Black Desert Mobile Contribution Guide: Contribution Points, Level, EXP

In this Black Desert Mobile Contribution Guide, you will learn about the Contribution – how to gain contribution points, about EXP, level, and much moreBlack Desert Mobile Contribution

You need contribution points to hire the workers in the camp’s Pub. Contribution Points are given to the player upon raising the contribution level. For example – you get 5 contribution points when you reach Contribution level 15 from level 14. So if you had 58 contribution points at level 14, you will have 63 contribution points at level 15. In this post on the Black Desert Mobile Contribution guide, you will learn everything about contribution. So let’s get started.

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Raise The Contribution Level To Earn Contribution Points

As we mentioned above, the players in BDM need to raise their contribution level so that they can earn points, which are required to hire the workers in the camp’s pub. In the pub, at the top-center of the screen, you can check the total number of Contribution Points that you have in the current time. Also, it shows the maximum number of points that you can have – based on the current level. If you tap the icon next to this bar, a small pop-up window will open where you get more info.

Earn Contribution EXP To Raise The Level

Now that you have learned how the contribution points are earned, it’s time to learn how do you raise its level so that you can earn them. That’s simple – all you need to do is earn Contribution EXP by completing the quests; main quests, side quests, black spirit quests, etc. Go to the pub -> at the top-center of it, tap contribution symbol icon -> on the next small pop-up screen, you will see the exact amount of EXP required to raise the level. You can also check this level info in My Info screen.

Play With All Family Members To Level Up Fast

One of the best ways to raise the contribution level fast in the Black Desert Mobile game is by playing with all family members. As you know that the game gives you three free characters slots so that you can add up to three different characters to the family. The data of these characters’ profile is shared by all the family members(all three characters). So if you earn contribution points from a specific character profile, it will reflect in other profiles too. So progress with all family members in the game to earn more contribution EXP to raise the contribution level fast.

Complete The Black Spirit Quests To Gain EXP

Go to the menu -> black spirit quests -> accept the quests -> these quests give contribution EXP. So make sure to complete all these quests daily to progress fast.

Use The Contribution Points Wisely

Since you have to raise the contribution level in BDM to get points – you will have trouble accumulating these points later in the game because you will need more EXP to raise the level. So don’t waste these points.

Fire The Workers To Gain Contribution Points In BDM

The game allows you to fire the workers from their job position – and, in return, you get the contribution points. To fire the workers from their job, go to the camp -> tap the workers button -> select the worker that you want to expel -> this will turn his/her avatar into a magnifying glass icon -> tap it -> tap the banish button to fire him/her and get contribution points.

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So this would be all in this post on the Black Desert Mobile Contribution guide – how to obtain contribution points, raise the level, etc. Do you have more questions? Comment below!

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