient relic site mode where you protect the excavator from enemies. From this mode, you can earn relic fragments and use them to unlock.upgrade a variety of passive buffs in the Bistro Heroes game.Bistro Heroes guide tips cheats

Equip High Tier Clothes

Clothes or costumes of heroes provide team bonuses; for example – an increase in ATK and HP for all heroes. These clothes are available in multiple tiers; SS tier, S Tier, A-Tier, and F Tier. The SS tier clothes provide a massive bonus as compared to S, A, and F tier clothes. SS> S > A > B > F. You can craft clothes with cloth material or spend gems or event currency. 

With cloth material: – cloth material can be obtained from the battle map stages; some stages give wood while some stages give clothes. If you have enough quantity, go to the “cloth” tab of the hero menu -> there you can check all the clothes/costumes of selected hero -> craft -> equip. 

Gems/Event items: – in the upper-right corner, tap on the summon banner(next to the shop, as of writing this guide; the current banner name is “Arcade Heroes”). Under the summon tab, you can spend red gems and get random items; clothes or furniture. Go to the event tab; there you can spend the event currency for the clothes or material items. For example – as of writing this guide, event currency is the star – stars descend on the ground. Collect the stars and exchange them for high-tier outfits. 

Guide To Characters In Bistro Heroes

Characters or Heroes in the Bistro Heroes game have unqiue skills; basic attack and ultimate skill. For example – Ayran’s ultimate skill grants invulnerability to all allies. Coq au Vin’s ultimate skill inflicts AoE DMG. Limu’s ultimate skill generates a barrier for all allies. The character unleashes the basic attack during the battle automatically. But, the ultimate skill should be unleashed by you, manually. 

How to unlock characters: new characters or heroes in Bistro Heroes are unlocked after clearing a certain stage. For example – 8-1, 9-1, 10-1. In the lower-left corner, tap the option; hero. This will open the list of heroes; at the bottom panel, you can check the stage number that you must clear to unlock that particular character. 

Select a character or hero to check its info; under the skill tab, you can read its basic attack and ultimate skill info. Under the ether fragments tab, you can spend ether fragments in upgrading the hero; level up heroes using ether fragments. At certain levels, heroes get passive bonuses. For example – Ayran’s DEF is increased by 10% when she reaches level 25. In the cloth tab, you can change the character’s outfit. 

Tips To Build A Great Team In Bistro Heroes

We would advise you to go with x2 damage dealers, x2 tanks. Damage dealers; the characters with DMG skills. For example – Coq au Vin. Tanks: characters with shield skills. For example – Ayran, Limu. 

Damage dealers are important as they can inflict high DMG and defeat the enemies quickly. Tanks are important as they possess shield and barrier skills that can protect the whole team from enemies’ attacks. 

Navigate to the menu; hero -> check the skill info of all the characters. Some characters have CC skills – they can be helpful too. For example – stun the enemies, immobilize the enemy. You may want to consider them in the team if you want to stop the enemies for a few seconds. 

For more firepower, you can add x3 damage dealers and x1 tank. 

Use The Skills At The Right Time

When the boss is about to unleash its superpowerful skill, you will see the red zone. Tank heroes’ skills can protect the whole team from this massive attack – so, we would suggest to not waste tank heroes’ skill by using it early – unleash it when the boss is about to use its main skill. 

Manage Your Restaurant In Bistro Heroes

The ingredients that you get by eliminating the enemies and clearing the map stages can be used to cook tasty food items. Food items are sold at the restaurant that you see on the main screen. By selling these cooking items, you will earn coins. In the lower-left corner, tap the cooking icon -> on the menu section, you will see the list of dishes that you can craft. Tap the “quick craft” button at the top-right side to cook the items quickly. 

Once you have done that, you will see a “selling” bar on the dish. The cooked dishes will be sold at a fixed price. Select a dish and on the right side of it, you can check its detail; the price, recipe, ingredients info, name of the item, owned quantity, etc. Bistro Heroes guide tips cheats

Make Upgrades To Get Better

Tap the upgrade option in the lower-left corner -> upgrade -> 

  • Polish weapons – to increase the attack stats of all heroes
  • Upgrade armor – to improve the HP of all heroes
  • Turnover rate – to improve the selling speed
  • Expand counter – to sell more items
  • Expand rest arena – to increase the stamina recharging speed
  • Supply storage – to increase max stamina capacity
  • Base attack speed; spend relic fragments to increase
  • Base ATK DMG; spend relic fragments
  • HP recovery; relic fragments
  • Gain barrier – spend relic fragments
  • Increase move speed – spend relic fragments

Don’t ignore the stamina upgrades; you will need to grind a lot in this game and without stamina, it’s not possible. 

Protect The Excavator In Ancient Relic Site

Ancient Relic Site is one of the game modes available in the Bistro Heroes game. From this mode, you can get the relic fragments. Speaking of winning rules, you will get the victory if you get successful in protecting the excavator. As soon as the battle starts, the enemies will spawn and try to destroy the excavator. Use the heroes’ skills and stop them! At the top of the screen, you will see the battle progress. 

Repeat And Grind In Bistro Heroes

Battle map stages and relic mode stages, both, can be repeated for rewards. If you are low on ingredients, repeat/explore the cleared battle map stages. If you are low on relic fragments, repeat the relic site battles. 

Get Bonuses From The Pets 

Pets in Bistro Heroes game provide great bonuses. For example – the dog; increases the dish sale price. You will unlock another pet after clearing the 8-5 stage. These pets walk near the restaurant -> now and then, a heart icon will appear over their head; tap the heart icon to increase affinity with them and get bonuses. 

Place Furniture Items Near The Restaurant

Furniture items can be crafted with wood or obtained from gacha/summon/event. Tap the furniture option in the bottom-left side; tap on a furniture item -> place. Placed furniture items grant bonuses for the battles. Tap and hold on a furniture item if you want to move it/change its location. 

Get Free Clothes, Gems, And Items

By completing the main quests, sub-quests, and achievements, you can get free clothes(material), furniture items, and gems. On the left side of the screen, the game displays the list of missions. Tap on a mission to check its info. Bistro Heroes guide tips cheats

Start Fishing For Free Items In Bistro Heroes

You get x100 baits daily. With these baits, you can start fishing and earn free stamina or other items. Tap on the fishing rod in the lower-right side -> go to fishing spot -> fish manually or set it on the sleep mode. 

Save The Progress To Cloud

Make sure to save the progress by linking the game to the FB account. At the top-right side of the screen, tap the cloud upload button -> save the progress. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Bistro Heroes guide and tips for beginners. Got more tips or cheats? Comment below. 

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